Tuesday’s Class



Not a new ride, but definitely a solid standby.  Actually, I really like this ride.  It’s tough but moves quickly.

Sandstorm is the last working song.

It was a good class.  17 people which is great for the inconsistent Tuesday night class.  Quite a few regulars but also some faces I didn’t recognize.

Two of the participants I’ve known for a couple of years and they had just gotten married the weekend before.  Plus, they’re running the NYC marathon this weekend, so I called them out an embarrassed them a bit (in a good way).

There was one woman in the back of the room.  She had taken my class once before.  I took a ton of time to set her up and then during class she went ahead and changed everything I had done. She’s a little odd and was definitely doing her own thing through most of this ride.

She came up to me after class inquiring about a song with the lyrics “it will be the death of me”.  Totally stumped me so we went through and listened a bit to every song.  Turns out it was Dirty Diana.  She heard those lyrics but they surely are not in the song.

She told me she had a great class but then professed that I play a lot of heavy metal.  Um, right.

People make me laugh.  Any good stories about things members have said/done?


Oh yeah, happy halloween!!!  I had actually gotten tickets to Live with Kelly & Michael for today (their huge halloween show).  Technically I could have gone, but it would have been a little crazy and last minute.  So instead I returned the tickets for another show, so fingers crossed I get them and it’s a decent show.


Halloween ride!

Good afternoon folks!

This past Saturday I did my annual Halloween ride.  I typically look forward to the Halloween ride each year, but for some reason, this year I just wasn’t feeling it.  I was planning on skipping it altogether since my Saturday class was a bit of a ways away from Halloween, but then a member requested it.  I just couldn’t say no.  So my mood shifted and I was looking forward to it.

I put together a fun playlist and threw in some sound-effects.  Since about 50% of the class had no clue it was going to be a Halloween ride, I didn’t want to go too seasonal on them.  Instead I tried to use traditional songs with titles/subjects that could relate to Halloween.



I also wore a costume and brought in Tootsie Pops for the class.

For my costume…I started the class wearing a light up headband that changed colors.  The class obviously assumed this was my costume.  What they didn’t know was that I had stashed another costume outside the spin room.  During Beautiful Monster I stepped out of the room to change.

I came back in wearing my costume.  Or rather, Minnie’s costume.

This is not Minnie. Source
This is not Minnie.

I figured that the jockey costume would (sort of) make sense since I was riding a bike and therefore hunched over.

In actuality it looked like this…. (super unflattering photo)


The class LOVED it.  I had at least two people taking pictures during class and another 3 or so who stayed after to take pictures.  So totally worth making a fool of myself.

I have to say I do love a good theme ride and an opportunity to be silly.  Next up I’m thinking a neon ride.  We have a sort of blacklight in the room, so anything neon glows.  I thought it would be fun to tell people to wear neon, buy some glow necklaces, and do a fun party themed ride.

Any other fun ideas?

Music and a new addition

A new addition?  Wonder what that could mean.  Most likely not what you’re thinking.

Here’s our new addition….


DJ had mentioned a few times over the past few weeks that he wanted a juicer.  Being the rational one of the pair, I kept telling him no.  I explained that we have no place to put it and that it would probably be another one of his phases.  When we were at Kohl’s over the weekend he again commented on getting a juicer.

So Monday morning I decided that maybe I’d buy him a present, because really, it’s something I’d benefit from too.  I was in FL for work until Wednesday night so I thought it would be cute to order it and have it delivered while I was away.

He called me yesterday morning asking if I was nuts.  He said he just couldn’t accept it and that we don’t have room for it.  Familiar thought.  By the time I got home last night, he had made juice and said it was pretty impressive.  I told him he would also be making me juice. 🙂

If any of you juice, please send me recipes…but leave out anything with kale since it gives me horrible heartburn.  Thanks in advance.

I was in Orlando for the last few days and it was so warm.  Tuesday it was 91!  Unfortunately I was there for work so I really didn’t get to take advantage of the weather.  Although I did spend a little time in the hot tub on Tuesday night.  Tuesday night I also finally tried Menchie’s frozen yogurt.  I pretty much chose my dinner spot on Tuesday based upon it being near a Menchie’s.  Nothing wrong with that, right? (In case you were wondering, I went with Graham Cracker, Peanut Butter Cup, and Cake Batter.)

For last Saturday’s class I took an older ride and gave it some new flavor.  Thanks for Chris Spin for a couple of the songs.  🙂  (The Major Tom version was from a car commercial, Linclon I think, and I loved it.)  Steve also reminded me about Witchcraft. 🙂


If anyone wants ride notes, just let me know.

This Saturday will be my annual halloween ride.

Any favorite songs lately?  Have a great day!!!


Weekend recap

Sunday morning we made the mistake of hitting the errands hard without having something to eat first.  Which of course left me ravenous.  Add to that the fact that i was fighting a cold, which always makes me super hungry. (Anyone else?)

