Day 1 – Check

I successfully ran last night.  Hoooray!  It wasn’t my best ever, but I did it.

I headed to the gym after work.  After changing, i was disappointed to see that my usual treadmill was taken (as were all the similar treadmills).  This gym gets pretty crowded, so I figured I’d just hop on whatever was open.

It was a different model in the middle of all the treadmills, which was OK, it just meant that my view wasn’t of the meatheads who usually entertain me so.


But, thankfully, I survived, although it wasn’t nearly as entertaining to watch people on the elliptical machines.

I got in just over 4 miles.  I took a brief break after each mile.  For miles 3 and 4 I played around with incline, which I’ve never done before.  I did some intervals at 1%, 2%, 3%, and even 4%.  It definitely helped pass the time and make things more interesting.  I’ll definitely do it again, especially since I actually like hills.

The best part was when it was done.  I was happy that I managed 4 miles.  Day 1 back on the wagon, check!

Tonight is spin and I also just agreed to sub a spin class tomorrow morning, hello cardio!  May also try to get a little running in, but we’ll see how things play out.

Baby steps.  🙂

Do you like to people watch at the gym?  Strangest thing you’ve ever seen?

I people watch like crazy.  One time I saw a woman walking on the treadmill (in street clothes) but also eating yogurt.  Who doesn’t love a good yogurt while walking?

I also saw a woman in the locker room who had just showered. She was soaking wet and drying herself with paper towels.  This was especially odd because the gym provides towels.  Also saw a woman dying her hair in the locker room.  Love those locker room stories!


I suck

Kind of a strong subject line, but that’s OK.  I kinda do right now…at least when it comes to running.

My motivation is non-existent.  I don’t want to run, I don’t want to cycle.  I want to sleep in and be lazy.  Great.  Especially great since my half is 3 weeks away.  Nice.

I’ve spent some time trying to figure out why my motivation is so bad.  I’ve had a lot of thoughts.  Maybe I really don’t like running.  Maybe it’s the weather.  I don’t know.  I think I like running, but if I really liked it, wouldn’t I want to do it all the time?  It’s winter which is tougher, but if it were warm out, would I be raring to go?  It was warm this weekend and I still didn’t want to run.  Am I forcing something?  Getting up early on the weekends (and weekdays) is harder than it’s ever been, so I’m trying to figure out why that is as well.  Ugh.


But I do know that it’s not worth totally beating myself up over.  That’s not my style.  I’m stubborn as anything and I do what I want because I want to and I deal with the consequences.  If that means I have the worst ever half, then I will deal with it and hopefully learn from it.

OK, got that off my chest.  My plan is to try to pick up the pieces starting tonight.  Nothing crazy, but hopefully 3-5 miles on the treadmill can happen almost every day.  Fingers crossed!

And so we’re at another Monday.  Yesterday I commented that I thought it was Saturday and when I was told it was Sunday I was sooooo upset.  That’s the worst.

It was a good weekend though.


Is anyone out there into essential oils?  I actually learned a bit about them when I was in St. Thomas over Christmas.  Friday night I went to an essential oils “class” where people made a bunch of different products using essential oils and other natural stuff.  One of the things they made was an all-natural alternative to Vicks Vaporub.  I was just a spectator since I haven’t officially bought in to the whole thing, but it was interesting…and social. 🙂


I had to go to the library to pick up my book club book:  The Invention of Wings.  While there I also picked up the Skinnytaste Cookbook since the chicken marsala was quite good.

My other half was gifted a cheese making kit for his birthday.  We had dinner plans at a friend’s house so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make homemade mozzarella.  Let’s just say we tried.  We didn’t get any curd 😦  (little miss muffet would not have been happy).  In hindsight it may be due to the Lactaid milk that we used, but who knows.  So he ran off to an italian shop and bought the curds, which is essentially half of the work.  So we still kind of made cheese to bring.  But it took a looooong time!


