What would you do?

So apparently the shoe tape dispenser is way more common than I knew of. ¬†First thing this morning my aunt sent me a text of a black stilleto dispenser! ūüôā ¬†Yesterday Maria commented that she had a red closed toe version. ¬†Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock! ¬†Who knew?

On my drive to work this morning, one of the radio stations posed a very interesting question…

If you worked in a small office, let’s say 13 people, and 12 of those people chipped in to buy a lotto ticket. ¬†That lotto ticket won $1M. ¬†Would you share the winnings with the 13th person who didn’t buy?

What’s your gut instinct?

My gut says no. ¬†But then my conscience kicks in and I go to yes/maybe. ¬†Divided by 12 it’s about $83k per person. ¬†Divided by 13 it’s about $76k.

It seemed like most of the people on the radio were saying that they would share the money. ¬†Actually, most men said they would share, while most females said they¬†wouldn’t. ¬†Oops!

I guess this is based on an actual situation. ¬†Here’s the article. ¬†I’d love to hear your thoughts.

So, i’m super duper glad that today is Friday! ¬†Like words can’t even explain how happy. ¬†This has been a rough week for me; long and lackluster. ¬†My energy level has been sub par all week, but now it’s almost done.

We hit up boxing this morning and my energy level there was still just eh.  But we were there and we sweated, so it was worth it.

This weekend i’m teaching and then off to the car show.

Have a lovely weekend (and a happy Easter)!


Thursday trip to Target

Happy Thursday!

I probably shouldn’t put this in writing, but work is sloooooow and weird. ¬†With all the changes going up in the air, it seems that some people are sort of just left to float along until things are official and we find out what is going to happen to us. ¬†It’s horrible!

Given how slow things are, I ventured to Target at lunch.  I had to return something but then I took my time and picked up a few random items.

First, something I didn’t buy. ¬†It made me laugh to even see this among the rest of the tape dispensers.



Do you think they sell a lot of these? ¬†I don’t. ¬†It’s SCOTCH brand. ¬†So weird.

I also bought these.



Because I’m going to make another recipe off one of my favorite sites, With Sprinkles on Top. (that link will take you right to the Cadbury Mini Eggs Blondies recipe.)

Then this….

green glitter  index

That would be a green glitter photo album and neon (can’t tell from the photo) index cards.

For months now (maybe years), I’ve struggled with how to organize my spin rides. ¬† When I first started teaching, I was using only CDs so it was simple enough to put a ride outline in with a CD my handy dandy CD case (which I still have). ¬†Presently I have a big old pile of rides, many of which I no longer use. ¬†Therefore I thought it was in my best interest to try to get organized.

I’m kind of excited about this (perhaps I have issues) and hope it’s successful. ¬†If nothing else, it will be pretty. ūüôā

I also bought these to share with my coworkers.


The cream inside is yellow and I have to say that it really resembles an egg yolk (in appearance, definitely not taste).  I love oreos!

So tell me how you keep things organized?  Workouts?  Spin rides?  Recipes?  (anything you have a lot of)


It was full!!

Good morning!  Happy Wednesday!

So I’m excited to say that class last night was FULL! ¬†When class started we had two open bikes, one girl came in a little late, so we had one. ¬†I commented that we get so close to full, but never full and then in walked another girl. ¬†I think I shouted something along the lines of “wooohooo, we’re full” and the class cheered.

I know it sounds silly, but as I’ve said before, the night classes at this gym run hot and cold and to my knowledge a spin class has rarely, if ever, been full. ¬†Hooray!

I was looking to use a recent playlist but couldn’t find the ride, so I went with a solid standby that can be somewhat miserable. ¬†Hill repeats. ¬†I think I got this years ago from Annette (not sure if you still read this, but thanks again!).

Hill Repeats 2


The only difference is that at some point I swapped in Troublemaker by Olly Murs for Liar and instead used Liar as the first recovery song.

While I did write up how I broke up the hills, this is old and I change that piece every time I do the ride. ¬†For last night, the first hill was half seated, half standing. ¬†The second was all standing, and the third was half standing, half seated. ¬†This ride kicked my butt! ¬†ūüôā

Unfortunately I’ve still been having stomach issues so I wasn’t batting a thousand, but I did what I could. ¬†Stomach issues = extremely frustrating.

To end the post but stay on the topic of music, here are my latest three Shazams.

Mirrors – Justin Timberlake

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark – Fall Out Boy

Missing You – The Black Eyed Peas

Any song recommendations?

