Sky Saturdays…take 2

These were taken from the plane on Tuesday night.  I flew during sunset and it’s really so pretty to be above the clouds to watch the sun setting.

Of course the dirty/scratched windows of the plane don’t help with photography, but you get the idea.


Too bad it’s not straight. Oops!

My day

Yesterday started out like this…

Getting dressed in the morning I decided to go with a new skirt.  Put it on only to find that the zipper is a bit temperamental and it takes both DJ and me to get it to cooperate.  But we zipped it and all was good.

On the way to work I stopped for coffee.  Got my coffee and then the lady who helps me says something that sounds like this “miss, your sipper is down”.  I look at my coffee cup and am thinking, yes, the cover for the hole is down, don’t worry, I won’t try to drink it this way. As I turn to leave, again she says “your sipper” at which point I realize sipper=zipper and I’m in trouble.  Stupid thing split.

So I tug down my shirt and get in the car.  Thankfully I had a cardigan so I tied it around my waist and hit the bathroom at the office immediately.  I realized that the little eye/hook thing at the top of the skirt hadn’t been fastened, so I did that and then zipped it up.

Thankfully it held up but a) i was nervous all day and b) i realized (from extra mirror looking) that I just didn’t love my outfit, which is an annoying feeling to have.

At lunch I hit up all the “affordable” stores in one given shopping center to try to find a replacement skirt or pants.  Marshall’s, Old Navy, and even Dress Barn.  Nada!  So I returned to work in the same skirt and hoped for the best.  As a result I was even more anxious for 5pm then usual.

Lovely start to the day!

When an instructor becomes a friend

What a pleasant topic, right?

I love instructing! (I think we all know that.)  I love meeting new people and getting to know them, not just as their instructor, but as their friend.  I know not everyone wants to be friends with their instructor, but when they’re willing, so am I.

I actually have quite a few friendships that started out in the spin room.  In some cases I didn’t know the person before class, in other cases I knew them from the gym and then our friendship grew from seeing each other regularly in class.

I am the instructor and therefore I lead the class, but besides that, I’m no different than any other member.  I also want members to know that I’m not just a spin instructor, I have a full-time job, a life, and interests.  I think they like that.

Today the instructor/friend level hit an all time high (in my opinion).

I have the email addresses of a lot of my Saturday members due to the fact that I’ve organized a few 3 hour fundraising rides.  Therefore I’ll occasionally reach out to them when I have something to say.

One of my regulars told me back in January or February that she was pregnant.  It was great to see her continue to workout and look great at the same time.  She was due in June so I knew that when I went away for vacation at the end of May, she might not be in class when I returned.  Since she’s had to be taking it easier we’ve been in touch via email.  Me occasionally checking up on her, and her writing to let me know…not yet.

Today I got an email that she had the baby on Monday night.  She even included a picture!  I thought it was so incredibly sweet that she took the time out of her (surely chaotic) schedule to shoot me an email.  It really warmed my heart.

And since it left me smiling, I figured I’d pass the story on.

If you’re an instructor, have you had something similar happen?  What about just as a member?  Any friends who you met through the gym?

Good tidings!

Happy Monday to you!

I’m actually in Tampa for work today.  Left lousy weather in CT to come to lousy weather in FL.  Yuck.  Flight was at 6:30a and was delayed on the runway just under an hour, which didn’t effect me much since I was (almost) sound asleep.  Guess that’s when happens when you wake up at 4am.

How were the weekends?

Weekend here was nice (too short as usual).  Friday night I had dinner with a friend at a restaurant neither of us had been to.  It was restaurant week locally, which means a 3 course dinner for $29.95.  Company was great and food was good.  The atmosphere was interesting.  It’s an upscale Mexican restaurant with a dark gothic decor.  Strange.

Saturday was very busy with errands and then a date night with the sig other.  After much thought we decided to be all cute and go to Rye Playland.  Neither of us had been there since we were kids.  Let’s just say sometimes things are better off in your memory.  But anyway…we hit up the Dragoncoaster, which is a wooden roller coaster so it was a rough ride.  Then hit a newer coaster which mocks being a pilot.  It was fun but did make me a bit dizzy.  Then somehow I agreed to go on this… 

Let’s just say this was the beginning of the end.  I really didn’t know what I had gotten myself in to.

