My head is all over the place today.

Sunday was my longest run to date.  A whopping 3.5 miles!  (it’s a lot for me, but so little for so many others)

My training schedule calls for running 4 times a week.  I will admit that the past couple of weeks this has been tough.  I’m trying, but 4 times is a lot!

I definitely didn’t get my four runs in last week, but I still did the 3.5.  I had to stop and stretch my calves a little over a mile in, and then I did walk a little, but even with that, I completed it and my time wasn’t too too miserable.

According to my Garmin I had three accomplishments:  Fastest 5K, Fastest Mile, and Longest Run.  Thanks for the self-esteem boost Garmin!

What I Learned On My 3.5 Mile Run

  • I definitely prefer running in the street, as opposed to the sidewalks.  Sidewalks by me aren’t the most well maintained, so I spend a lot of time looking down to make sure I don’t trip
  • I need to better plan a route.  Just running until I hit 3.5 worked, but it wasn’t ideal.  The route in my head was only 3, so I ran around a few neighborhood streets to add mileage.
  • As the runs get longer and the weather warms up, I am going to have to get out there EARLY (because of temperature but also so there are fewer cars on the road).
  • Ending my run at home when I’m coming from one specific direction is MISERABLE.  My street is a pretty steep hill, so it’s never fun, but the street below mine is also a tough hill.  If I come in from the right, it’s a brief downhill before the final uphill.  If I come in from the left, it’s all uphill which has left me barely able to get up my street.
    • Being honest:  I’ve done the left twice and both times instead of finishing up my street, I kept running on the street I was already on, or turned around and ran a little downhill.  One day I will conquer it.  Just not yet.
  • I always have more clothes on than anyone else out there.  Plus I tend to look like a bank robber because until I warm up, I keep a neck wrap around my mouth and nose.  Maybe I can loosen up a bit.
  • I enjoy running alone.  I like the solace of it.  Maybe this will change as the distances increase, but for now, solo works for me.

My initial training plan is 6 weeks long and this is week 5.  I have a 5K on Sunday which will be my first 5K in about 4 years.  I’m definitely curious to see how it will be having other people around (ideally it will help me keep going).

I am happy that in four weeks I went from not running at all, to running 3.5 miles.  I’m definitely encouraged and curious to see what the next round of training has in store (although I’m totally nervous).  I get my new plan sometimes next week so we’ll see!

Thanks for reading and following me on my journey to run a half! 5.5 months to go!


Week and marathon recap


I got my “long” (2.5 mile) run in on Sunday and then headed up to MA for the Boston Marathon!!

Clearly I am not a marathon runner, but my sister is.  I am a marathon runner supporter.  I’ve been to NY, DC, and now Boston to support her.  NY isn’t such a big deal since it’s less than an hour from me, but the others have required dedicated travel, although Boston wasn’t too bad since it was drive-able.

We stayed in the Newton area because hotels in downtown Boston are insanely expensive for Marathon weekend.  Our hotel was really nice and close to a T line (although it was the last stop, so it made for a long ride).

I arrived on Sunday with a friend in tow and met up with my parents at Fanuel Hall to walk around a bit.  (My sister was back at her hotel resting.)  We all rendezvous-ed around 5:15 for dinner reservations at 6 and a very tasty Italian restaurant in the Cambridge area.

Yes, I’m pizza obsessed.

Dinner was delicious but the company was the best.

The morning of the race my sister began the long trek to the start.  I think it’s about a 40 minute bus ride (or something similar).  Once there there was a lot of waiting because her start time wasn’t until 10:25.

On the other hand, we woke up, had a leisurely breakfast and then finally started the walk over to the route.  It was about a mile or so to the route and we were stationed between miles 17 and 18.  It was a great spot and because it wasn’t in the city, it wasn’t too crowded.


Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too great for spectators.  I think it was in the mid 40s with rain.  Temperature wise it was good for the runners, but not so much for those of us standing still.

We were ready with signs.

This was my friend’s sign. 🙂
I thought this was hysterical, but didn’t actually hold it up much.

We caught the tail end of the elite women, but were right there for the elite men.


Some time later my sister came through.  We almost missed her, but thankfully she spotted us and we spotted her.  She looked GREAT!  (Side note:  during the Marine Corps Marathon, we saw her at 16 and she looked horrible and actually jumped out of the race, so we were really nervous about seeing her.)  We were THRILLED that she looked so strong (and happy!).

We stayed a bit longer and then started the trek into the city to meet up with her post-race.  The T was packed and took forever.  We think we were actually under the finish right around the time the finished.

The plan was to meet her at the movie theater in Boston Common.  We all assumed we’d meet her outside and were so pleased to see that the movie theater was letting runners and their families hang out in the lobby.  So great.

Finally she showed up.  Words couldn’t express how proud I was of her, but tears did. 🙂  What was great was that when she walked in to the lobby of the theater, we cheered, and there happened to be another large group and they started cheering too.  It was so sweet!


Her time?  3:15.  Crazy!

It was a wonderful weekend!!!

Have you ever been to the Boston Marathon?  Another marathon?

When running hurts

Good morning!

I’m a bit scattered today but figured I’d throw up a quick post.

Training continues to go OK.  My long run this week was 2 miles (don’t judge).  It was supposed to happen on Sunday but instead I pushed it out to Monday.  It went pretty well.  Not easy, but nowhere near impossible either.  I may have even gone a bit over 2.

