Made it to Friday!


It’s been a good, but busy week.

I joined a book club and we had our first meeting on Wednesday, which was very enjoyable. ¬†If anyone read the book “Room” and wants to discuss, let me know. ūüôā

It was also a big TV week as so many new shows started up. ¬†I didn’t catch everything but I did catch a few and will gladly talk about them with anyone who is interested. The Goldbergs (not a fan), Trophy Wife (way better than I would have guessed), and Lucky 7 (kept me entertained and then I fell asleep, but would watch again). ¬†On my DVR I have How I Met Your Mother, and Modern Family. ¬†I am super excited for the premier of Homeland on Sunday. ¬†Yes!!

Today got off to a rough start. ¬†My office was broken in to last night and a bunch of stuff was stolen. ¬†Unfortunately my computer was one of the 3 they took. ¬†What are the odds? ¬†They rummaged through every office and made no secret of it. ¬†It definitely creeps me out to know that these losers have been in my space and seen my name (and possibly my address). ¬†Good thing I have a vicious pitbull at home. ūüėČ

On the flip side though, tonight I have a dinner date with a girlfriend I haven’t seen in a while. ¬†Then tomorrow I have class, an appointment (more on that another time) and then time to myself to do whatever I want. ¬†So needed.

Sunday is the big ride! ¬†The weather is going to be great and I’m looking forward to a great day. ¬†I can do this!

Have a wonderful weekend and be safe and happy!  Catch you on the flip side.


What I’m doing

I’m trying. ¬†Trying to balance everything and blog. ¬†Fingers crossed!

Right now I’m a little embarrassed that my blog title even had the word “fit” in it, seeing that I’ve been severely lacking in the fitness department. ¬†Maybe I should rename the blog to just “Talker”. ¬†I’m good at that. ūüôā

I’m working on the Fit. ¬†I’ve been working on it since I started working in July and it’s been tough. ¬†My new job has more responsibility and therefore longer hours. ¬†What used to work for my schedule doesn’t anymore. ¬†I used to go to boxing at 6a, it ended at 7a, I was home by 7:15 I would shower and get ready for work. ¬†Now I leave the house around 7:45a, so 6a is a little too late. ūüė¶ ¬†(Maybe if I lay my clothes out the night before and don’t dry my hair, I can make it work.) ¬†Or I used to get out right around 5 and hit the gym, still getting home at a normal time. ¬†Now I don’t get out until around 5:30/6 and there’s more traffic on my commute. ¬†Not to mention that after a 10 hour day, I’m kind of just ready to go home and collapse.

But I’m working on it. ¬†Thankfully spin guarantees that i’m at the gym twice a week. ¬†I’ve also tried to hit the late boxing class (7:15p) at least once a week. ¬†It’s frustrating that it hasn’t been an easy transition, but I am trying. ¬†So enough of my excuses…

Some random things this Monday.

This article about Crossfit. ¬†I’m not a Crossfit fan. ¬†While I can appreciate some aspects of it, other elements just don’t seem right to me. ¬†I thought the article was interesting. ¬†(note: it doesn’t portray Crossfit very positively)



I may have mentioned them before, but I think they’re worth mentioning again. ¬†I’m not a huge chip person (I tend towards sweets) but I can eat an entire bag of these in one sitting (not something i’m proud of, just being honest).

Also this…



My bike. ¬†That’s the old photo from the day we picked it up. ¬†My poor bike probably has NO CLUE who I am and now I’m going to hop on it on Sunday and ride 30+ miles. ¬†Should be interesting!

I know I can do it, but I’m definitely not at all prepared or trained for this ride. ¬†I know it’s bad and I know I should have rode a ton this summer, but for some reason I didn’t. ¬†And DJ reminds me of this every opportunity he gets and it makes me crazy.

So that’s about it for now. ¬†I’ll share a playlist later in the week. ¬†Have a great Monday!!

An Instructor’s Woes

I’m back!

I’m hoping to actually get back to blogging on a semi-regular basis. ¬†Fingers crossed! ¬†I will definitely continue to share spin rides and beyond that whatever may be on my mind at the moment.

Right now two things are on my mind…

Being an instructor…..
I have taught at my current location for 4 years this Saturday. ¬†Wow. ¬†It’s been a great 4 years. ¬†I started out with tons of empty bikes and over time, the bikes were filled with bodies, and the wait-list started to grow. ¬†It’s a huge accomplishment for me and something I appreciate every time I teach. ¬†I’ve hosted training rides and done fundraisers at this gym. ¬†I do themed rides and bring in treats for the riders. ¬†I do everything I can to give the members the best possible experience.

The general manager has seen this. ¬†He’s collaborated with me on training rides and when an opening for a new class came up, he suggested I get it. ¬†When a potential new gym member comes in, many times he has them take my class, and then they sign up. ¬†I am proud to say I teach a great class and love my members.

Getting back to the 4 year anniversary aspect. ¬†Shortly after I started, I was given a review and a raise of about 2%, which equated to…….hold on to your hat….$0.60. ¬†To celebrate I bought myself a newspaper. ¬†I kid.

Long story short, it’s been 4 years and hours and hours of effort (probably months) and I have not received another increase. ¬†I don’t do it for the money, but recently thought it was about time for me to ask for an increase.

So I asked. ¬†After a few emails back and forth I was told no. ¬†Why you ask? ¬†Well, because I don’t teach more than 5 classes/week. ¬†I explained that I do this part time and will never be able to teach 5 classes a week and essentially the response I got told me that in that case I’d never be due for an increase.

I’m mad.

It’s really not about the money, it’s about the acknowledgement that my effort is valued and my commitment appreciated. ¬†I bust my butt for that gym and to me this means they really don’t care.

So i’m on the fence. ¬†Since I’m angry, a part of me really wants to give them the finger and walk. ¬†However the other part of me loves the members and doesn’t want to leave them in a situation like that. ¬†So I sit on it and stew (not necessarily a good thing).

I am so bothered by this that it’s on my mind all the time and I just don’t know what to do. ¬†Perhaps I continue to fight? ¬†Highlight all that I’ve done and ask why i’m not deserving of a raise. ¬†So right now I wait…and think.

So that’s one thing that’s on my mind. ¬†The other is much lighter and simpler.

I’m doing a 30 mile bike ride next week and have not been on my road bike since the spring. ¬†Yikes! ¬†I will do fine because I have to, but i’m a bit nervous, especially since DJ has been riding like crazy. ¬† Send me good vibes!

The ride is for a great cause, the Guide Dog Foundation, and my sponsors will drive me to keep pedaling even when my whole body will surely ache.

So what’s on your mind?