We were securely locked in but even so I was totally airborne (practically in the fetal position) with my eyes closed the entire time.  At one point DJ asked if I had my cell phone.  At which point I toyed with opening my eyes to check but quickly said screw it, if I lose my cell phone, I lose my cell phone (it wasn’t mine).  That’s how bad it was.

We got off the ride and the nausea hit…as did a headache and sweating.  It was lovely.  I never got sick (thankfully) but I felt like crap.  Why did I go on that ride?

That ended our trip to Playland.  We walked around a bit more but didn’t do anymore rides.  Lesson learned…Jessica is not fun at amusement parks.

Thankfully I did start to feel better and we were able to enjoy the rest of our date night.

Sunday I was up early to sub a 9:15 (guess it’s not that early) class.  Can I tell you that I really like subbing?  I know it’s weird, but it is true.  What I like about subbing is that when I walk in no one knows who I am or if I’m any good. I LOVE the feeling after class when everyone has gotten a great workout and is happy.  I like knowing that I was responsible for that (and hopefully exceeded their expectations as well).  Any other instructors feel this way about subbing?

Time to get the day started.  Have a fabulous day!

Anyone else have issues with rides as they’ve gotten older?

Thursday recap

Not sure about where you guys are, but the past few days here have been HOT.  Hot as in scorching.

I believe on Wednesday we were in the 90s and then yesterday I think I saw we were above 95.  Hot/muggy/humid weather!

During the day, while I’m at work, it’s fine.  The office is (obviously) air conditioned, so I’m OK wearing pants and (dare I admit it) a cardigan sweater.  However this weather makes it so that I pretty much can’t venture out for lunch.  Or rather I can, but after attempting it on Wednesday, I decided that it’s really just not worth it.

A nice treat yesterday was that around 3p, the fire alarm went off in the building.  Nothing like having to stand outside in the aforementioned heat for 15 minutes.  One guy was actually here on an interview (in a full suit).  I think they just let him go home.  I felt bad.

Anyway, I think you get the idea.  It was HOT.  On a hot day like that, if you’re going to work out, it makes perfect sense to do it at a gym.

The turnout for class last night was eh.  I think I had 14-15 people (so less than 50% full).  However… a) it was hot b) it’s still a summer Thursday night and c) the Stamford concert series started last night.  Given those 3, I”ll take my 14.  Plus, I have to say that this group actually had some energy which made it much more fun and lively.  Thank goodness.  We joked, we laughed, we worked hard.  Mission accomplished.

I used this ride..

It made me laugh that the title of this ride is January Brrr.  It was a good ride and I know at least one rider really liked it.  I’m a huge fan of Black Betty and it just never disappoints.

I have to look and see when I last used it for my Saturday class, but if it was a while ago, it may be in the rotation for tomorrow.

Enjoy your Fridays!!

The good and the bad….

5 good/happy things, 5 bad/sad/annoying things

Starting with the lesser of the two…

  1. my email got hacked (again) last night – annoying! (although it is somewhat entertaining to read people’s email reactions)
  2. I only watched the last 15 minutes of HBO’s One Nation Under Dog last night and I managed to cry like a baby
  3. It annoys me to see people running in 80+ degree heat when the air quality is poor
  4. It annoys me that #3 annoys me, it’s their choice, right?
  5. My nose/sinuses are a mess.  I’m definitely not sick, but the persistent pressure in my head is getting old

The good…

  1. It’s Thursday! (almost the weekend)
  2. Minnie – that pup always makes me smile, she’s so darn cute!
  3. I realized that the person who smelled so good in spin last week was actually me.  Silly, I know.  But I was psyched!  New loyal user of my Tone bodywash 🙂
  4. I bought some swiss chard at the farmers market yesterday, now just to figure out what to do with it, and quickly
  5. I have awesome friends and family! 😀

Have a fabulous Thursday!  I’m hoping the hot weather will bring people inside to spin.  Wishful thinking?

I did it!

I made it to the gym yesterday!  Hooray!  It actually worked out quite well as the gym is on my way home from work.  Plus, by the time I finished, traffic was much lighter than it would have been at 5.  This just may work!

And while of course I felt bad for the pup, she was fine.  Someone said that dogs have no sense of time, is that true?