Last week we got this great idea that I should make french macarons.  I like to bake and am always up for a challenge (as long as a candy thermometer isn’t involved).  It didn’t work out last week, but I had some extra time on Sunday (while the other half made a BBQ feast).

Here are some photos:

They look (kind of) like macarons, so that’s good.  But boy were they a huge pain in the butt.  Mix, let sit, pipe, let sit.  A lot of sitting.

If you’re curious, this is the recipe I used.  It had lots of helpful hints, but in the end the dough was REALLY sweet, which made it hard to find a filling that wasn’t also too sweet.  After a bunch of trial and error I went with PB&J, which helped buffer the sweetness.

The verdict?  I will probably never make these again.  🙂

They’re not easy and very finicky, but to me they didn’t taste good enough to warrant the time and effort.  Oh well, I tried.

That was the bulk of my weekend.  Ending with a shot of my favorite mush.  Thanks to the warmer weather she finally got some much needed exercise.


Questions for you…

How do you deal with a lack of motivation?

Do you use essential oils?  How?

Are you in a book club?  Do you like to read?  Favorite book?

Macaron fan?

Loving Friday (as usual)

It’s been a quiet blogging week for me.  Stuff’s just been busy.  It happens.

Here’s what I’m loving this week.


I had the day off on Wednesday.  Because…

Yes, we went to see Live with Kelly and Michael.  This is clearly a perk of living in the NYC area.

A few years ago I miraculously got tickets, but couldn’t go.  At that time you had to essentially enter into a lottery and then they’d randomly mail you tickets.  Unfortunately they’d do that about a week in advance of the show.  I was new at my job then and couldn’t just take a day off, so we never went.  (I even got tickets to the Halloween show, arg!)  Now the process is better and you actually have some control.

I went with my mother and sister and we got there at 7:15 as they instructed and headed to the way back of the line.  We ended up waiting outside for about an hour and fifteen minutes and couldn’t feel our feet by the time we went inside.  We ended up with lousy seats but still had a great time and plan to go back.

From there we hit up another favorite spot…


Levain Bakery.  Yummm!  If you’ve never heard of them, google them.  While they are a full bakery, I say just go for the cookies.  Do it!  Yes, they are $4 a piece, but it’s worth it.  If you get them, try to wait to eat them until you’re home and then zap them in the micro for 30 seconds.  You can thank me later.  🙂

Then we went to lunch at Jacob’s Pickles, another great spot.  We of course started with some pickles.


Pickled carrots, green beans, tomatoes, and dills.  I’m not a huge pickle person, but they were good.  I really don’t like carrots, but I figured I’d try them pickled and hope for the best.  Unfortunately I still don’t like carrots.  🙂

I had the Honey Chicken and Pickles sandwich, on a biscuit (of course) and served with (incredibly) cheesy grits.  I tried to take a picture of this sandwich but it was so massive it just didn’t work.  It was. SO. GOOD.  So unhealthy and delicious!!

From there we headed towards Central Park to do some walking and then finished out the day.  By that point I had started to feel my 4am wakeup.  (Alarm was set for 4:45 but my most favorite dog needed the bathroom at 4.  Thanks Minnie!)

Music I’m Enjoying

Joey Alexander – He’s a jazz musician at the whopping age of 12.  He was featured on 60 Minutes a few months ago and then performed at the Grammy’s on Monday.  I like to listen to jazz at work and he’s been my go-to ever since learning of him.

Cake By the Ocean by DNCE – This is a weird one for me.  I like this song but part of me doesn’t like that I like it.  I debuted it in a spin class on Tuesday and actually thought that it worked really well for class.  It reminds me of the Scissor Sisters for some reason.  Going to check out the rest of the album.

Sugar by Robin Schulz – I love the original of this song and am totally feeling this version.  It makes me happy and makes me want to dance (or bop).


Healthy Chicken Marsala – I was tasked with dinner yesterday and was told I should find a healthy chicken marsala recipe.  Found this recipe on the interwebs and while we did tweak it a bit, it was quite good as is.  It’s from a cookbook called The Skinny Taste Cookbook which I’m going to check out.

