My 2012

Whenever I speak to a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while, they ask me what’s new, and I always say the same thing…nothing.  I explain that while things are good, they’re not particularly exciting or notable, but that’s OK.

For this post I’m making it a point to call out some highlights of my year to confirm that in fact, I did have a good (and maybe even exciting) year.  Thank goodness I have a filofax and document as much of my activities as possible.

So let’s see…


Started the year off right with a very spur of the moment trip to Green Bay for a playoff game against the Giants.  Amazing.  Green Bay will always have a place in my heart for being such a great town with wonderful fans.

green bay


The love of my life came to live with us forever!

jess and minnie


Instructed at Spin Odyssey in front of over 200 participants and LOVED it!

spin o

Get laid off (yet again).


Find (in record time) and start a new job.

Throw a successful 30th birthday party for my sister in NYC.

allison 30


Amazing vacation to St. Thomas and our first non-all-inclusive vaca.

St. Thomas 016


Pizza oven purchased and delivered.

pizza oven deck


My first ever bike ride (32 miles) to benefit the Guide Dog Foundation in honor of my grandfather who was on the board.

ferry bikes


Trip to Ocho Rios Jamaica.


25 mile Trek bike ride to benefit breast cancer research.

November and December

While both were good months, there wasn’t anything particularly notable in my world.  But that’s OK.

So looking back, it was a good year and I did some fun things.  I’m hoping for something similar in 2013.

On my to do list:
Travel (that’s always there) – I’m hoping to get DJ to Europe, ideally Spain, so we’ll see
Bike rides – I’m thinking starting with a 20 mile and culminating with a century (100 mile)
Maybe a duathalon (bike/run) (spell check keeps saying it’s spelled wrong but the only suggestion is “adulthood”) 🙂
Maybe maybe maybe a half-marathon – maybe

What’s on your list for 2013?

From the bottom of my heart I want to wish you the happiest New Year!  Thank you so much for visiting and reading my often sometimes pointless rambling. 🙂

Catch ya in 2013!


A picture-less post

I had every intention of taking a bunch of photos over the past few days but somehow it just didn’t happen.  I think in the spirit and busyness of things it just didn’t seem natural to grab my phone or camera and start snapping away.  My apologies.

The past couple of days were nice.  Getting out of work on Monday at 12:30p was wonderful!  It felt sooooo good to be out so early.  After leaving work I hit up the liquor store and then did a couple more errands.

Did anyone else try to purchase a gift card on Christmas Eve and find that it wasn’t working?  I love how all the stores now have the gift card kiosks so I can buy a gift card without having to actually go to the store.  I’m not sure if that whole process is managed by a central company but if so, that company is in trouble.  Gift cards weren’t going through on Friday and almost everyone at the Walgreens I went to was trying to buy a gift card.  As a result retailers are really going to miss out.  Just my two cents.

For Christmas eve DJ’s family came over.  This was my first experience ever hosting a Christmas eve.  It was nice.  His family is quite entertaining.  There were also a couple of children there which is something I am not at all used to, seeing as the youngest child in my family is 19.  I was worried about entertaining them but they kept themselves pretty busy on their phones.  Not sure I agree with that, but it worked for Monday night.  DJ made some steak and several pizzas.

I did make the Mexican cheesecake and of course didn’t photograph it.  It was good and very sweet, but a super easy recipe so I would endorse it.

After DJs family left we went over to our neighbors for some wine and hanging out.  Their daughter (4.5 years) was still up with excitement.  I only proceeded to almost ruin surprises about twice, not to mention almost touching the elf on the shelf.  I am so not kid friendly. 😉

On Christmas day my family came up around noon.  We hung around the house catching up and having snacks.  We had planned to see Django Unchained but stupid Fandango had the wrong time on their site so it didn’t work out.  Instead we saw the Guilt Trip.  It was OK.  It had some cute parts but was definitely slower than expected.  After the movie we of course went for Chinese.  DJ joined us for that and I think it was his first Christmas Day Chinese experience and he was surprised by just how crazy it gets.

I got home around 9:30 and had a hard time keeping my eyes open.  I can’t say exactly what exhausted me, but something did.

Now i’m back at work (yuck!) and trying hard to find motivation to be productive.  I’m off Friday and Monday (and Tuesday) though, so I just have to hang in there for a few more days.

