DC Runners – help

Completely random post, but if anyone reads this and happens to live in the DC area, perhaps this method will work.

I may be in DC this summer (july or august) and would like to do a 5k while there.  ideally on a saturday.

I know it’s HOT so it’s not the best running time, but are there any races you’d recommend?

I found one in Georgetown on 8/13 and another on 7/29.  I also saw the bubble race, but i’m not a fan of that sort of thing, so that’s a no.

Any input is much appreciated!  Gracias!


My most unlikely post ever (but also very helpful)

Got to lure you in with those tricky headlines….right?  🙂

It has to do with cleaning!  Yikes!  Argh!  I really don’t care for cleaning, but sometimes it can not be avoided.  I will now tell you how to remove wax from your furniture.

The background

While working at a tradeshow a few weeks ago, my other half ordered this crazy humongous candle from FlashPoint Candle.  It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it’s gigantic!  The diameter is 15″ (it’s the Hamilton 17 wick in case anyone was curious).

It was lit in our living room.


It was lit (obviously).  So I asked my sig other if he thought he could blow them all out in one breath.  Note that this was not meant as a challenge but just a question since it’s a lot of wicks.  Well he apparently took this as a challenge and blew them out with all his might.

In doing so, he managed to get wax everywhere.  Everywhere.  All over the upholstered ottoman it was sitting on and all over the couch just beyond it.  Lovely.  We’ve only had this furniture about 2 months.  Even better.

He freaked out a bit.  I assured him it would be OK (even though I wasn’t sure).  We did buy the insurance though, so worst comes to worst, we’d take advantage of that and get replacements.

I told him we definitely needed to let the way harden and then we’d go from there.  So last night after work I got started on my task.

I googled “how to remove wax from upholstery” and found this most helpful article.

A year or so ago we had a big wax spill on our hardwood floors and removing that was tough.  We needed to get it all off but without damaging/scraping the floors.  In that instance, dish soap and a hairdryer saved the day.

When it comes to wax, you need to get it out of the solid state for removal, so enter heat.

The article I linked to said to remove all excess wax and then place a paper towel over the spot.  Then place a paper bag over the paper towel and iron the spot.  Essentially the wax will melt and adhere to the texture of the paper towel.

He was skeptical but I figured it was worth a shot.  Guess what?  It worked!  The wax stuck to the paper towel and came off of the couch.

After that step, they instruct you to use a cleaning product to clean up any residual spots.  Lucky for us the wax wasn’t colored, so it wasn’t too bad.  We also had spot cleaner from the furniture store, so I used that.

While it’s not 100%, it’s pretty darn close.  We found a few more wax spots, so i’ll likely repeat the process, but I was blown away by how well this works.

I felt that it was my duty to share this wax removal tip with you (it can also be used on clothing).

You’re welcome 🙂

All about the mysterious Fit Talker (ha!)

Because I am all about procrastination today I figured I’d spend some time sharing some random information about myself.


Name: Jessica
Age: 37 but in my head I think I stopped at 30
Gender: Female



Food: Sushi, a good chocolate cake, good pizza (there is way too much crappy pizza out there), mac and cheese

Drink: Water – so boring!

Book: The Nightingale

Song: I don’t really have a favorite song because my mind changes too frequently for anything to remain a favorite (or it gets way too played out).  I guess if I had to choose something, it would be Numb by Usher.

Movie: I’m not a huge movie person and haven’t seen anything good recently.  Let’s say the Wizard of Oz or Clueless.  Such an intellectual!

Band: No clue although I will always have a spot in my heart for my 90s rock bands (soundgarden, pearl jam) and i was a big grateful dead fan (bet you didn’t see that coming)

Solo Artist: Wow, so many music questions.  No clue.

Place: A beach with beautiful blue water.  I’m not specific.

Subject: Food.  I really do like to talk about food…and travel.

Sport: Football

Actor: It’s been a long time since I thought about this…I like John Goodman (random, right?)

Actress: no clue


Schooling: BA in Communications, MBA in Management and Marketing – I love to learn!

Political ideology: No comment.  I have my opionions but typically don’t share.  I don’t like to argue.

Religion: Jewish

Tattoos: Nope.  I’ve thought about it for ages but couldn’t come up with anything that I’d want on me permanently.

Piercings: Ears.  At one point I also had my belly button, nose, and tongue.  College was a fun time 🙂  (my parents weren’t fans of that phase)

Languages: English (obviously) and I’d like to work more on my spanish.  I can get by if needed.

Reason behind your blog name: The focus of the blog to start was just fitness and I thought it was funny that it was a play on words of sh*t talker.

Now wasn’t that the most fun 2 minutes you’ve spent today?

Completely unrelated, but I need to work on being more FUN.  I was looking back at some photos and what was most apparent to both me and the sig other is that I used to have so much fun.  Of course I was younger and more carefree, but I shouldn’t have to sacrifice fun.

I’m going to make that an unofficial goal for 2017 and since it’s here in writing, it’s real.

Happy Wednesday!!!