So that’s about it here.  I got an email that the half-marathon is one month away.  Yikes!  I’m nervous but i’ve also changed how i’m mentally approaching the half.  Originally my plan was to train hard and have a great race.  Given the health issues I’ve been dealing with, I’m now considering it more of a training run.  If it goes well, great, if not, it’s just to prepare me for the Fairfield Half, which is in late June (and I need to sign up for).

Have a lovely weekend!

Any songs you’re currently loving?  

Have you ever been to a live or pre-recorded TV taping?  Not proud of these, but I’ve also been to Springer and the Steve Wilkos show, as well as the Daily Show when Jon Stewart was hosting.

Another weekend down

Why oh why do the weekends have to go by so quickly?  Or rather, why does it always feel like that on Sunday night or Monday morning?

It was a nice weekend though.

Friday night we didn’t feel up for doing much, so we had some homemade pasta (gifted to me, we didn’t make it) and sauce and started watching the Wire.  Only about 13 years late 🙂  My other half and I don’t have the same taste in TV, so it’s rare to find something we both have interest in watching.  I’m looking forward to watching the Wire together.  The real issue is that he tends to go on crazy binge-watching sprees and I don’t.  So hopefully he can keep it in check.

Saturday I spent the whole day at the gym.  Well, not really, but kind of.  Temp was cold and while my running group did meet, I had made the decision to table the outdoor runs for a bit to try and permanently get rid of this cough/cold.  We’re both training for the same half, but with different plans.  But coincidentally we both had 10 miles on the calendar, so off to the gym we went.  We went to his gym instead of mine and he convinced me to run on this.


This is a Woodway treadmill.  Apparently these are supposed to be more like running outside.  The easiest difference to spot is the slatted belt, verses the continuous style of most traditional treadmills.

From the moment I started running, it felt harder. I’ve spent a decent amount of time on treadmills so I know what pace to run at.  On this one, I had to run slower (like the slowest I’ve ever run on a treadmill).  But I kept at it and figured that 10 slow miles is the same as 10 slightly faster miles.

Doing a long run inside is just so different.  I found that I had to pee way more than usual, which is odd.  I also had to take a few quick breaks to stretch.

I hated this treadmill from the start and ended up only lasting for about 5.4 miles on it.  I felt the vibrations of the machine way more than other treadmills and that really bothered my feet.  I also didn’t like how large the console was because I like to look out ahead of me and people watch.  By the time I hit 5+, I needed a change.  I hopped off and headed to another treadmill to complete the remaining 4.6.

During that first 5 I experimented with watching TV instead of listening to music.  Top Chef was on and it was an episode I hadn’t seen.  I thought it was the perfect opportunity to watch it and run.  Thing is, watching TV doesn’t motivate me to keep going like music does.  At all.  I had to slow down even more.  I made it through about half of an episode and then decided I needed to go back to music.

I’m not going to completely give up on watching TV/Netflix, but I do think music is more my thing.

So after what felt like a gazillion hours, the run was over.  While not pretty, I did it!

From there I went home to shower before a hair color appointment.  For dinner we hit up a yummy pizza place and then called it a night because it was ridiculously cold out there.  While not good for business, the cold was good for us because we were able to get into what is usually a packed restaurant without a wait.

Sunday it was off to NY to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday with the family.  It was nice to see everyone and catch up.  After the family time I ended up getting back to CT around 6, so just in time to relax.  The other half watched the Walking Dead and I went upstairs to watch TV in bed.  (I can’t stand TWD!)

This should be an uneventful week.  Although on Wednesday I’m going to see Live with Kelly & Michael, so that should be fun!

Hoping it’s a normal and healthy week for me.  Fingers crossed!

So am I alone in the music thing?  Maybe running with TV will get better/easier over time?

Did anyone catch Sting’s performance on the NBA All Star Game?

Have you ever run on a Woodway?

I love you Friday!