I hope everyone had lovely holidays and I will attempt to get back to a more regular and fitness related posting habit in the new year.

Happy Christmas Eve

Just wanted to write a quick (and random) post wishing everyone a happy holiday (even if you don’t celebrate).

I am at work today, however we’re closing at 12:30p and for that I am VERY thankful!  Don’t tell anyone but I brought my gifts and wrapping paper in to the office today since I figured it would be pretty slooooow.

The weekend was nice and low key.  I taught on both Saturday and Sunday so at least I got my sweat on in anticipation of some delicious food the next couple of days.  I did my version of a holiday ride on Saturday which meant that I added in ONE holiday song.  I used Christmas Eve in Sarajevo by Transiberian Orchestra which was perfect.  It was the last song in the ride so I made the members wait for it. 😉

Yesterday I also made some festive cupcakes.

reindeer cupcakes

I first read about these on Julie’s blog which took me to a link on With Sprinkles on Top.  They’re pretty easy and so darn cute!  Although as Julie pointed out, they kind of look like moose/bears more so than a reindeer, but what can you do?

Then the folks over at OmNOMCT posted this:

I’m not a big bacon fan but I do love the sound of it crackling.

On the agenda for the rest of the day is a few quick errands and then home to clean and make something called sopapilla.  Recipe is here.  It’s apparently a Mexican cheesecake style dessert and is supposedly amazing.  Will let you know how that goes.

And now it’s time to wrap my presents get back to work.  Have a very happy holiday!!  (DJ’s pizza is on the menu tonight so I’ll try to take some pictures.)

My phone ate my pictures

Am I the only one who this happens to?  I take pictures on my phone only to have them go missing for days/weeks.  And then voila, there they are!  It’s a bit of a pain as I took those pictures for a reason and kind of wanted the instant gratification.  Oh well!

Happy Friday!

It’s been one hell of a week.  Work on Tuesday and Wednesday ran from about 8:30a-9p.  Ouch, right?  But I made it through and now it’s Friday.  Thank goodness!!

So let’s see, what have I been up to?

First, and totally trivial.  I got in to the car this morning right around 8a.  In flipping stations I stopped on 103.5 which is kind of a Top 40 type station.  Anyway, every Friday at 8am they do a feature called “Unnecessary censorship”.  It is by far my favorite thing they do and I never remember to tune in.  Since it never fails to make me smile, I figured I’d share it with you.  They beep out songs that don’t need beeps.

I can’t embed, but here’s a link if you’re motivated to check it out.

On Sunday I made a batch of Tate’s cookies.  Are you familiar with them?

tates tates1

They sell them in the paper bags at Bed Bath & Beyond (random) and the plastic bags at other specialty food stores.

People love them, which is a little odd since they look a bit like the cookies you’d get if you overbaked them.  But they’re tasty and crispy.  DJ loves them so when I was at the library last week I figured I’d check and see if they had the Tate’s cookbook.

Tates Cookbook

I was pretty excited when I saw that they did.  So on Sunday I made the original cookies.  They came out very similar to the original but they were a bit chewier.  Personally, I liked the ones from the cookbook better.  Obviously the cookbook is not just cookies, so I’m hoping to have some time to try out other recipes before the book is due back to the library on January 1st.

I took pictures of my creation but those are some of the ones that have gone missing.

In Fit Talking, I have done nothing fitness related besides taking Minnie out.  It’s bad and I know it, but short of waking up at 4:30a, I’ve had no choice.  So like many others, looks like this year I will be part of the resolution crew.  I’m a little embarrassed about that, but overall I’m embracing it.

I’ve gone on a bit of a gym clothes purchasing spree, but I’ll save that for another post.

And now it’s time to get Friday going.  Have a wonderful day!

Respect and honor

Like many other bloggers, I feel that today is not a day for me to ramble on about relatively unimportant things.

While many are posting a very sweet and concerned image, I chose to write a simple personalized note instead.

