What a weekend it was!

Happy Monday to all!  I hope everyone enjoyed their first official summer weekend!

My weekend was lovely, but wait for it…too short.  Big surprise, right?

The race was Sunday and in general we had a relaxed attitude towards it, so instead of doing nothing but relaxing on Saturday, we had a pretty normal (and busy) weekend day.

Saturday morning Minnie woke me up around 6a (not thrilled) but I decided to stay up and enjoyed knowing that I had nothing that I really really needed to do until later in the day.  I haven’t been sleeping well, so I thought that perhaps the early wakeup would help me sleep that night.

Around 10:15a I headed out to a new running/biking/swimming store in town.  I know the owner and wanted to show my support but also just check it out.  I love my running store in Stamford, but this so much closer and quite honestly, convenience means a lot!  I had planned on just buying some Gu type stuff and saying hi.  Of course that didn’t happen!

I bought a bunch of Gu, and a few Clif products and then decided to try this.


While I wasn’t going to use it for the half, I figured it was worth trying.  As a follow up, my sister said that some of them do still have remnants of the chia seed itself, so i’m not sure how the texture will be.  Have you tried this brand?

I also picked up a new pair of Balega socks (Enduro no-show) since one of my pairs has gone missing.


As I was about the check out, I thought, what about compression.  Because the store had opened only one day earlier, they had reps from the main brands there, so I got to talk to the 2xU rep, which was very helpful.  I ended up going with a pair of compression socks and got a free running hat!


Yes, they are very smurf like, but they are so comfy!  I had a long flight coming up at the end of August and figured these would do double duty.

I spent way more time (and money) at the store than I had expected and then headed up to Fairfield to pick up our bibs for the race.  Pickup was quick and easy and then I headed home.

One Bro had an event that night, so I helped out a bit.  I had agree to walk a neighbor’s dog, so I took her out around 3.  And before I knew it, it was time to go to the train station to pick up my sister!  Hooray!  Once I grabbed her we did a few errands and then headed over to help at the One Bro event (which I never would have done the night before a race).

The party was a college graduation and it was a nice group.  They loved the food.

Here’s the usual pizza eye candy.  Two pies that made their debut on Saturday.

Caramelized onion and smoked mozarella
Chicken marsala

We managed to cut out of the party around 7:45 and went for sushi.  I’m all about sushi as a pre-run food.  As i see it, it’s a great mix of protein and carbs.  Right?  🙂

And then it was time to rest up for RACE DAY!!!!

Forecast was sunny with low humidity and temps in the mid to high 80s.  Start time was 8:15 which we all agreed is a bit late for a summer race.

So here we go….

I got up around 5:30 and we left the house around 6:45, getting to the train station (where the shuttle busses were) a little after 7.  The process was easy.  You picked up your clear bag check bag at the train station so you could leave things in your car.  We were then shuttled over to the beach where the race would start.

We had plenty of time to hit the porta-potties and do some last minute hydrating.  I ate my Sport Beans and then headed to what I would loosely call a corral.  In this race, the men and women started separately and met up at mile 1.  If you were running with someone of the opposite sex, you could start together in either.

My sister went to the front, my other half to the men, and I settled in towards the back of the women.  My goal for this race was to go slow and enjoy.  There were no actual time corrals although there were pacers.  And then we were off.  I was only a minute or so behind the start clock, so not too bad.

As I started, I had a few goals.  Some were specific and some were more general.

  • Go slow…not faster than 11:00/mile
  • Enjoy the experience; the route, the surroundings, the people
  • Go without music until at least mile 7
  • Go without walking to at least mile 7
  • Don’t walk the hills

So I started with an easy pace and pretty much stayed at a consistent effort level throughout.  We started out in town and there was some nice crowd support.  There were bands spread out every 1-2 miles.  As we headed away from town it became quieter and more country like, but the route was nice and some of the views were gorgeous!  It was a rolling hills course, so some decent hills, but always followed by some nice downhills.

I managed to run every hill, goal met.  Since I was focused on enjoying the surroundings and experiencing the event, I actually kept my music off until mile 9.  And even when it was on, I kept the volume a bit lower.  Goal met.  I kept going at my slow pace and didn’t take a walking break until a water stop during mile 11.  Goal met.  So overall I met all of my goals.  I think a part of me had a hidden goal of improving on my last time, but once I was out there running in the heat, I did the math and realized it might not happen.  While it would have been nice to improve my time, it really wasn’t all that important to me.