I’m of course so glad it’s Friday, but it’s a little bittersweet because my boss has been out most of the week and next week he’ll be back.  Booo!

I’ve been a little quieter on the blog front this week.  I’ve spent a little time thinking things through and dealing with this persistent cold/cough.  After much thought, I decided to table the outdoor running for a bit as well as take some more time to rest.

I’m having a really hard time kicking this cough and then I start to feel better so I resume my normal activity (and running outside) and then it comes right back.  I’m kind of at a loss for what to do, so I’m going to give this a try.

I do feel a bit like a wimp since almost everything I’ve read says it’s OK to run outside with a cold, but maybe that just isn’t the case for me.  Everyone is different and what works for one person might not work for another.

I’ve really been enjoying the outdoor runs and running with the group, but I think I need to focus a bit on getting healthy.  I’ll get back to everything as soon as I can.

I’m no doubt a bit conflicted by this, but I just need to deal with it I guess 🙂

That aside.  I have a 10 mile run on the calendar for tomorrow.  Here’s the forecast:

sat weather.JPG

So quite honestly, even if I wasn’t sick, I still would have chosen to take this run inside.  A real-feel temp of 1??????  Yeah right!

So provided that I’m feeling OK tomorrow, I’m going to head to the gym to attempt a 10 miler on the treadmill.  Yay!  I will try to do as much of it at once as possible, but my backup plan is to split it up into two 5 milers, which seems more do-able.

After that I have a hair color appointment (hooray!).

So things I’m digging today?  Sure as hell not the weather!

Peanut Butter and Jelly


I seriously LOVE PB&J.  I could probably exist on a diet of just PB&J sandwiches.  For real.

This Video

I know it’s a little late, but it’s still funny.



I love flannel.  I just might wear flannel every Friday.  But it’s not on purpose.  Or maybe it is.

This Face



It’s been a simple week here.  And now I’m ready for the weekend!

Have a great one!

I’m allergic to winter

It’s official.  The winter makes me sick.  Actually sick.

After my two week cold/cough, I was happy to be feeling better and had a whole 2 weeks of that.  Hooray.


Then my throat started to hurt a bit in the mornings and at night.  Then on Super Bowl Sunday it stuck around all day.

Monday at work I thought I felt a cold coming on.  When I couldn’t stop sneezing on the drive home I decided to stop and pick up some meds.  I was going to fight this cold and if I couldn’t win, at least I could medicate and hide the symptoms.

Monday night I popped some sudafed and took some Nyquil and was looking forward to my night of lovely medicated sleep.  Unfortunately my body had other plans.  Enter the dreaded stomach bug.

While definitely not the norovirus that I had read about on another blog, it was still about 8 hours of miserable-ness.  Too many trips to the bathroom and no sleep what so ever.


The next morning work was definitely not in the cards, so I took a sick day and spent most of the day resting and hoping that I wouldn’t get sick again.

The worst part was the fact that EVERYTHING hurt.  I managed to pull almost every muscle in my body.  Just walking the dog was miserable.  Ugh.

I had cancelled my spin class first thing in the morning.  I ended up not getting sick through the day, but my diet of sips of water and four crackers definitely wasn’t going to fuel me through a class…or much of anything for that matter.

But, I’m happy to say that aside from being completely sore, I’m better.  Still dealing with a cough/cold, but compared to the stomach bug, it’s incredibly manageable.

I’m going to take one more day to rest and then hope to get back to running tomorrow.  5 hill repeats.  Woohoo!!

Take care of yourself.  Germs are out there and they suck.

I truly consider myself a healthy person with the exception of my January/February sickness.  Ugh.

More snow Monday

I suppose I (we) shouldn’t complain about the weather since it has been a mild winter, but i’m not a fan of snow, and that’s pretty much all that’s in the forecast for this week.  Yuck!

I was actually somewhat pleasantly surprised to see that schools were open this morning, although I’ve since learned that they will have an early dismissal.  When I was a child all I ever wanted was a snow day and they were RARE.  Now it seems that even one flake results in a snow day.  Guess the children of the future will not be as well as educated as me and my peers. 🙂

How was the weekend?

