My first turkey trot

Happy post thanksgiving!  I’m feeling a little disappointed because I had been looking forward to Thanksgiving forever and now that it’s passed, it kind of stinks.

That said, overall it was a really nice time.

Wednesday was fun for one particular reason….I got to bring Minnie to work with me!  Due to some logistical details, it made the most sense for me to leave for NY right from work, which meant I needed my dog.  I asked the CEO for permission and it was granted. 🙂

After walking around and visiting everyone, she got tired and crashed hard.

Traffic Wednesday afternoon kind of stunk, but it is what it is.  I needed to get down to NY on Wednesday because the Turkey Trot was on Thursday!

I had this ingenious idea that my sister and I should do a turkey trot together (together in that we’d both sign up, not actually run together). And of course the run I selected was 5 miles, not a 5K like many. We managed to recruit my aunt so there were 3 of us.  We signed up for the Garden City Turkey Trot, which was in its 38th year.  Wow!

The night before I got an email saying that 5,000 people had registered.  After the event they said that it was over 6,000.  That’s way bigger than my half marathon.

I was actually pretty nervous about the run.  I had done practically no running since the half and what I had done wasn’t very successful.  While in DC I hit the treadmill one morning for a run and managed to eek out 1 mile before thinking my lungs were going to collapse.  The weekend before the trot I did managed to get outside for 3 miles, but it was a mix of running and walking.  Plus I ended up coming down with a minor cold a few days before the run.  Things weren’t looking good.

Thankfully though, the weather was on our side.  After about an hour of deliberating what to wear I still brought multiple options with me and then spend another 10 minutes in the car before making my final decision.


The race was big and I really like that.  My sister headed to the front and my aunt and I to the back.  It started late and by the time I crossed the start it had been almost 4 minutes.

The beginning was rough because there were walkers and joggers which required a lot of weaving in and out, but then it thinned enough.  I really enjoying having so many other runners around at all times.  I passed people, people passed me.  The roads were also 100% closed (unlike the half) which made me very happy.

I did walk through the water station at 2.25 but otherwise there was no walking.  I tried to push myself a bit and ended up coming in somewhere around 51 minutes.  My last mile was sub 10, which was awesome and all my others were in the low 10s (according to garmin).

Considering this was my first run since the middle of October I was quite pleased with that.  I was also encouraged that I was able to do this with no prep, which tells me that maybe a sub 10 will be possible with training.  Guess we’ll see!

And let me just say that my sister was the 17th woman to finish.  So amazing!

After the race we hung out a bit and then did a couple of errands before going home to shower and get ready for the feast.

The drink of the day was an apple cider mimosa, which I had tested a couple weeks beforehand.  So good!  My aunt also made a fun turkey made of fruit. 🙂

It was a lovely day with family.  The night ended as every thanksgiving ends…

minnie turkey

With Minnie stalking my dad for Turkey.  (I actually think this picture was from Friday, but it was essentially the same photo.)

And now it’s time to enjoy the last day of November.  Crazy!!


The recipe that no one liked…but me

Last night the sig other asked me to make cookies.  He said he wanted oatmeal raisin cookies, which is easy enough.  But then he said he wanted healthy cookies, so I went to the interwebs.

I found a recipe that looked great in the picture.  Thing was, I didn’t exactly have all the ingredients, so I did a little doctoring.

He thought they were gross but I actually really liked them.  Don’t get me wrong, they definitely taste healthy, but due to the high cinnamon and raisin content, they have enough flavor without the added sugar.

Since I gave such a rave review, i’m sure everyone will rush out to try them (yeah right!) but I figured i’d share them here, even if more for myself than others.

Here’s the recipe as I used it.

1 c  instant oats or old fashioned oats chopped in a food processor to half their size (that’s what I used)
¾ c  all purpose flour (it called for whole wheat but I was out)
1 ½ tsp  baking powder
1 ½ tsp  ground cinnamon
1/8 tsp  salt
2 tbsp coconut oil or unsalted butter, melted
1 large egg, room temperature
1 tsp  vanilla extract
½ c unsweetened apple sauce (it called for agave which would definitely have made them sweeter)
1/3 c  raisins
  1. Whisk together the oats, flour, baking powder, cinnamon, and salt in a medium bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk together the coconut oil or butter, egg, and vanilla. Stir in the apple sauce. Add in the flour mixture, stirring just until incorporated. Fold in the raisins. Chill for 30 minutes.
  2. Preheat the oven to 325°F, and line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat.
  3. Drop the cookie dough into 15 rounded scoops onto the prepared sheet, and flatten slightly. Bake at 325°F for 11-14 minutes. Cool on the pan for 10 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack.

My guess is that it’s no surprise to you that these weren’t a true cookie.  Instead of the normal stick of butter, the only fat is 2 tbs coconut oil and an egg yolk.

I’d probably consider this more of a breakfast biscuit than a cookie and for me that worked.

Let me know if you give them a try and if you make any modifications.  I’m curious!

My fitbit

Hello strangers!  I’ve been bad about posting, but I haven’t had much to say.

My plan for last week was to start running again.  That didn’t happen.  My plan for this week was to start running again and so far it hasn’t happened.  That said, I have high hopes for tomorrow morning.