A child of the 80s

No music to post today as aside from lifting a fork to my mouth, I did nothing physical yesterday. ¬†But that’s OK.

While I was home yesterday, my sister and cousin and I reminisced a bit about shows/movies we LOVED when we were younger.

If you were not a child of the 80s you may think these were bizarre or even scary.

A couple of examples…

Fairie Tale Theater with Shelly Long

fairie frog
The frog was actually Robin Williams. This was the Frog Prince.
fairie radish
I can’t remember which this was, but she was pregnant and craving radishes.
A couple scene shots from various movies.


Hugga Bunch – a movie (we think) where the main character goes through the mirror to be with her toys.

This is when the toy first comes through the mirror.


Have I scared you yet?  Anyone remember these???

After dinner we reminisced a bit by looking at wedding and bat mitzvah albums.  Also very entertaining!

I have a picture of me from my bat mitzvah (early 90s), but it’s in a text and I can’t upload it. ¬†Hopefully I’ll get it via email soon and I can share it with you. ¬†You will laugh, I guarantee it.

Looking at old pictures is so fun!

So tell me, what’s your favorite 80s or early 90s memory?

I’m being lazy

I’m being lazy because I could just run out to my car, grab my ipod, and post my latest ride, but instead I’m sitting here just thinking about running outside.

It’s gray/rainy and cold. ¬†So here I sit. ¬†OK, I motivated. ¬†I’m not that lazy.

spin - oct 12 12 2

This was a revision of a previous ride.  I was happy with how it turned out and was told that it went quickly, which is always good.  Loving #thatPOWER right now!

I’m at my parent’s house as tonight is the first night of¬†Passover¬† ¬†I’m working from home today and will drive back to CT after dinner.

My weekend was very nice, although somewhat uneventful from a social perspective. ¬†Both Friday and Saturday night I was in bed by 10pm and I loved it! ¬†DJ was away with his paintball crew, so it was just me and the Minnie. ¬†I love alone time and really appreciate it since it’s become more scarce. ¬†On Saturday night I watched Hotel Transylvania (don’t laugh). ¬†It was just OK.

Saturday morning class was good, aside from a slight stomach-pain issue. ¬†After class I hung around a bit to do some upper body work. One of the trainers was free, so he offered to work with me, which was great. ¬†I didn’t have a ton of time but we did about six different exercises and I definitely felt it later that day and on Sunday.

Sunday morning I was up early for a 9a boxing class. ¬†This was my first time going to a class without DJ. ¬†It was fine, I knew it would be, it was just different. ¬†It was mainly men which I always find entertaining. ¬†Men in groups at gyms can be very fun to watch. ¬†The class was good. ¬†We didn’t spend as much time on the bag as in other classes, but it was still really tough as it had more of a boot-camp feel. ¬†Nothing like ending a class with sprints and then 20 burpees. ¬†Ugh.

I’m sore today and I love it.

How were your weekends?  Do you or have you worked out with a trainer?

Ah ha! and randoms

I think I mentioned briefly yesterday that I had a hard time sleeping (and staying asleep) on Thursday night.  As a side note, I consider myself an excellent sleeper and the only thing that messes with that is a) extreme stress or b) sleeping in too late or napping during the day.  On Thursday I had done neither, so I was stumped.

The only thing I did differently was to have some diet soda at dinner. ¬†The caffeine in soda doesn’t bother me, so I didn’t think much of it. ¬†Until yesterday when DJ mentioned that he thought that Pepsi Max (what I drank) was¬†caffeine¬†free. ¬†I didn’t believe this, so to the interwebs I went to prove him wrong. ¬†(It’s what I do.)

Turns out that Pepsi Max is a little different. ¬†Per Wikipedia….¬†the US drink’s ingredient label mentions¬†ginseng, and that drink contains nearly twice as much caffeine as Diet Pepsi (46¬†mg vs. 24¬†mg per 8 fl oz).

My ah ha moment!

And now the randoms…

  • I like House music. ¬†I did not know that. ¬†In my attempt to find a¬†Pandora¬†station that I enjoyed, I tried many genres and finally found the House station. ¬†I think I started laughing when I realized that I liked it. ¬†Who knew?
  • Being a character at¬†Disney¬†would probably be the WORST job for me. ¬†Ever. ¬†As someone who is eh about kids, I can’t imagine stranger’s children coming up to hug me all day. ¬†Scary.
  • My plans for the weekend mainly fell through and I am actually quite excited to have some me-time with no obligations.
  • I LOVE Fridays. ¬†As if you didn’t know.
  • I’m going to try buying Minnie an antler. ¬†Deal here. ¬†Apparently they’re really good for dogs and last longer than other chew things.
  • My sister is coming up to visit on Sunday and then I’ll see her again on Monday as I’m headed to my parents house for passover.