I live in CT.
I moved to CT over 5 years ago for a new job.  That job was in Newtown.  Yes, Newtown.
Even though I was laid off from that job, Newtown always had a place in my heart.  It was in Newtown that I met some of my first CT friends.  Newtown is an adorable New England town and while it wasn’t the right home for a single girl in her mid-20s, I always said it was the perfect town to raise a family.  And it is.
As the news unfolded on Friday I was utterly in shock.  My office is about 35-40 miles from Newtown.  Throughout the day the mood became somber and people shared any details they were learning.
There really are no words or explanations.  This is a f*#*#d up situation and something that never should have happened.  But it did.  And all we can do is keep all the victims and their families in our hearts and our thoughts as well as respect their privacy at what must be an insanely difficult time.

Cherish each day and every person in your life.  Hang in there Newtown!

Holiday stuff

I’m seeing lots of posts about gift ideas so I figured I’d jump on that bandwagon.  I’m definitely not an expert but I figured I’d share my opinion regardless.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not much of a gift person.  I like to give gifts but I don’t care much for receiving.  I think this dates back to when I was a child and would get gifts of clothing from relatives and have to pretend that I liked it.  I’m opinionated and not everyone understands what I like (even people close to me).  Many years later a former boss gave me a gift and made me open it in front of her.  She bought me perfume.  Not only perfume, but a perfume I happened to be allergic to (and hate).  Once again I had to fake excitement.  But I digress…

Here are some cute ideas…

For the pet lover


I have a similar product and I LOVE it.  I have a light up blue leash and it is so handy, especially in the winter months when it gets dark so darn early.  I just bought one for my neighbor’s dog in pink and they loved it as well.  This one is on but you can find them in various places.

For the runner

road ID

Last year (or maybe the year before) I bought one of these for my sister.  Being that she’s an avid runner, it seemed like the perfect (practical) gift.  I plan on riding my bike a ton post-winter so I should probably get one too!

Head over to Nicole’s blog for a chance to win a $15 gift card to RoadID.  Click here. (today is the last day!)

For the Bon Jovi fan

bon jovi

OK, I’ll admit, I’m totally kidding about this one.  It came through in an email this morning and made me laugh, so I figured I’d share it.  If you really want it, I’m sorry for mocking. 🙂

For the techie


I don’t know much about Roku but I’m very intrigued.  Lots of TV channels sent over wifi? From what I can tell there’s also no monthly fee.  Hmmmm.

For me (or someone like me)



Now remember, I’ve been told that I’m boring.  DJ asked what I wanted for Hanukkah and I said slippers and the stick.  Granted, neither are exciting, but still.  I think they’d make good presents. 🙂

Any good ideas to add?


I guess no one felt as strongly about their lack of FOMO as I did.  Oh well. 🙂

It’s Thursday, I’m happy about that.  Work this week has been very frustrating.  Ever have those work days where it just seems like all you’re hearing is bad news. (i.e. lost sales or customers)?  It stinks and it can really wear you down.  I need a break!

Aside from that, things are good.  Class on Tuesday was good.  Class is at 6:30p and at 6:25 it was pretty empty.  Not the end of the world, but not ideal.  Thankfully by the time class started we were up to 13.  As I’ve mentioned before, this class has been slow getting off the ground, so 13 is encouraging.  This particular gym has a hard time filling up their night classes.  But anyway…

I used a ride that I used about a month ago, which is very unlike me.  However I was pretty sure that almost all of the riders weren’t there last time so I just went for it.

One particular guy in the class took my class when I was newer; a few years ago.  I hadn’t seen him much since.  He took half of my class last week and then went to the adjacent class, but this week he stayed.  After class he came up to me and told me how much I’d evolved and how great the class was.  It was very nice to hear and definitely made me smile.  On the same appreciation note, two of my regulars gave me a Hanukkah present; a card and Godiva chocolates.  Only when I opened the card there was also a very generous gift card to Sports Authority.  How incredibly sweet is that???  Made me :D.

Here’s the ride I used, it’s not new.

spin - nice kicksBut it did the trick.

Oh yeah, guess who got a new ipod for Hanukkah?  Me!


That’s her, so pretty right?

DJ has an ipod touch and I found it was just too big.  While currently I’m not running at all, I do expect this will change in the future and the touch is just too big to strap to your arm.  I’ve had two nanos and found them both to be the perfect size.  Well, this one is even smaller and even lighter, it’s pretty crazy.  I’m sure the touch screen will take some getting used to (I’ll miss the wheel), but it will be great for all those runs I’m sure I’ll take in the future.

Now I just need to take the time to load her up with songs and playlists.  I’m thinking that’s a good Friday night activity.  Does that make me lame??

