Hey Hey Hey!

Well, it’s been more than a minute, so I figured today was a good day to pop in and share some randoms with ya.

Happy Friday!  I’m taking a half day today and am thrilled.  I’m taking it because I have a few errands and stuff around the house to get done, but that’s OK, still means no work!


My half marathon is 65 days away.  Doesn’t sound SO bad now that I’m typing it out.

Running has been going OK.  I’m trying to do all the OTF treadmill workouts as runs, versus before when I’d do power-walking.  So far that’s going well.  I’ve gone on a couple of runs outside as well and they’ve been OK.

On Saturday I ran 5 miles outside and felt good.  I ran with my other half and while he struggled, I felt great!  It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that good.  Fingers crossed that this weekend I won’t crash and burn.  I’m planning for 6 tomorrow.

While training hasn’t been stellar, my bare bones plan is to add one mile per week, which would have me at 10 by the end of May, which is fine with me.  It’s also getting lighter earlier, which means that early AM runs will be more doable during the week.

Running Fashion

I used to be extremely structured in what I wore to run.  I had to wear pants with a drawstring waist and a pocket, I had two sports bras that were OK, and of course a buff/neck warmer.

Somehow I’ve become a bit more flexible and have done a bunch of runs in pants without drawstrings.  Hooray!  Who wants to celebrate? 😉  Same goes for sports bras.  Pretty much any of the ones I own are fine.

Now though, I’m going away from headbands and more towards hats.  I also wear hats to OTF because I feel like with a hat I’m tougher (don’t laugh).  I can just put my head down and get sh*t done.

Hats are expensive though. I refuse to pay +$20 for a hat.  Thankfully TJ Maxx/Marshalls are great places for that sort of thing.  Of course it’s totally lucky since the inventory turns so quickly.

So when I saw a cute hat that didn’t look stupid on me (many do, I have  BIG head) and it was only $6.99 I snagged that thing up.


Note that that is not me.  🙂  So it has a cute pattern, reflective detail, and like I said, doesn’t look horrible.  The tag said “Running Hat”.  When I got home and removed the tag, I saw the tag that indicated the brand…Limited Too.  Ha!  While I could be wrong, I’m pretty sure this is a kid’s brand.  Not sure what kid has a head this big, but whatevs.  I like the hat and will proudly wear my Limited Too hat.

Have you ever bought a random brand?  I had a non pregnant friend who fell in love with and bought a pregnancy shirt.

Other Cool Stuff

A dear friend of mine was on Good Morning America a week or so ago!!!


That’s Amy!  After dealing with some crazy medical issues for years, she ended up writing a book about dealing with chronic conditions and advocating for your health and yourself.  I highly recommend her book.  Link to buy on Amazon.

It was amazing to see someone I knew, who had been through so much, on TV talking with Robin Roberts!  I was in tears with pride.


Ending on a sweet note.  I’ve been baking a fair amount.  The other half takes my baked goods with him to work where people supposedly go nuts for them.

While I’ve made more complicated items, what everyone seems to go nuts for are my cookies.


These aren’t truly “my ” cookies as they’re based off the Nestle Tollhouse recipe.  That said, I do tweak that recipe a bit.  I also play around with the “toppings”.

The photo above is chocolate chip, butterscotch chip, Heath bar, and cocoa sea salt.

What I’ve started doing it putting a mixture of sea salt and cocoa powder on top of all my cookies before baking them.  I love the salty/sweet combination and apparently lots of others do too!

What I do struggle with is that the cookies always fall.  They come out of the oven all puffy and pretty and then they collapse.  Don’t get me wrong, they still taste amazing, but they’re not perfect.  Any suggestions?

With that, please have a most wonderful weekend!!!!  Talk soon! ❤


Hello there Thursday

I’m so glad it’s Thursday.  I’m definitely ready for the work week to be over!

I have a lot on my mind regarding work and saw this image posted on facebook a few days ago. To me it is sooooo true!


In a nutshell, all of my issues are tied to my boss.  I have the ability to air some of my grievances, it’s just a fine line of complaining with a purpose and sounding needy or whiny.

Work aside…

I’m feeling OK today.

Last night after work I hit the gym with the intention of running 3-4 miles.  Other than my 1.5 mile run on Tuesday, I hadn’t done any running in almost two weeks.  I wasn’t sure how my breathing would be since this cough is STILL here.  Thankfully my breathing was OK.

I did the first mile a little slower and then settled into my comfortable pace.  Towards the end of the 3rd mile, it felt a bit tough, so I took it down a little for 3-3.5 and then brought it back up for the last half, ending faster.