I had read about how much your pace slows in the heat.


Assuming an ideal pace of 10:30 and a temperature of 80, that means I’d be looking at a pace of 11:46 on the lower end of the range.  Looking at it this way, my pace on Sunday makes perfect sense.  My effort level was pretty much the same, I was just moving much slower.

The race organizers did a great job with the water stops.  Every water stop had water and UCAN (yuck!).  A few stops also had Gu.  The water stops seemed to be about every mile or so, which was great in the heat.  My favorite part of the course was definitely the sprinklers.  Early on I didn’t really need them, but from mile 10 on, they became a life saver because it was HOT and sunny.  Getting wet with cool water made such a difference!  There were about 6 or so official sprinklers (manned by the fire department) but quite a few homeowners also put their sprinklers out for the runners, which I loved.

The last stretch had you running over some gravel (which I hated) but thankfully it was short and left me really appreciating concrete.  We also ran under a huge American flag, which was awesome!

I didn’t take any photos during the race, but did manage to grab a bunch from instagram. (I obviously took the bib/medal one)

Overall I had a good time.  It wasn’t easy, but I did it and overall felt pretty good for most of it.  I think that with proper training I could easily have a good run and drastically improve my time.

I’m proud of myself for doing it even though I really wasn’t trained properly or ready.  But, as my mantra band says…



Catch ya on the flip side with some other thoughts.


It’s Take Your Pet To Work Day!

And sadly Minnie is at home 😦

I probably could have brought her in, but I have a hair appointment after work and trying to drop her off first would mean leaving work even earlier.  So instead I will have my own personal Take Your Pet To Work Day another day.

There have been some studies regarding pets in the workplace and in almost most cases they seem to help reduce stress.  I definitely think this is true and have had quite a few requests for coworkers that she come visit again.

I’m two days out from my third half marathon in less than a year.  I never ever thought i’d say that.  This one will be interesting to say the least.

To recap:

1st HM – well trained and ready, but did encounter some stomach issues around mile 7 so I did a little more walking than I would have liked.  Overall though, it was good and I was pleased with my time.

2nd HM – under trained and not ready.  It was an incredibly hilly course and once I saw this I made the decision to walk the hills, figuring it would keep me going for longer.  Stomach issues around mile 6 left me stuck waiting in line for the bathroom.  I finished but it wasn’t pretty and I’m not all that proud of it.

3rd HM – under trained and kind of indifferent.  I was nervous, but now i’m just going with it.  It’s going to be warm.  My plan is to go slow and try to enjoy the experience since this is supposedly a great half with good crowd support.  I was going to skip wearing my garmin but think I should keep it to make sure I don’t go too fast.  If I were well trained my target pace would probably be around 10:15, but in this instance I want to keep it closer to 11.  I also saw that there are 25 band and cheer stations on the route, so I may also try doing some time without my headphones to once again try to enjoy the experience.  There are also 6 sprinklers!  🙂

Any suggestions for going into a race that you really aren’t prepared for?

hm course

And now some random stuff…

Zulily has a “Graphic Imprints” sale going on right now and I’m LOVING some of these designs.

I could post so many that I love.  If you’re interested, here’s the link.


I made paleOMG’s spaghetti pie last night.


Here’s the link.


The verdict?  It was OK but there’s room for some tweaking.  I didn’t love the Italian sausage that I bought (Jenni-O Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage) and I think that played a huge part.  I used more onion than the recipe calls for, added some shredded mozz, and also cooked up some sliced baby bella mushrooms.  For some reason it reminded me of a quiche my mother used to make and while it sounds odd, it’s a good thing.

So the verdict is that I will make it again and see how it goes (with different sausage).  The other half wasn’t a fan however, so it may be dinner for a night when he’s away.  I have the leftovers for lunch and will see how it is reheated.

In case you were wondering, this was my backup recipe in case I couldn’t find the spaghetti squash.

Sausage, Shrimp & Quinoa Skillet from Cooking Light.


The odd thing about this recipe is that last Saturday night while at a friend’s house I was looking through her Cooking Light and commented that this recipe sounded good.  Then at work on Monday, someone brought me something I had printed and when he handed it to me it was two pages (I only printed one) and the second page was this recipe.  Someone else had obviously also thought it seemed good.

