Here it is

Lately I seem to say that I’m going to post something on one day and then it takes me at least a day to actually do it.  I’m sorry about that.

As I’ve said before, sometimes blogging has to take a back seat to my paying job.  The nerve!

In true Jessica fashion, a bit late, here is the ride from Saturday.

I was kind of vague with the actual ride so as usual, feel free to contact me with any questions. 

This ride mixed some new with some old.  There were also a few songs that I’m guessing people didn’t know.  Personally I like to know the songs in a class, but if you give me a song I don’t know, but with a great beat, I’m OK.

Movin’ Too Fast (the warmup) is some sort of club song that has an older feel to it.  Spectrum also has a great beat to it once it gets going.  I’m not a big Florence + the Machine fan so for all I know Spectrum is super popular.

I’m loving Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys thanks to the VISA commercial (or at least I think it’s VISA).  For that one we did a heavy standing climb and took it to the saddle on the chorus.  I thought it was killer!  (just my opinion)

Class tonight will use an old ride.  It’s hard enough to create one new ride a week, but two??

Off to call the doctor as the persistent nausea has been pretty bad.  Anyone want to trade stomachs?


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