That’s all over here. ¬†Have a lovely Friday and a great weekend!!!

Someone is ready to go home

Who can it be?

I’m having a tired day. ¬†I had a meeting today at 11, which ended at 11:20a. ¬†For some reason, when I walked back to my desk I was sure it was 3pm. ¬†Imagine¬†my disappointment. ¬†What was weird though, is that I didn’t even take in to account the fact that I hadn’t eaten lunch. ¬†So the day has been disappointing ever since. ūüôā

We hit a 6a boxing class this morning. ¬†I slept just so-so and while I was definitely awake, I really didn’t want to get out of bed. ¬†But I did. ¬†And of course it was worth it. ¬†It’s so nice to have your workout done before work. ¬†It really is.

Most days an early workout gives me energy, for some reason that’s not happening today. ¬†Oh well, I will survive.

Class this morning was fun. ¬†I almost wanted to call it rhythmic boxing because the cadence with which we punched was matched to the beat of a song. ¬†This was possibly a bit more cardio focused and less true boxing, but that’s OK. ¬†I enjoyed it.

I don’t have a ton of things going on so I will keep this short and end with my favorite video ever, for a good laugh on a Thursday.

The Landlord¬†(it wouldn’t let me embed the video)

Do you have a favorite funny video?

A few spin things

Before I continue with this post, I want just wanted to call out a couple of things about when I post my spin-rides.

Since I believe the majority of readers are not spin instructors, I try to keep the focus more on the music and less on the details of what I do for each song. ¬†This is why my descriptions are usually pretty vague. ¬†In addition, I often times go by the vibe and mood of the class I’m teaching. ¬†If they seem like they’re coasting by as a result of being seated, I’ll make them stand, etc. ¬†If any instructors are looking for more detail on my rides, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll gladly share/elaborate. (or explain any odd terminology like “pick-ups”) ūüôā

I am a by the book Spinning instructor and I don’t do anything that is termed as “contraindicated”. ¬†Therefore you will not find hovers, figure 8s,¬†push-ups¬†or any sort of weight baring activity on the bike. ¬†While some people may feel that this makes a class boring, I disagree and invite you to talk to anyone who takes my class.

I love teaching spin. ¬†When I teach a class it is one of the few times during the week when I’m truly happy with what I’m doing. ¬†I’d like to one day find a “real” job that gives me the same joy as instructing.

That said, here’s the ride from last night.

spin - april 45


My apologies if that is really hard to read. ¬†I was trying to get creative with the colors. ¬†Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. ūüôā

Class was great! ¬†I’ve been teaching this class for about 6 months or so and like most classes, it started slow and I was happy when I had 8 people and ecstatic when it hit 15. ¬†For the past two weeks we had 19 and I was thrilled. ¬†Last night we had 21. ¬†Crazy! ¬†There are 22 bikes, so we only had one open bike. ¬†I was blown away. ¬†So exciting! ¬†I honestly didn’t think it was possible to draw such a crowd to a night class at this gym. ¬†Guess I was wrong. ¬†Of course we’ll see how it holds as the weather improves.

Normally we hit up boxing on Wednesday mornings but they switched up the instructors so we weren’t feeling it. ¬†Plus we watched Zero Dark Thirty last night (or rather I watched part of it and then called it a night while DJ finished it). ¬†I will finish it another time but it was 11p and I was TIRED. ¬†A 5a¬†wake-up¬†was not in my future. ¬†It was hard enough to wake up at 6:30a when the alarm went off. ¬†Let me tell you it is HARD to wake up to go to a job that stinks.

Now it’s Wednesday and the first day of spring!


‘Tis Tuesday

My apologies for not posting my weekend ride sooner.

Here it is.

Spin - march 14I know it’s a little obnoxious, but I was¬†channeling¬†an Easter egg in hopes of some Spring weather making it’s way to the NE. ¬†Soon I hope!

The ride above has a couple of “Irish” songs in honor of St. Pat’s day, but really, other than the last song, they’re not blatantly Irish and therefore I plan to use this ride again, I’ll just swap out the last song. ¬†As usual, my descriptions are pretty vague, so if anyone has questions, please let me know.