Have a happy Thursday, catch ya on Friday!



Are you afraid?

On my drive in to work one of the radio stations was doing a segment on FOMO.  If you’re not sure what FOMO is, it stands for Fear of Missing Out.  While I’m sure the concept has existed forever, it seems that only recently it has been given a title.

One of my college roommates was the perfect example of this.  Each weekend she’d fall asleep on the couch in the midst of whatever it was that was going on.  She never wanted to be the first to go to bed in case she missed something, so even though she was totally exhausted (and sometimes a bit tipsy) she’d hang out, and ultimately end up asleep.

On the radio they were talking about one guy who always feels that he has to be out doing something fun and “cool”.  People called in saying how when they go out they have to be the last to go home for fear or missing something.

Based upon all this, I thought about my habits.  I don’t think I suffer from FOMO, but I do likely suffer from INAAWAMO.  It stands for I‘m Not At All Worried About Missing Out, and I coined it myself.  While not as easy to pronounce as FOMO, it accurately describes me.  I will even go so far as to also diagnose myself with IDCWAT, I Don’t Care What Anyone Thinks.  DJ would definitely attest to this diagnosis.  He likes to tell me that I’m a loser if I’d rather stay home and relax than go out.  My response to him every single time is that I don’t care if people think I’m a loser.  I do what I want to do because I want to do it, not because of others.

So where do you stand?  Do you suffer from FOMO or are you like me and more of a INAAWAMO type person? 🙂

Where did my weekend go?

Good morning and happy Monday.  Seriously, where did the weekend go?

While the weather is very mild today, it’s gray/foggy/rainy and the perfect day for staying in PJs all day!  Too bad that’s not happening.

My weekend was very nice but it was busy and that’s really why I could use another day.  In less than 2 full days I drove over 300 miles.  My normal driving patterns are about 150/week.  Ha!

Saturday afternoon I headed down to NJ to see some college friends.  There were 5 of us in total, 2 have babies.  It was great to catch up with everyone and meet the baby I hadn’t met.  I’m not much for babies/kids, but it’s always nice to see the offspring of my friends. 😉  It was very nice to see everyone and catch up; it had been a while!

For dinner we headed in to Philly and ate at a delicious restaurant called Mixto.  It’s in the “gayborhood” area of Philly which made it that much more fabulous. 🙂  The food was delicious and the company was great as well!  I had arroz con camarones and it was so tasty I pretty much ate the entire thing (in addition to appetizers and bread), oops!  I was HUNGRY!  After we hit up a bar for a nightcap then headed home.  (I did have my camera but sadly I didn’t really take any pictures.)

Sunday we woke up and our host made challah french toast for breakfast (so good!).  I hit the road around 10:30 because I was off to NY to visit with my family.  My parents were in FL this past week visiting my grandmother and on Saturday she flew up to NY with them.  I got there around 12:30 and was starving.  Guess challah french toast doesn’t have a ton of staying power.  I had a few snacks and hung out until my sister arrived around 2p.

Then our snacking started.

tj collage

We joked that pretty much everything we ate yesterday was from Trader Joe’s.  We started with Coconut Shrimp as an appetizer.  Then a little after that, round two of the appetizer course was bird’s nests.  I’d never had a bird’s nest before and they were quite good. Tempura  veggie fried goodness.

Dinner was steak and string-beans with the Hashbrowns as our side.  The apple sauce went on the hashbrowns.  I realize that hashbrowns are more of a breakfast food, but they were in honor or Hanukkah and acted in place of potato latkes which my mother would have had to fry herself (and then we all would have reeked of it).

Speaking of which, Happy Hanukkah to everyone (but especially any Jewish readers).  Tonight is the 3rd night already.

After dinner I headed back to CT to finish up my driving for the weekend.  It was rainy and visibility was BAD, so it stunk, but at least there was no traffic.

I was happy to be home and relax.  Around 10:10 it was time to retire for the night.  What a fun surprise to find out that not only had Minnie thrown up her food in her crate, it was the back corner so it got all over the carpet and the wall.  Plus she had thrown up elsewhere in the room at another time.  Oh the joys of pet ownership!  She was fine, I just had to do more cleaning than ideal at that time.

And now it’s Monday.  Have a wonderful day!!