Breathing Frustrations

Happy Saturday!  I have a rare bit of spare time and am just sitting on the couch watching the Olympics.  That said, I’m headed out in about an hour and a half for a pizza event.  It’s a wedding!  It’s also about 94 but feels like 109 out.  Good times!

I believe I’ve mentioned in briefly in other post, but my allergies are kicking right now.  I definitely have seasonal allergies and they vary with the season.  Sometimes it’s a sore throat, sometimes it’s a runny nose (or maybe that one is always), and sometimes it’s a mix of a few cold-like symptoms.  Right now though, it’s the worst of all symptoms, difficulty breathing.  It’s sort of like chest congestion without the excess of congestion or the coughing.

For me to take a deep breath I have to actually stop and think about it.  It’s bad regardless of whether I’m inside or out.  As i’m sure you can imagine, this makes everything more difficult.

Because it’s been so bad I haven’t even though about doing any sort of activity outside (although the heat plays a part there too).  It just so happened that due to poor planning, I ended up with a week where I had no OTF classes, so aside from spin I didn’t do much.  I blamed my breathing.  While it’s a valid excuse I think it’s time to get over it.

This morning I returned to OTF.  It was tough.  We started out with some rowing (400m, nothing crazy) but my breathing was bad.  I was wheezing when I was done. I felt a bit like I was sucking wind, but when I looked at the heart rate board, I was in the green (meaning I was not in fact sucking wind and everything was A-OK, not even going all out).  This odd piece of information gave me a bit of validation for some reason.  Obviously it’s that much harder to get your heart rate up when you all ready feel like it’s sky high.

Thankfully as class went on my breathing improved some.  It definitely wasn’t great, but after about 20-30 minutes it was tolerable.  20-30 minutes is a long a$$ warmup time.  As an OTF person who starts with the rower/weights, this worked out OK because once I got to the treadmills it was a bit better.  Still not great, but an improvement none the less.

So i’m loosely encouraged that I can (and will) in fact work through this.

As I sat here watching the Olympics, some track and field events were on.  Namely the steeplechase.  I’ll admit I had no idea what that race entailed.  If you don’t know, it’s a 3000m (1.86 miles) race with “obstacles” which are really hurdles(28), and water jumps (7).  It’s pretty interesting to watch.

As they were running, I had a little pang to race again.  Funny that I use the word race because i’m truly not racing but rather running in an organized event.  So I guess if we’re being literal I had a pang to jog in an organized race 🙂

I’m on vacation in a couple of weeks and I think i’ll see how the weather is when I return.  I suppose the local half marathon is still a possibility, although I’d have less than 6 weeks to train, so it’s probably not ideal.  We’ll see!

There’s my two cents on this steamy Saturday.  Have a most wonderful weekend!

Do you have allergy issues that mess with activities you do?  How do you handle that?


And I ran….

I ran so far away…

Hi flock of seagulls!  But I didn’t run far.  But technically I did run.  Exactly one mile…on a treadmill.  But it’s a start.  And then I taught spin, so it’s OK.

The bigger accomplishment is that I ran with a stomach that wasn’t feeling 100% and being completely run down and exhausted..and without music.  I know it’s only one mile, so the no music thing isn’t much of an accomplishment.  But still.

I’ve had a couple people ask me about my fall HM plans.  Right now I have none.  I just can’t commit to anything.  There are a bunch of half marathons in the area in October but I just can’t pull the trigger.  Same story I’ve said before.

So I wait.  What am I waiting for?  I’m not sure, but i’m waiting for something.  Something that gets me excited to commit.  So we’ll see what happens.

It’s been quite a week.  Very stressful.

Stress is so bad for the body and I’m definitely feeling it.  I’m constantly tired (I wake up tired) and my neck is killing me.  I’m pretty sure I’m also grinding my teeth more than usual, which has got to be stress (and might even be part of the neck issues).  I have a mouth guard for grinding (glamorous lady that I am) but am waking up with a sore jaw, which tells me that’s probably what’s happening.  It stinks.  It is 100% work and for the most part I can’t fix it.  Ugh!!

I do have a vacation on the horizon, so that’s good.  Yet it still seems soooo far away!

After a particularly rough set of days at work, I let myself indulge in some wine.  I’m not a big drinker and I never say “boy I really need a drink” but when the other half said I needed to relax on the couch with some wine, I really couldn’t disagree.


As i’ve gotten older, my taste in wine has deteriorated a bit and now I just want light sweet things.  I can still do a nice wine, but not as frequently.

I’m working on the stress management though and hoping that today I turn a corner.  Stress really is just SO BAD.

So before I go, here’s a photo I snapped last weekend after a particularly sweaty OTF workout.


My sister’s running club was nice enough to make me an honorary member (and let me wear the gear).  So I was proud to represent the Williamsburg Track Club in the CT.  Woohoo!  They are fast, so I joke about how I hope me wearing their gear doesn’t tarnish their reputation.

And now, here’s the playlist from spin this past week.


Nothing too crazy on there but I am enjoying Into You by Ariana Grande and Hymn for the Weekend.

Any good song recommendations?

Have a great week!!