So I found these….



And proceeded to eat almost the whole bag.  Almost.  I guess you could say I endorse them.  I don’t like pumpkin but I don’t mind pumpkin seeds.  They’re a bit sweet and crunchy.  They kind of remind me of the cinnamon/sugar pita chips.  While I really like them, I’m not sure I’ll buy another bag since they also seem to suck out all my willpower. 🙂


I had a lovely weekend.  Friday night we tried a new place called the Meatball Company (somewhat self explanatory I imagine).  While it was good, it wasn’t great and was a tad pricey for what you get.  If you were wondering, I got chicken meatballs with tomato sauce over roasted brussel sprouts.  Good, just not enough to warrant the $12 pricetag.  I gave up red meat in January (in case you care).

Saturday I taught a packed class, which made me so happy.  Attendance has been weaker than usual for that past couple of months so I was thrilled to once again have a full house.  I think it’s a better experience for the members as well…all that excitement. 😉

After class I headed to NY to visit with my family.  Had a lovely visit with my grandmother and then my immediate family headed to the outlets.  Fun!  While I desperately need clothes for work, I always seem to gravitate toward sweatshirts and gym clothes.  Anyone else have this problem?  I did get a few things though so i’d say it was a successful visit overall and of course lovely to spend time with the fam.

My crazy running sister had run 22 miles that morning and you’d have never known it.  Can’t even imagine.  I could ride 22 miles and be fine, but 22 miles of literally pounding the pavement?  No thank you.

Sunday was spent with the aforementioned errands and rest.  I am totally convinced that if I get a lot of rest i can stop a cold dead in his tracks.  Who cares what science has to say.

Tonight is class and i’m hoping that it isn’t the proverbial straw that lets the cold in.  Fingers crossed!  The rest of the week is going to be crazy, so the gym isn’t even an option, but i’m OK with it and will try again next week.

Before I go, here are a couple of songs I’m loving right now. (don’t like the Nicki Minaj rap in the second but like the rest of the song)

Food and music

Happy Friday.  No really, happy Friday.  I am so glad today is Friday as i’m not sure I could handle another workday this week.  Good thing I don’t have to!

The past 6 or so weekends have been busy.  Plus each weekend it seemed that our big event was on Sunday, which is normally my “errand and get ready for the week” day.  So it had been almost a month since we had done a real Sunday grocery shopping trip.  Thankfully we fixed that last weekend.

In our attempt to get back to healthy eating of real foods, we decided to focus on a protein, a veggie, and a grain for each meal.  So really we just loaded up on the above items.

We went to Trader Joe’s (of course).  I know there are a few articles out there saying bad things about TJs but I’m still a fan.  We went a little nutty in the frozen fish department.  Their fish is pretty reasonably priced (per DJ, I don’t really know that stuff).  So we picked up some plain fillets as well as a few of their seasoned options.

For dinner last night I made the Whitefish Vera Cruz (Totally just typed “crazy” instead of cruz.  Wonder what that means?).


From the TJs website: Modeled on the flavors of the Southeastern Mexican city of Veracruz, this is a fillet of swai, a mild, flaky white fish with a subtle, buttery flavor. It’s marinated in a blend of olive oil, tomatoes, green olives, chiles, onions and capers.

We liked it.  It’s a bit spicy and can be a little heavy on the olives, but for the price, I’d say it’s a great quick way to get in a fish dish during a busy week.

Moving on…

I feel so badly that the whole reason I started this blog was to share music and now it’s the one thing I’ve not been doing.  So today I Googled how to take a screen shot of my phone so I could share a couple of spotify playlists with you.

Granted, it’s not perfect, but it’s not terrible and it will give you an idea of some of the tunes I’ve been using.

Enjoy…. or ignore.  Your call. 🙂

3 1 2


Have a great weekend!!!

A doozy of a day

Yesterday was quite a day.

Work has been super super busy, plus as I may have eluded to, I’ve been having some coworker issues.  The latest issues with her are that she hasn’t show up for work at all this week.  The writing was on the wall and as of yesterday, she was officially terminated (not that she was at work to find out).  So unfortunately this just means more work for me.

Pair that with some frustrating relationships with suppliers and lots of other issues and yesterday beat me down.

Thankfully I had packed a gym bag in the morning and given DJ a heads up that I was going to hit the gym after work.

5pm came and I was annoyed and in a lousy mood.  I wanted to go home, put on comfy clothes and be lazy, but instead I went to the gym.  It was SO worth it.  I knew it would be, which is why I forced myself to go.

I was only there for about an hour, which was perfect, but I was a much happier soul when I left.  And something is without a doubt better than nothing!