You see, I’m in DC at a tradeshow and the show doesn’t start tomorrow until 10 which means I don’t have to be up at 5 to get a workout in.  Hallelujah!

So let me tell you a story about my fitbit and how it came to be.

I wasn’t really interested in the whole fitness tracker.  I mean, I have my garmin for distance/speed, but other than that I was pretty good.  I was at a tradeshow in CA (I swear I do more than go to tradeshows) and one of the exhibiting companies threw a huge party at the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney.  Yours truly played some serious ski-ball and I ended up actually winning the fitbit!  I’m a force.

I thought about selling it, but then figured I should give it a try.  I’ve been wearing it for about a week now and it’s interesting.

Nothing it’s told me has been a surprise.  I don’t walk enough and haven’t spent enough time being active.  Duh.

But what interested me most was the fact that it monitors your sleep.  While I used to be a real sleep rockstar, that has changed over the past few years.  While I still sleep well overall, I wake up a bunch.


So this part was the most interesting.  I believe the the blue marks tied to restlessness and then purple-ish marks are periods of being awake.  I have NO CLUE how it knows this, but it’s more information than I’ve had before, so regardless of accuracy, it’s pretty interesting.

The night I got 7 hr 42 min of sleep I was restless something like 21 times.  Crazy!

So i’m kind of enjoying the sleep thing.

As I mentioned, I’m in DC this week, so I brought the fitbit along to see how much better I’d do a) in a walking city and b) at a tradeshow.

Today wasn’t the actual tradeshow but rather a day long training, but look at how well I did!


Crazy!  Thank you Woodley Park Metro stop for all the help with the stairs!  I also hit up the mall (national mall, not shopping mall) and due to a slight miscalculation ended up getting quite the walk.  It was lovely!

Of course it doesn’t hurt that the only obligations I had here today were getting to dinner to meet a friend.

Tomorrow’s the trade show expo and i’m quite curious to see how far I work.

So my verdict on the fitbit…it’s interesting.  Would I have bought one myself?  No.  But, i’m enjoying the information.

Do you have one?  Do you want one?  Thoughts?


Weekend recap and back at it

Saying that i’m tired would be an understatement.  I probably could have gone to bed for the night at 6p without issue.

It was a great weekend, but it was tiring.  I had two nights of going to bed after 2am, which is completely unheard of.  My bedtime is around 10 and that’s usually the case whether it’s a Monday night or a Saturday night.  Yes, I’m THAT fun.

This past weekend we had a halloween party.  I went as a jellyfish.  See my video below (I took the video).  I was really excited about this costume and it was really well received, but boy was it a pain to carry around.  It was also quite large and as a result didn’t fit through all the doorways.  That made it especially fun.

Hope you enjoyed!

It’s back to the workweek tomorrow and also back to running.  I’ve been a slacker the last couple of weeks and it’s time to get back at it.  I have a 5 mile race to run on thanksgiving morning, so I really need to get back to pounding the pavement.  It’s a little harder now because it’s dark at night, but for at least a couple more weeks it’s light enough in the morning.

So we’ll see how this back at it week goes.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

Post Half Training Thoughts

Happy Wednesday!

I’ve been pretty quiet because I’ve been getting things together and trying to figure out what my next goal is.  I haven’t figured it out yet, but am getting ready to get back in to the swing of things, since aside from a 2+ mile, I haven’t done any running since the half.

The mission of the half started last December when a contest was posted and the winner would receive free entry and free training with a running coach.  Obviously I won.

I was really excited about having a coach and had visions of us running together, him analyzing my gait and giving me suggestions on how to be a better/faster/longer runner.  I expected weeks where the focus was hills, or speed, or distance.  I figured we’d talk at least once a week to see how things were going, maybe even meet up once a week.

My actual experience

Things started out well.  His first email had a schedule and an explanation of the process.  I officially started training at the beginning of April.  The first schedule was 4 weeks, so I would get a new schedule about every 4 weeks.

I would occasionally email him questions about pain I was experiencing, or asking about specific exercises.  I’d get an answer from him, but they were usually kept pretty brief.

In late April he mentioned that maybe the three of us (me, him, and the other contest winner) would get together for an easy run in May.  That never happened.

Weeks 14-18 or so had what he called “strides” in them.  Picking up the pace for 1/4 mile 3 or 4 times during a 3 mile run.  There was some of the diversity I was looking for, but really that was it.

So what I really got was an emailed schedule with very little communication.  As the race got closer I again mentioned meeting up and he again mentioned going for an easy run together.  Never happened.

I gave it one last go a few days before the race and he suggested we meet up the morning of the race for a photo.  What actually happened was that I got a 15 second introduction to him as he was running off to do something.  (He was the race organizer so I completely get that he was busy, but then why suggest meeting up that morning?)

I didn’t contact him after the race because I felt it was on him.  Eventually he got in touch and this was the email chain.



email 3


He’s a coach.  It’s his business.  I was the perfect opportunity to either use him as a coach in the future or tell people about how wonderful he was.   I think he really blew it!

My sister the amazing runner is also a certified running coach and she was appalled by how he handled everything.  I guess i’m still pretty put off by it too.

Thing is, I want to keep running and would even consider joining a group/team and/or working with a coach.  It will definitely not be him.

Have you worked with a coach?  What are/were your expectations?  Were you pleased?