Weekend here was good.  Sometimes I like doing a recap on here because otherwise I feel like I actually forget what I did.

I’m pretty sure I legitimately did nothing on Friday night, which is usually the case.  I planned to be up early for my group run, so it was early-ish to bed.

Saturday was supposed to be my group run, but when I woke up at 6:30 and it was 19 degrees I was concerned about ice and decided to push it to Sunday when it should be a little warmer.  My legs were also quite sore from Thursdays speed workout.  I attempted to go back to bed but really just rested.  I had a 11:30 chiropractor appointment and then a visit and lunch with a friend.  After that I had a little downtime and then spent some time with another friend to discuss a business idea (not mine).

We ended up renting Bridge of Spies on Saturday and keeping it low key since running was on the agenda for Sunday  morning.  In true Jessica fashion, I didn’t make it through the whole movie.

Sunday.  9 big miles on the schedule.  We got going a little later than planned (thank you Minnie for the 5a bathroom wakeup call).  It was tough.

Not even a mile in I was having shin pain.  I got to the top of a hill and on the downhill the shin pain was so bad on impact that I had to stop and stretch.  I then started again but unfortunately this happened a few times over the first 2-3 miles.  It sucked because it hurt but also because I haven’t had an issue like this in AGES.

Thankfully once I got past mile 3, the pain subsided enough to make running tolerable.  Still wasn’t feeling my best, but at least I was able to continue.  Once we made it to mile 4 I knew everything would be OK and I actually started to feel much better, even picking up my pace a bit.

Unfortunately my other half was struggling a bit so he needed to take a few more walking breaks and like the always supportive girlfriend I am (a little sarcasm there) I stopped and walked with him.  At that point it definitely wasn’t about pace, but just finishing.  Which we did!  And thanks to lousy planning, we finished at least a mile away from home, so we had a nice walk ahead of us.

After that my day became a bit of a sitcom. I showered and had something to eat but needed to go to the supermarket.  Do not go to the supermarket on super bowl Sunday if possible.  Avoid it.  Which I didn’t do.

I pull into the parking lot and it’s a zoo but I manage a decent parking spot.  I’m sitting in the car on the phone with my mother and the spot next to me becomes available.  So there’s a vacant spot and then the metal structure that holds the carts after you use them.  This car starts to pull into the spot, get’s about half way in and just stops, for several minutes.  So i’m intrigued.  I turn and see that it is a rather ancient couple driving a mid-sized SUV.  From intrigued I become concerned.  The woman is driving and she finally resumes her parking job by driving directly in to the metal cart structure.  She’s not phased and just keeps going, eventually getting into the spot.  Nice.

I look over and see the man in the passenger seat and know that there is no way he’s getting out of the car gently.  I guess he sees me at the same time and says something to his wife/lady friend, so now she’s backing up again.  She moves closer to the metal cart holder and parks.

He gets out of the car and throws his door into my car.  So I essentially hang up on my mom and fly out of my car.  I’m pissed of course, so I’m trying to explain to this man what happened and he can’t even speak.  Seriously, he’s attempting to mumble at me and touch me but he has no clue what’s going on.  He might not have even known he was in a parking lot.  Lady friend is no where to be found.  THANKFULLY and by some miracle, there’s no damage to my car.  But I can’t leave my car here because if they finish shopping first, it’s going to happen again.  So I move my car.

I go inside and do my shopping.  Get on the self-checkout line and go to pay and my card is declined.  What?  I know there’s money in the account.  I ask the cashier if he can cancel my sale and i’ll move my stuff aside while I call the bank.  As i’m calling the bank I realize that I grabbed my old ATM card (that hasn’t been active since November).  Ugh!  I ask the cashier to hold my stuff promising that i’ll be right back.  So now I have to go home.