Quite a few of my Shazam songs are on this ride and it’s rather current (Top 40), but it was great and the riders loved it.

My Monday was pretty uneventful. ¬†I seem to be fighting off a little cold so my motivation was low and I went straight home after work to relax. ¬†Minnie’s friend Kali (our chocolate lab neighbor) was outside, so they got to play a bit. ¬†I was very happy that she got tired out without me having to take her on a tour of the neighborhood.

It snowed last night which was pretty but then turned into rain and by this morning the roads were for the most part just fine.

The work days have really been a struggle though. ¬†Since learning that we were being acquired there’s a lot of the unknown which has resulted in a decline in the morale. ¬†It’s very hard to deal with and it makes coming to work tough. ¬†Part of me just wants to book a trip for next week to somewhere warm. ¬†Nothing like leaving all your issues behind. ūüôā

Yesterday, after much thought, I made a difficult decision and decided not to partake in Spin Odyssey this year. ¬†This was a tough one. ¬†If you’re new to my blog you may not have heard me sing the praises of this event. ¬†It’s essentially a spin-a-thon which raises money for Breast Cancer research via the American Cancer Society. ¬†It’s a powerful event and we raise a great amount of money. ¬†Last year we raised over $350K! ¬†See my recap here.

I’ve participated in this event for the past three years and was given the honor of presenting (teaching) for an hour last year. ¬†Unfortunately there were quite a few behind the scenes things that left a bad taste in my mouth. ¬†Add to that the uncertainty going on with me right now, as well as the time-commitment¬†required¬† and I just felt that I couldn’t commit myself to such an obligation.

As other bloggers have mentioned, it can be very hard to say not to things. ¬†However once the shock has worn off, we’re typically glad we did. ¬†I’m still in the shock phase but know that I made the right decision for me, and sometimes that is what matters most.

At least that removed one thing from my mind. ¬†Now to deal with the others…

Looking forward to class tonight and hopefully being able to take some frustrations out on the bike.

Hope you’re having wonderful days!!



Weekend recap

Good morning and happy Monday!

Anyone else feeling a bit groggy this AM? ¬†I probably did have a bit too much fun on St. Pat’s day, but I also went to bed early, so I should be bright eyed and bushy tailed. ¬†Should be.

I’ll start with Sunday and rewind a bit.

Sunday was St. Pat’s day and we had planned to live it up and go out early in order to be home at a reasonable time. ¬†We planned for 9:30a but got to the bar around 11a. ¬†Our neighbor was nice enough to drop us off and pick us up. ¬†(We have the best neighbors!).

I didn’t bring my camera but did manage to find some pictures on facebook. ¬†I was wearing a green fuzzy headband thingy which made finding me a bit easier. ¬†I even managed to sort of find myself in these pictures.

I had never been to a St. Pat’s celebration at this bar but it is HUGE. ¬†They have a large parking lot out back which they use for a bar, a stage, food, bathrooms, etc. ¬†It’s actually quite impressive. ¬†However what impressed me, the old lady, most, was that everyone seemed to be nice and I did not get annoyed. ¬†That is rare.

oneills oneills2 oneills3

We called it a day somewhere around 4:30p which was perfect. ¬†It gave us enough time to relax and eat before having to call it a night. ¬†DJ and I don’t always do things like this enough, so it was great. ¬†And thankfully I feel fine today ūüôā

Saturday night we had about 7 people over for pizza which of course was delicious.

Of course we had the usual cheese, sausage and cheese, and margharita, but chef DJ also tried two new pies using meat from an awesome local butcher.

The first was based around a lamb sasusage that they sell called the Rockin’ Moroccan.







The second was a take on the most amazing burger we had a couple of weeks ago and used dry aged ground beef, bacon, and gouda.  This was one of those pies that you almost needed a fork and knife for.

pizza5 pizza6


I don’t eat lamb so I didn’t partake in that pie, but from what everyone was saying it was incredibly delicious. ¬†While I’m currently trying not to eat red meat, I did have to try the cheese burger pie and it was quite tasty!

Rewinding to Saturday morning, class was great.  I put together a new ride and will post it later today (once I grab my ipod from the car).

Friday night i hit up a few stores in search of my green outfit for Sunday and then grabbed takeout sushi.

And that my friends, was my weekend. ¬†Too bad it’s over.

I hope you have lovely weekends!