So that’s what’s going on here today.  Thoughts of running and food.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll drop in next week to let you know how it went.  Enjoy the first weekend of summer!

What a wonderful weekend!

Busy weekends can be so nice, but come Monday I wish they weren’t so busy.

This was a busy but wonderful weekend.

Friday started off with One Bro at the farmer’s market and I took a shot of this beauty.  Roasted vegetables and pesto pizza.

veggie pie

I love taking pictures of food…and eating food.

Saturday we were up bright and early to go to the beach!  This never happens, so it was pretty exciting.  We live on the coast and technically have a beach in our town, but it is on the Long Island Sound, not the ocean.  It’s just not the same.  The sand isn’t the same, the water isn’t the same.  As someone who grew up going to the beach, the beach here isn’t really a beach.  So we decided to make the trek to Long Island and go to Robert Moses State Park.

I’ve only been to RM State Park twice, but I loved it.  Driving down the Robert Moses Causeway is so scenic and then boom, you’re at a beach that is kind of just floating out there in the water.

Since we left the house early, we got to the beach early and it was nice and empty.

robert moses

We hung out there till about 2 and then left.  While we drove there, we decided we’d take the Port Jefferson ferry back to CT.  The traffic potential at that time was huge, and since I sit in traffic every day, I just didn’t have it in me to do it on the weekend.

The ferry was about 30 miles north east of the beach and we made it there just in time.  Taking the ferry with your car is not cheap, but it is very enjoyable.  They have food and drinks and the upstairs is completely outside, so on a nice day it’s lovely.


It’s like you’re in the middle of nowhere.  I had a glass of wine and sat on the deck until I got too hot and had to seek out the AC.

We got home around 5.  Just in time to shower and head out for dinner plans with friends.

Sunday morning I woke up exhausted and lethargic, which seems to be the norm lately.  I dragged myself out of bed to walk Minnie and do a couple of errands before heading back to Long Island for Father’s Day.

We don’t do much on these sorts of holidays since we’d rather just hang out and be together so I headed to my parent’s house and met up with my parents, my sister, and my sister’s friend.  We sat outside on the deck enjoying appetizers and wine and then played some bocce before dinner.  It was quite nice.

We didn’t take many photos, but my sister did manage to snap this one of a lion in the wild.

in the wild

Just kidding!  It’s Minnie yawning.  She had a busy weekend of playdates so she was exhausted.

I picked up this hummus and LOVED it.  Have you tried it?


Spicy and sweet, just how I like things.

So I enjoyed the rest of my time with my family and then began the trek home, first dropping my sister and her friend off in the city.  Traffic was not on my side for the first leg of the trip, but thankfully the second was OK.  But it still took me about two hours and fifteen minutes to get home.  Yuck.

And now it’s Monday.

The Fairfield Half is on Sunday and guess what….i’m not prepared!  I was doing so well and then my motivation and energy just disappeared…and stuff got busy.  But, I’m still going to do it and hope for the best.  My only goal is to finish.

It’s looking like a warm forecast, so I’m a bit concerned about that.  I did however read that the course has 6 misters/sprinklers on the route, so that’s nice.

ff weather

It’s the warmest day of the 10 day forecast.  Lovely.  So we’ll see how this one goes.

I’ve also pretty much decided to put half marathons on hold after this one.  Not sure what i’ll get up to next, but I’m sure i’ll come up with something.

If not before, I’ll be back post-race.  Have a great week!!!

Do I dare wear shorts?

I hate shorts…of all sorts.  I don’t care for how they look on me and often times I find them to be a little uncomfortable.

That said, I do occasionally wear shorts.  For biking I would wear shorts if it was hot out.  I did wear shorts and a tank for Sunday Funday so maybe i’m getting better.

But do I dare consider running in shorts?

I seem to think I ran in shorts once and felt like everything was moving a bit too much and I was probably borderline inappropriate.

Let’s just say that my lower half is not all muscle.  It moves.  It jiggles.  No one needs to see that ish.  But, it’s getting hot out and I feel like maybe shorts make sense.  Maybe.

So my dear friends…do you work out in shorts?  Have you always?  Baggy shorts?  Tight shorts?  Long? Short?  How’d you make the transition?  Don’t they ride up when you move?

What a busy weekend!

Good morning!  It’s Monday.  Again.

It was such a busy weekend!