It felt good to break a sweat doing something other than instructing.  I hopped on a the treadmill, ran a mile, then did a little interval work before moving on.  That mile definitely wasn’t easy, but I did push myself on the pace, so that made it that much harder.  Post-run I did some upper and lower body stuff then finished with a few abs exercises and some stretching.  My goal was to keep the whole workout right around an hour, which I did.  Can’t wait to do it again!

While at the gym, DJ texted me to ask me to pick up some steamed chicken and veggies from the Chinese place.  I ordered some hot and sour soup for myself (I can’t say no to soup!).  So I picked it up and headed home.

Post gym dinner.  I had my hot and sour soup, which was good, but not great.  Hmmm…still hungry, craving protein.  Eggs!  So I made a 3 egg (2 eggs/1 white) omelet with one slice of low-fat cheese.  It tasted great but I was still hungry and now craving carbs.  DJs dinner came with brown rice and I knew he wouldn’t eat it so I had about 1/2 cup of brown rice with some TJs Sesame Ginger dressing.  Better.  A bit later, craving dessert, but that craving didn’t jive with my desire to decrease my sugar intake.  So I behaved responsibly and instead and raisins which actually really did the trick.

It was without a doubt a random dinner night, but that tends to happen when DJ doesn’t cook.  Does this happen to you too?

Stay cool and hydrate today, it’s going to be HOT!

Turning over a new leaf

Good morning!

I think I’ve hit rock bottom and as a result am finally going to get back on track with eating and working out.  While my eating hasn’t been horrible, my working out has been somewhat non-existent (aside from teaching 2x/week).

I am going to the gym tonight!  DJ has a softball game but not until 8p so he’s on dog-duty after work and I’m going right to the gym.  This is going to happen.  Nothing will stand in my way.

It’s also time to ween myself off of crack sugar.  I have a sweet tooth like nobody’s business.  But I also have a stomach that really doesn’t like sugar.  I LOVE baked goods but I don’t love how I feel the next day…my sugar-hangover if you will.

Last night I went out with a bang!  My neighbor was so kind as to share some of her desserts from Father’s Day and I ended up with a few small brownies and some key lime pie (with praline crust).  Wow.  It was good, but boy was it sweet.  I ate it and enjoyed every moment and then woke up this morning with a stomach ache and feeling blah.  So I think I’m not ready to work on eliminating a good chunk of sugar from my diet.

I’m not going cold turkey because it’s difficult and can be limiting, but I am definitely staying away from desserts and baked goods.  Wish me luck!

In honor of full disclosure, I’ll also admit that my alarm yesterday morning was set for 5:05a and I most definitely got up to reset my alarm and went back to bed.  Mornings have been a bit rough lately, but hopefully I can change that too.

Time to be productive!  Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

Sky Saturday…on Monday

So the whole posting on the weekend thing won’t always work.  Last week I actually wrote the post in advance and then scheduled it for Saturday.  This week, by Friday, I hadn’t taken any sky pictures, so there was nothing to schedule.

Of course I went out for drinks Friday night at a spot called “Sunset Grill”, so I did manage to snap a few, just didn’t have time over the weekend to post.

Here they are…




Seriously, this week has taken its toll.  I’m SOOOO glad that it’s Friday!

Work has been insane, which is good and bad.  Right now I’m just focusing on the fact that when work is nuts, you appreciate your weekends that much more.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and as a result, spin attendance suffered.  In general my Thursday night class competes with a big happy hour night, but add in to the mix beautiful weather, and spin doesn’t always win out.

I used the same ride as last Saturday but added a few songs to get it to the hour.

I added Hanuman by Rodrigo y Gabriela for an extended warm-up.  The song has a really nice sound to it and was a good transition song.  I also added Till I Collapse by Nate Dog and Eminem.  This song has become a bit more current as it’s featured in a commercial for some new movie.  In my opinion this song just begs for a heavy climb so I added it in after Rock This Town.  For my final song I added in a Coach Tabata song (can’t remember which genre) so we ended strong with Tabata sprints.

This time the 45-60 minute transition was easy.  Add 3 songs and done.  If only they all went that smoothly.

I signed up to sub a class on the 4th of July and want to throw in some not-so-obvious patriotic songs.  Any ideas?  Think it would be frowned upon to hand out sparklers?  Might set off the smoke alarm and cool us down post-ride.

Have a fabulous Friday!!