A few other frustrating things happened during that whole experience, but that’s the highlight.  It was one of those days where I just thought I should go back to bed and start over again.  Thankfully once I went back and grabbed my groceries the rest of the day was pretty uneventful.

I managed to finish watching Bridge of Spies just before heading out to watch the game.  Verdict is that I liked the story but expected more from the movie given all the hype it got.

I made this corn casserole for the superbowl party which was so tasty (I was craving corn).  I didn’t win any money in any pools, but got to catch up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a bit, so it was nice.

And then the weekend was over 😦

So thank you for reading my book.  Sorry it was so wordy, I just needed to get everything out.

Here’s the tentative plan for the week:
Monday – easy run on the treadmill (this will depend on the weather and the fact that I seem to have a cough…again)
Tuesday – Spin
Wednesday – TBD
Thursdsay – Hill repeats
Friday – REST
Saturday – 10 miles (yikes!)

Holy crap, the half is in 6 weeks.

Have you seen Bridge of Spies?  What did you think?  Any other movies that are getting nominations?
I read the book Room but am hearing good things about the movie, although I have no interest in seeing it.

Flakey Friday!

Flake as in snowflakes.  Yup, it’s snowing here!  Right now I’d say maybe 5 inches or so, but who the heck knows.

But, it’s Friday, so I’m dealing with it.  Yay Friday!!  I think once again I’ll go with the things I’m loving theme, but first a recap from yesterdays run.

Last night had 5 miles on the schedule with Mile Repeats as the drill.  I missed the last Mile Repeats night because it was the bf’s bday so I did my own version on the treadmill, so this was my first one with the group.

The plan was 4 one mile repeats ideally at 5K pace.  I’m still learning what all my paces are, so I fudged it a bit and went with a pace that got me out of my comfort zone quite a bit.

So we left the store and jogged to the park, which was approximately 3/4-1 mile.  Once there we had to do two loops (1 mile) and then we got a five minute rest between each mile.  There was a new person to the group and she and I were really similar with pace, so it was nice to have someone to run with.

My pace was right around 9:25 for most of them which is a minute faster than my target half pace.  It was tough, but boy did it feel good when it was done.  It was also cold and windy and started to rain while we were running.  I felt hardcore.

One we were done we jogged back, again about 3/4 of a mile, so the total run came in to somewhere around 5.5 or 6 miles, which is quite a bit.

But, i’ll say it again.  I really love running with this group!!

So now…Friday faves…



Today is her 4 year adopt-iversary (or gotcha day).  I would be lost without this dog.  I love her more than words can imagine.

These pants


I bought them during one of my Athleta sale binges.  Because they’re not technically winter pants, I was excited to bust them out yesterday in the milder weather.  I rocked a bright orange hoodie.  I was colorful!

This slaw mix


Trader Joe’s is one of the few stores where if I sample something and like it, the odds are pretty good that I’ll buy it.  This is quick and easy and while not the healthiest, you could do so much worse.

This necklace


I have the one on the left and LOVE it!  Check it out here.

Superbowl Pools

super bowl pool

They definitely make the game more interesting.  I hope I win something!!

So that’s about it here.

What are you loving?
What’s your favorite Trader Joe’s product?  Or are you a hater?

A conversation between my brain and my stomach

My long run on Saturday seriously kicked my butt and I was still sore/uncomfortable days later.  I didn’t run on Monday (but should have), taught on Tuesday, so I just had to run on Wednesday.

We had a lunch meeting on Wednesday.  We just completely an involved ERP implementation and the computer company we worked with wanted to buy everyone lunch.  So nice!

Here’s a bit of what happened prior to, during, and after the lunch.


Stomach:  I’m hungry!!!!!!
Brain:  Lunch is being provided so it’s free, which is great, but it will probably also be something I shouldn’t eat.
Stomach:  I’m hungry!!!
Brain:  Let’s see what they brought in.  Hmm…pasta, veal parm (ewww), salad, and a chicken scarpariello type dish with lots of peppers.
Stomach:  Everything but the veal sounds DELISH!
Brain:  Jess, you know that salad will upset your stomach, as will peppers.
Stomach:  But i’m hungry
Brain:  Maybe since I’m eating earlier, my stomach will have more time to digest and everything will be OK.  Yes, that is definitely right.