Friday was pretty quiet, which was OK.

Saturday, my alarm went off at 4:50a (although I was actually up at 4:35a, thanks stomach).  I got dressed and was out of the house by about 5:20 and in Harlem just after 6a.  Driving is lovely at that hour….not too many cars.

Unfortunately finding a parking spot at that hour is tough because most people are still at home sleeping.  So that took about 30 minutes, but thankfully I found one.  Or rather I should thank my sis because she spotted it (she came out of her apartment to drive around with me, that’s love).

We got to the east side of Central Park around 7a and met up with a couple of her friends.  We made our way across the park to bag check and then did a little jogging (and of course hit up a bathroom).  Then it was time to get into the corrals.  My sister and her friends were in B, I was in K…aka the back of the pack.  But i’m cool with that.  If I were in a higher corral I would probably be trampled and everyone would hate me. 🙂  Although I am curious about the corral parameters.  Does anyone know?  Does it vary by race?  Anyway…


This was by far the largest race I had ever done with almost 9,000 people…all women too!

Here’s a shot from once I made it around the bend and onto Central Park West.

mini 10k

That’s probably corrals I and K, so that was after AA-H had already started.  NYRR had a staggered start, so they let groups go every 30 seconds, which seemed to work well.

I liked the large group but did get a little frustrated by all the weaving I had to do.  It was worst at the beginning, but it never really went away.

It was HARD.  I tried to find the course elevation map, but it seems to have been taken down.  I’ve never run in Central Park before and I had heard it was hilly, but boy is it hilly!  This route had quite a few slow and steady hills.  My sister had told me that the first half was the hardest, and I guess it was, but it’s not like the second half was easy.

I may have pushed a bit too hard as my second mile came in under 10 minutes, and I ended up having to take a few walking breaks.  I wanted to push and not walk, but in the end walking won.  But I did try to keep them brief.

Here’s a very ugly photo that a friend took during the final .2.


I was rather unhappy at this time but managed to smile and wave…and push through to the end.

I made it!


Finishers!!  And apparently the NYRR are really fast about posting times, so this was up as we were walking to get coffee.

10k results

Notice the difference between my sis and me.  I swear we are related.

Post run we grabbed coffee and then did brunch, which was lovely.  I always forget just how huge brunch is in the city.  From there I had to head back to CT to help with a One Bro Pizza event in the evening.

Sunday morning I subbed an 8:30 spin class, which was great.  Good group, worked hard.

edge playlist

From there I headed home, got some time in the sun on the hammock and then turned the day into Sunday Fun Day.  We hit up a couple bars, had some cocktails alfresco and then hit the supermarket for some goodies to throw on the grill.


And that was the weekend.  Finished it out watching the Tony’s (which I’ve never watched before).  So good!  So many broadway shows to see!  Any favorites?

Enjoy the week!




Hi Friday

Yet another nutty week in the books!

Yesterday I got to drive 150 miles (each way) for a meeting.  Thankfully the meeting went well so it was worth the trip, but the driving part was not so fun.  I used to enjoy driving for 2+ hours.  Not sure that’s still the case.

The good and the bad (or rather, the bad and the good)

These two news items really got to me this week.

The bad – The horrific cycling accident in Kalamazoo, Michigan which left 5 cyclists dead and others injured.  A driver apparently plowed down a bunch of cyclists on their Tuesday night group ride.  Article here.

This story just gave me chills.  While I haven’t been out on my bike in some time, I am a road cyclist and have always been a bit scared of cars and distracted drivers.  This was nothing but a weekly group ride that turned into a nightmare.

Seems that the driver is now being charged with 2nd degree murder, so clearly there’s more to his story.

As a driver or a rider, be safe and mindful.

So now we need something good, right?

garage dog

Apparently it was caught on video that this boy was sneaking into the garage to hug their dog.  How sweet is that?

Here’s a link to the news and the video.

So sweet!

No spin playlist this week because there was no class.  I was there, but no one showed up.  As i’ve said before, this is a class at a business, so it’s a smaller group to start (12 bikes total).  I also feel like it’s easy for them to get stuck at their desks and miss the start of class (and no one comes late).

When I got there I just had a feeling that no one was going to show…and apparently I was right.

Pre-class I hopped on the stepmill and climbed 50 flights.  That thing is killer!  When I hit 50, I hopped off, covered in sweat and completely out of breath (mind you it had only been about 12 minutes or so).