Tuesday I was supposed to run a mile before my spin class, but I got tied up at work and didn’t have time.  Spin was lousy because my mic broke.  It takes SO MUCH energy to spin and fully exert your voice so that people can hear you over music.  It’s exhausting!  So that stunk.

Wednesday was 1.5 on the schedule but probably should have been 1 because I skipped Tuesday.  I went for 1.5.

I finished it, but it wasn’t easy.  I had to stop right around the mile mark to stretch my calves as my shins were hurting.  My shins haven’t given me any issue (knock wood) up until now so I’m hoping it was just an off day.  It was also VERY windy!

So today I should run a mile, which I will try to do.

Last night everything from my waist down hurt.  It wasn’t so pleasant and it was only 1.5 miles, which is a bit disheartening.  Today is better though, so I guess I need to get over it.  🙂

Looking to sign up for my first 5K in the next couple of weeks.  Yikes!

Any great stretches you can recommend?  Do you do dynamic stretching before you run or do you just go?

When you started running, did you start with hills or mainly flats?  Where I live is HILLY so it’s all hills.  I know that this is good for me in the long run, but definitely a challenge at times.

And then she got sick…

Things were actually going pretty well with running…and then I got sick.  Of course.

I had a tickle in my throat Saturday night, which progressed a bit on Sunday.  A bit worse on Monday but I still got my run in.  Same for Tuesday, but still got my run and spin in.  Then Wednesday hit, a bit worse.  Then Thursday hit…bad enough that I went in late to work.  I’m officially down for the count with a cold and don’t see any running happening until I improve a bit.

It stinks, but it is what it is.  I just want to get better ASAP and since it’s COLD as anything here, maybe staying inside isn’t a terrible idea.

What stinks is that I was just thinking about how lucky I’ve been to not get sick.  I had way too many colds in the late fall/early winter, and was really happy to have finally shaken those germs.  I suppose I should just be thankful that I was healthy for all my travelling.  I just hate it because I was always the person who never.got.sick.  What happened???

In other news…I got new sneakers and am LOVING them!  I also got new orthotics (from the sneaker store) because I was tired of paying $500 for my fancy podiatrist made inserts that my insurance didn’t cover.  So far so good and I’m psyched!!


These are the Saucony Triumph ISO.  One word to describe them would be “cushy”.

I went in to my go-to sneaker store with my Brooks Glycerines (which I bought to run in and proceeded to do everything but run in them).  I told the woman that I was OK with new another Glycerine but would also be open to other suggestions.  She showed me the Triumph and after trying them on a thousand different ways (right food, left foot, my orthotic, new orthotic, etc….) I decided to go with the Triumph.

Granted I haven’t run much, but so far I’m LOVING them!

And now before I go I will paint a picture for you of my on my run on Monday…think of it like a bedtime story…

It was a mild day, maybe 40s or low 50s, but I had a cough, so I needed to make sure my mouth/throat were covered.  I put on pants and a tank top and then threw on a windbreaker jacket.  Because my ears are apparently very sensitive to wind, I then put my headband on over my ears.  And then because of my cold, I but a Buff on and pulled it up over both my mouth and my nose.  And voila, I was ready to run….or rob a bank.  As your last visual, I saw a few others out running in capri pants and tank tops…and then there was me.  I’m nothing if not cautious!  🙂

New month, new me (slight exaggeration)

It’s pretty much been ages since I’ve written.  There were the usual reasons, but I also had A LOT of travel happening.

Between February 22 and March 22, I was home for exactly 7 days.  Yes, 7 days.  Crazy.

I was away for work for about 10 days (mostly in Germany but also Belgium for a day), back for a week, and then off to Italy for a much needed vacation.

Work travel was eh, but vacation was wonderful.  Italy is an amazing country to visit and I already can’t wait to go back.  I’ll share some photos another time.

Upon getting back from Italy, I emailed my running coach to tell him I was back, and ready to get started.

About a week later he sent me my first 6 week training plan.  I was nervous to say the least!!  I felt like I was behind the ball from the start since I really hadn’t done much running since signing up for the half.

Thankfully the 6 week plan is very do-able.  Phew.

I received it on Sunday.  The schedule had me off on Monday.  So Tuesday (yesterday) was my first day of training.

On the calendar…..run one mile. Just one. Totally OK.

So yesterday before spin class, I hit the treadmill for my one mile run.  It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t miserable either.  What made it harder was that a) I despise the treadmill and b) I’ve been having some weird stomach issues since Sunday.  So I’d like to think that under better conditions (outside and with a happy stomach) it would be much better.

On the plan for today, another mile, which I will run outside after work.


On a related note, I really need to make a dedicated playlist.  I’m a Spotify user and right now I had been running to my “starred” list of songs, which is essentially a list of anything I wanted to flag or remember for future use.  While there are some great songs on there, there is also a lot of tabata songs, as well as cool down songs.  So throwing it on shuffle doesn’t always guarantee me a good song for running.

A few songs I’m loving right now:
Style by Taylor Swift (don’t judge, there’s something about the intro of that song that I love) – she’s not on Spotify though, so it’s only radio play
Uma Thurman – Fall Out Boy – i’m loving stuff from their latest album
Marilyn Monroe – Pharrell – I will admit that the song is a bit too long, but the first 3/4 makes me happy

Any running song recommendations?