Since my free time is at a premium, it’s my goal to keep my workouts short and efficient, which is do-able.  yesterday I did about 25 minutes of intervals on the treadmill and then various upper/lower body exercises.  It was perfect.

But enough about my first workout in a gazillion years…

Thanks to Fitness magazine, i was introduced to a new snack that I’m loving.  It’s prepackaged so it’s a convenience food, but for those times when you need a sweet treat, it’s perfect!


They’re small, but that’s OK.  They’re big enough and I’m loving the flavor and the texture.

In the past I was obsessed with the Fiber One granola bars, that was until I realized that they gave me pretty bad gas (TMI???).  So far these don’t seem to be having that effect, although since I tend to eat them and go to bed shortly thereafter, it may not be the best test.  I have one in my drawer at work though, so I can provide an update down the line. 🙂

And last….I owe my few spinner friends music.  Since my work computer was stolen, I’m on a loaner.  The loaner doesn’t give me admin rights so I can’t download any of my photo programs which means I can’t edit any screen shots.  Yes, I suppose I could just type the songs up, but that’s time consuming.

So, music will be coming.  When I have some extra time at night I’ll throw up a post with a whole bunch of rides.  I promise.

Have a great Thursday!  Who else is ready for the weekend???

Guide Dog Foundation Second Sight Bikeathon

Better late than never.

As I mentioned, on Sunday, September 29th, DJ and I did a 32 mile bike ride on the north shore of Long Island to benefit the Guide Dog Foundation.

Going into it I was a bit nervous as I hadn’t been on my bike in months.  Yes, I do spin twice a week, and while it helps, it’s definitely not the same.  In the weeks leading up to the ride I had also just been feeling eh overall.  I was tired all the time and just couldn’t seem to find the energy to do much of anything.

I was quite happy when my spin class on Saturday (before the ride) felt good.  I felt like my energy levels and cardiovascular stamina were finally back.  So leaving class on Saturday, I was encouraged and a bit more optimistic about the ride.

The start time for the 32 miler was 9:30a, but since we live a bit of a ways away, we had to make a 7:30a ferry, which meant leaving the house by 7.  We were running late and it was touch and go, but thankfully we made it.

ferry morning car coffee

I love the ferry.  On a nice day it’s a great way to get from CT to Long Island.  Unfortunately taking a car on it is quite pricey, but sometimes you’ve just got to do it.

We got to the ride and checked in.  Then we parked the car and suited up.  Of course I go to hop on my bike and the seat is insanely high and we don’t have any tools.  Figures.  Thankfully we found another rider with an allen wrench and the situation was remedied.

We got to the start a couple minutes after the 9:30a/32 mile group had left, so we rushed a bit to catch up.  DJ is all about speed and i’m admittedly slow, so he sped up to the front of the group and I brought up the rear.

My personal victory was that on the longer hills I passed almost everyone and ended up at the front.  Of course as soon as we were flat or on the downhill, I ended up back in the rear.  Climbing is my strength, speed is not.  But it felt good to be good at something.

DJ stayed with the group until the first rest stop and then took off on his own as we were too slow for him.  Having not ridden in a while, I was more than happy to stay with the group.

The first stop was around mile 14 and at that point I felt great.  It was a nondescript stop in a parking lot with snacks and drinks.

The second rest stop is at a very north point on the island.  I’d say it was at mile 22 or so.  It’s beautiful!

ugly me bike down rest stop view


I took a self photo at this stop.  I look dumb in a helmet.  So many people look all hard-core biker.  I just look silly.  I have a big head and I blame that. 🙂

After the second rest stop we were in the home stretch, only about 10 miles to go.  Of course of this last stretch, i’d say about 70% of it was uphill, including one or two quite tough hills.  At this point I was pretty tired.  But I persevered and finished.  Hooray!

By the end of the ride I was totally spent!  To review the ride, I’d say I felt great for the first 15, good for the next 12, and then so-so/tired for the last 5.  Not too bad for someone who hadn’t done any riding in ages.

After the ride we packed up the car and headed back towards the ferry.  But first we made a stop at John Harvard’s for some pumpkin beer.  When I lived on Long Island, this was our go-to spot each fall.  While I don’t care for pumpkin, I do like a good pumpkin beer.


This hit the spot like you would not believe.  They serve it with a cinnamon/sugar rim.  The ideal sip (for me) has a bit of the sugar and a nice swig of beer.  It was so good and because it was football Sunday, it was only $3!  🙂

From there we headed to Port Jefferson (where the ferry is) and parked the car.  We planned to watch the rest of the Giants game and hang out for a bit before heading home.  Well, the Giants played so horribly that we left the bar, picked up a pizza, and made an earlier ferry.

I don’t think it’s possible for me to ride the ferry without taking a photo.

end of day


It was a wonderful day but I was happy to be home sitting on the couch and relaxing.  And then it was time for Homeland.  Great end to a wonderful day!