At that point I had about 10 minutes before I needed to set up the bikes so I challenged myself to run a mile in less than 10 minutes.  I started slow and picked up the pace as I went along and managed to come in right at 10.

I headed into the class to wait for people and since clearly no one was coming I hopped on the bike and just pedaled along (I give them 15 minutes to show).

When no one came I challenged myself to another 10 minute run game.  This time I came in just over 10…by seconds.

It’s actually pretty fun because I start with a quarter mile or so at 5.5 and then pick up the pace, which I have to do to make up for the 10:52ish pace I started at.  I was ending around 7.0 which for me is nuts!  🙂

Any treadmill games you play to make the time move faster?

Tomorrow is my 10K.  Leaving my house around 5:45 or 6a and the race starts at 8.  Definitely looking forward to a) running in Central Park and b) running a large race.

Half marathon is in two weeks.  Holy crap.

Weekend recap

It.was.an.exhausting.weekend.  Exhausting.

Friday night I was on a mad scramble for wedding shoes and a sweat band headband for my other half.  For shoes I hit up payless (no need to over pay) and then because I didn’t find anything, Kohl’s.  I bought a pair of shoes at Kohl’s but pretty much knew I’d end up returning them.

Then I hit up Sports Authority to try to find the sweatband.  Let’s just say I HATE Sports Authority and have for some time.  My location is closing (not sad) and so “everything must go”.  I had heard this was a bit of a crock, but it was convenient, so I went.  Signs all over the store say 10-30% off.  Let me say that almost every sign I saw said 10% off.  I can get a bigger discount at so many stores that aren’t closing.

I head to the tennis area and find a sweatband marked $8.49 and a sign that said everything on that wall was 20% off.  Score!  I head up to checkout, grab some Gu and Honey Stingers and pay.  After paying I look at my receipt and see that the stupid headband rang up at $10.99 with NO DISCOUNT.  So I go back to the register and point this out and they pretty much said go f-yourself, but really said “sorry, we can’t do anything about the prices”.  And of course since everything is final sale, i’m pretty much stuck with this overpriced headband from a store that I despise.  I thought about contesting it on my credit card and I may, but no decisions have been made.  In summary:  I HATE SPORTS AUTHORITY MORE THAN EVER.  🙂  Now I feel better.

Later that evening we went to our friend’s rehearsal dinner.  Very enjoyable but buggy.  I hate mosquitoes.  From there I headed home because I had 10 miles to run the next morning.

Saturday morning my alarm went off at 5, but I had slept poorly so I didn’t want to get up.  I got up around 5:30 or so and putzed around the house for almost an hour waiting for my body to wake up.  Garmin says I hit the road at 6:43a.  My out and back route is really best for 9 or so, so I added in some mileage by adding a different route at the beginning.


This run started of feeling just eh.  Around mile 5 I started to not feel so well.  I think it was being tired and it was also rather humid, which surely didn’t help.  I struggled through 5 and walked a bunch.  While I was supposed to continue to run to 6.4 and then turn around, I turned around earlier and decided to make my way home.


I mixed in some running/walking and then took a Rocktane Gu during one of my walking breaks.  I didn’t love the flavor, but I actually think it helped hugely and got me going again.  I felt better and decided to push through to 8.  Then I thought I should at least try to do 9.  So once I got close to home, I started doing laps on the street.  If anyone was watching, they would have seen me numerous times since I did quite a few laps on the flat terrain to get me to 9.  I felt better and probably could have managed another mile, but it was time to end things.

Somehow I managed an average pace of 11:14 even with the walking, which I’m OK with.  This was the first run that I’ve had in a while that was hard.  I really had to push through and I think I can only benefit from that experience.

Got home and went into help mode for the One Bro event later that day.  I had a few responsibilities at the house and then needed to head out and do a few errands before heading to the event around noon.  At the event I had to do some basic set up and was there for a little over an hour.  It would have been faster, but it was a narrow road and it was blocked for a bit by the porto-potty drop off.  Important stuff.

Raced home to walk Minnie and hang out with her a bit before getting dressed for the wedding.  Headed to the ceremony which took all of 10 minutes (nothing wrong with a short ceremony).  Everyone hung around a bit after and had some drinks before heading to the reception.

