Headless chicken

You know the expression “Running around like a chicken without a head“?
Well, that was definitely me this morning.  Not the best start to a Monday.  I’ll give you the cliff notes version…left my wallet and my keys in DJs glove compartment and he left for work before me.  Thankfully I have a spare car key, and thankfully we have a lot of loose change so I brought $6 in quarters with me to work.  Just one of those days…

So let’s see.

I did create a new ride for Saturday’s class and will try to post it later today.  Hooray!  It was a full class and of course I loved it!  That made my Friday night rather productive.

Saturday afternoon I got my hair cut/colored.  Just a trim and overall nothing too exciting, however she did throw in a few light highlights buried in my hair.  Hard to describe but I love it because it’s a fun little peak of color without losing my corporate edge (Ha!).

Dinner Saturday night was WONDERFUL!  The company rocked, but so did the food.  I wanted to take pictures but really didn’t want to be that person, so I resisted.  Let me just say that they had the most amazing chilean sea bass that I have ever had.  It was cooked perfectly yet insanely hot (temperature).  I didn’t believe how hot it was until I tasted it and burnt my mouth.  DJ said he had never ever had fish that hot.  It’s a price fix meal and it’s $52 per person for 4 courses; appetizer, salad, main course, and dessert.  It sounds like a lot but when you think of how much food you’re getting, it really isn’t.  What killed us is the wine (it’s always that way).  Two bottles at $47 each, yikes!  But anyway, awesome.  If you have any plans to be in the New Haven area, check out Le Petit Cafe.

And Sunday…
Sunday we had our 25 mile breast cancer bike ride.  We got home around 1a on Saturday so when my alarm went off at 7a on Sunday I wasn’t too happy.  I was tired and not at all in the mood to ride.  Plus when I woke up it was raining and there was a bit of a chill to the air.  But I rallied.

We headed to the bike store expecting a large crowd.  Not so much.  I guess the store didn’t do much in promoting the ride so the turnout was a little low.  However it worked out well.  There were two rides, a 10 and a 25 (which was actually a 27).  4 people did the 10 mile (3 women and a teenage boy). 6 people did the 25 (5 men and me).

Right before the ride I made the transition to clipless pedals.  No time to practice or anything, just go.  Started fine but at the first stoplight I had an issue.  I stopped OK but couldn’t get going again and then forgot to unclip the one foot and almost went down.  Almost.  I do think that being familiar with clipless from Spin was a huge advantage.  So after a rocky start it was fine.

The group was definitely more advanced (aside from me) so I stayed at the back of the pack, but they were good about stopping periodically to gather and let people (me) catch up.  I think I did pretty well considering that it was all men.  The route was very hilly but absolutely gorgeous and pretty light on traffic for the most part.

By mile 25 I was pretty spent though.  EVerything hurt (specifically anything in contact with the saddle).  The last 2 miles or so were on a more heavily trafficked (don’t think that’s the right use of the word but you get the idea) road and was not very smooth.  Every bump in the road hurt me.  I was ready to be done.  Those 27 kicked my butt (and DJs too).  Then I laugh at how 27 on a bike killed me and my sister ran 22 and was fine. 😀

We went to bed last night around 9pm and it was glorious!  Today my upper back/shoulders are super sore but otherwise I’m ok.

Hoping to make this a good (and quick) week!  Will be back later with the ride from Saturday.  Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Headless chicken

  1. You’re lucky you had the extra key and change! I accidentally threw away my spare car key a few years ago so I only have one and am a little OCD about making sure I know where it is.

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