So I helped myself to some salad, chicken, and pasta.

Stomach:  Yum, I love food.
Brain:  Chicken is spicy but tasty, might regret this.
Stomach:  get seconds
Brain:  eat a roll, a plain carb might help, and pasta is good before a run, although this is covered in a sauce that is probably REALLY bad for me
Stomach:  yum

Post lunch I was full and feeling lethargic (big surprise).

Fast forward about 5 hours and I’m at the gym.

Stomach:  glug glug glug, burp, gurgle
Brain:  I shouldn’t have eaten that lunch
Stomach:  shooting pain, up for tasting lunch again?
Brain:  Maybe you should have listened to your BRAIN

Moral of the story, don’t eat what you know you shouldn’t eat.  Sounds simple enough, right?

I had planned on doing between 3 and 5 miles.  I ended up doing 4, but did it in two sets of 2.  The first two were the worst.  My stomach was hating me and my legs weren’t such fans of me either.

I took a pee break in between and when I resumed for the last two my stomach felt a bit better and they were easier.

The whole time though, I was SWEATING.  Perhaps it was my body trying to rid itself of the Italian food toxins?

Lesson learned.  Again.

I still struggle with end of day runs because I need to think about what I eat all day.  Since I haven’t yet figured out what will leave my stomach issue free, I continue to experiment.

Any else have similar issues and have any food suggestions?

WDTWG? (where did the weekend go?)

Oh weekends, why do you always seem so quick?  Is it because I look forward to you all week?  Probably.  I should start to look forward to the work week and dread the weekends.  🙂

Happy Monday!!!!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

My weekend was good.  Nothing too crazy, but there were a few things of note…

8 Miles

Bright and early on Saturday I headed out with my running group for 8 miles.  It wasn’t my best, but I did it.  It was cold (in the high 20s I think) and so I bundled.  Perhaps I bundled a bit too much as I had trouble bending my arms and dealt with bicep pain for the first half.  I’m weird, I know.  Thankfully the store had set up a water stop around mile 4.5 so I was able to leave my outermost layer with someone who brought it back to the store.  So thankful!

I ate about 5 sport beans prior to the run and then had one Gu chew around mile 4.5.  For some reason I’m feeling really averse to fuels.  Next week I’m going to give Honey Stingers Gold a try (and still sport beans before hand).


I finally caved and bought some good socks.  Or rather I was told that these socks are good.

Who has used Balega socks?


I bought four pairs, 3 for me, and one for my other half (who would have stolen my socks anyway).  One pair is a warmer pair and for winter running. While I didn’t run in them yet, I did try them on in the store and boy did they feel good!

Orange Theory Fitness


An OTF is opening in my town in March (hopefully) and they’ve been having their pre-sell for memberships.  OTF is not cheap, so I was really curious about how it would be priced.

Well, it seems manageable so I went ahead and signed up.  I can’t wait to give it a try.

Anyone an OTF member?

No more coughing!

I was definitely still coughing on Saturday, but I’m excited to say that Sunday was pretty close to cough-free and I actually slept through the night.  Hooray!  It only took two weeks!


So overall it was a very nice weekend.  I’m quite sore still and wondering if it was the fact that I took a nice jump from 6 to 8 miles or if it really is finally time to change my shoes and inserts.  (or both)  I have a new pair of sneakers ready, I’ve just been putting it off, trying to get as much wear from my current pair as possible.

On that note I did see that Saucony now has the Triumph ISO 2, which means I should try to stock up on my Triumph ISOs before they discontinue them all together (if they haven’t already).

Hopefully this week is a full on running and workout week.  My Thursday group run is mile repeats and then on Saturday we tackle 9 miles.  Yikes!

Have a wonderful Monday!!!