Since I was at the wedding solo, I wasn’t sure how fun it would be.  I was so surprised to have such a great time!  It was a great group of friendly people and I felt just fine being there solo.  I had a great table and danced a ton!

Here’s a bathroom selfie (possibly my first).


I look a bit disheveled but you get the idea.  Green for the win!  And shoes that I already had, score!

I hit up the after-party for a bit and got home around midnight, completely EXHAUSTED. (My other half was already asleep.)

Sunday morning I had signed up for an 8:15 OTF class but woke up at 7 knowing I was in no shape for a class, so I cancelled.  I ended up sleeping in a bit later then doing some cleaning around the house before getting dressed to head to a bridal shower.

The bridal shower was at Stony Creek Brewery, which was pretty cool.  I had a tasty golden coffee stout.  The brewery is right on the water in Branford, CT and has a beautiful outdoor area.  Unfortunately it was pouring most of the time we were there, but they have a nice indoor event space so it didn’t effect us.

stony creek

The shower wrapped up around 3 but it took me almost 1.5 hours to get home (the joy of I95).  Got home in time to walk Minnie and change my clothes before heading out to help at another One Bro event.

This was one was a shorter one, from 6-8.  It’s at a church and starts when the ceremony (or whatever you’d call it) is over.  So it goes from quiet to several hundred people wanting food all at once.  It’s intense.  Add to that some torrential rain and you can imagine it was quite the event.  Somehow still a success and due to the rain it wrapped up a bit earlier which meant I was home earlier and got to enjoy some G of T and Shahs.

It was a great weekend, but boy am I tired!

Should be a somewhat quiet week (although I have a work trip to PA on Thursday), and then I’m running my first 10K (and NY Road Runners race) on Saturday!!!

Have a great week!!!


It’s Friday – let’s talk dresses

Happy Friday!

For a short week it felt kind of long.  Or rather it felt long as it was happening, but now that it’s Friday I’m not sure where the week went.

Traffic last night was insane.  It took me almost an hour to get home (10 miles).  Disgusting.  But I kept my word to myself and even though things at home were a little chaotic, I cut out and made it to my 7pm OTF class.  It was so needed!  Those 55 minutes are truly me time.  I’m not instructing, I’m not thinking, and I’m not reachable.

This weekend is a little nutty.  I have a wedding to attend tomorrow and a bridal shower on Sunday (plus One Bro has an event Sunday night).  I’m attending the wedding solo because of another One Bro conflict.  All good!

Obviously I needed a dress for the wedding.  While I have a bunch of dresses in my closet, none of them seemed right for this more causal/garden type wedding.

In the past I’ve gone to every store under the sun and often times ended up frustrated and overpaying.  Numerous people had suggested Dress Barn to me, but I was hung up on their outdated image and hesitated.  When I finally went, I found that it really is a great place to shop for dresses, so this time, that was the first place I went.  I bought three dresses!  I also ordered one dress from the Loft, so 3 of my 4 choices are as below (one is no longer online)

I haven’t received the blue dress yet, so I’ll try it on later tonight, but right now i’m leaning towards the green.  I actually like it on me better than this photo.  I love the color green!

This weekend I have 10 miles on the calendar.  Given the weather and my schedule, I’m trying to figure out if i’m better off running on Saturday or Sunday.  Saturday’s weather is better, but I have to be home by 9 at the latest, so it would be an early start.  Sunday is a teeny bit more flexible in terms of time, but the weather isn’t looking so good.  Such decisions!

So rereading this post I’m seeing it’s not really about much…just me rambling and talking about dresses.  Nothing groundbreaking.

Well, i’m off to plug through this day and get to the weekend.  Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are!

Tuesday spin and a taper question

Here’s the playlist from last night.  It was fun!


Although I will say I’m temporarily over Justin Beiber, so I didn’t love Sorry, but we pushed through.

The ride has 3 instrumental songs which is something I like.  As long as the beat is good, it lets the mind zone out a bit and get lost in the music and the pedaling.  Or at least that’s what I like to think happens.

Prior to class I hopped on the ‘mill for 2.5 miles.  I would have liked to run 3, but as usual I ran out of time.

Hitting the pavement tonight, so we’ll see how that goes.

Has anyone run a half and did a long run the week before?  Like 10+ miles?  How important is that taper?  Or can the taper just be reducing mileage during the week?  I’m a bit crunched for time and could really use that last weekend for another longer run.  Thoughts?