Honestly, it wasn’t so bad.  I did get this weird feeling in my foot right around mile 3.  It almost felt like my shoe had become mushy.  It was odd.  I actually wondered if it had anything to do with the light attachment on my shoe possibly moving around.  No clue!

I will say, I felt pretty hard core, almost like a real runner.  🙂  As i’ve said before, this is a unique gym with a unique clientele (I’m being nice) so there aren’t a ton of serious workout folks.  I was definitely on the treadmill running longer than anyone else and I gave myself a mental high five for that.

I’m not overly competitive, but when I see someone else who started running about when I did and they take a walking break while I keep running, it motivates me.  It makes me feel good.  It doesn’t make me think any less of them because I’m sure I’ve been that person for many others, but it does help me to keep going.

So post run I felt good, aside from a weird pull in my back/shoulder area (lats i think).  Only me.

I went home, still feeling good.  Had dinner.  Still good, no cough.  Went up to bed to read, still good.  Then I decided it was time to call it a night.

Hello cough!!!  SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!?!  It wasn’t as bad as it has been, but it kept me from sleeping.  Around 1:45a I went downstairs to get some water.  Didn’t help.  Around 2 I tried a cough drop. Around 2:30a I went downstairs and took some cough syrup.  Finally that seemed to help a bit and I dozed a little.  When my alarm went off at 6:30 I felt like I had just fallen asleep so I closed my eyes again and didn’t wake up till about 7:30.  Ooops.

I guess I am getting better slowly, but this whole not sleeping this is getting old.  It’s just weird to me that doing something as exerting as running is fine, but sleeping is not.  I’m pretty sure it’s the whole lying down thing, but still.  Argh!  I’m just venting.

Tonight is back to the group and a 3 mile tempo.  I’m just hoping the roads aren’t icy.  My group posted this attire guide and I’ve found it helpful so I wanted to share (although i’m sure people have seen it before).


Forecast for tonight is around 37-38, so the arsenal of clothing I brought with me to work should be good.  I will FINALLY get to use my lights.  Hooray!

And on that note I will cut this vent-y post short.

Happy running!!

Gear makes me cheer!

I love fitness gear!  Without a doubt most of what I spend my money on is gym clothes.  Even when I wasn’t working out as regularly as I’d like, I was still a sucker for a great pair of pants or a top.

After my group run on Saturday one woman was buying a few things and she said how much she loved the color of the shirt.  She’s new to fitness overall and I told her that the best way to be excited about working out is to have gear that you love.  (While I can’t take credit for the message (I think it’s proven), she seemed so surprised and enlightened by this comment.)

So here are a few of my recent buys and my thoughts on them (when applicable).

The first two are from the gap, which seems to be having 40% off at the moment.

gap top

Reflective quarter zip pullover – I love anything reflective so of course this made me smile.  Haven’t tried it on yet (just arrived yesterday) but it looks great.

gap pants

gFast reflective fleece leggings – Once again, I love the reflectors.  Haven’t tried them on yet, but my first thought was that they seem really thin.  They feel somewhat fleecy, but not nearly as fleecy (is that a word?) as my Sugoi pants.  Will let you know.

Both of these items are currently on sale.  Score!

Here are the items I recently purchased from Victoria’s Secret when they had they’re free pants promo. (Don’t mind the screen shots, the site was blocked so I had to get creative.)


The sports bra.  Verdict?  Not a fan.  I almost had to dislocate my shoulder to get it on and then I just didn’t care for the way it fit.  I may try to sell it. 😉


I bought this pattern, but not this pant.  I bought the Knockout capri, but it seems like it’s sold out, so I couldn’t grab a photo.  I think I like the pants.  They have small VS logos on them (that are reflective).  I’m not crazy about that, but I like the bright/bold color.  They may run a little big, but I think they’ll still be good for non running workouts.

Since I got both for $43, I think it may still be worth keeping, since I’d have to return both or pay $70 for just the pants.  Ugh!

And lastly, since I’m running outside at night, I needed some illumination.  These are due to be delivered later today and I’m kind of excited about adding some colored light to my outfits. 🙂

(sorry if these photos are showing up twice, i’m having blog issues)

For this one, i went with the collage version.  I bought two green arm bands and blue light up things for my sneakers.  I’m going to be a green and blue rainbow!!  Can’t wait to try them out tomorrow for my 2-mile repeats!

Any recent buys you’d like to share?  Any good deals out there?