still here

i know i’ve been really sporadic with the posts.  my last post was over 10 days ago.  i get that as a blog reader, that’s not really going to do much for loyalty.

to be honest, i’m thinking of taking a break from blogging.  i love to write and i love “meeting” new people through this avenue, but lately i just don’t have much to say.

i’m torn as to where this little blog fits in.  i started this blog with the goal of being fitness/spinning oriented.  however as it evolved i feel like it went more in the miscellaneous direction, which i guess was ok. i had interesting stuff to say (in my own opionion).

but now?  i’m just not sure. i still like fitness, but aside from spinning, i’m no expert.  i do what i do and don’t really think that writing about it accomplishes anything.  i still love food and would love to start something new with more of a food focus.  thing is, on unemployment, dining out isn’t really happening too much.  dj is still cooking, so i suppose i could go in that direction, but he doesn’t do recipes, so again, what value would that provide.

bit of a quandary eh?  (in my head that sentence was british)

so i just wanted to pop in to let you know that something is on the horizon, i just don’t know what.  i’ll be back to share once i’ve figured it out.

thanks for reading my ramblings up to this point!


saturday spin

it’s sunday and i’m actually on the computer, surprising.  however it’s rainy and gross, so in that case it makes much more sense.

on a side note, you may have noticed my lack of capital letters.  or, you may not have.  i’m actually quite inconsistent with it.  the reason is that the left “shift” key (the one I use about 95% of the time) on my keyboard doesn’t always work.  I think there’s something stuck behind it, so it works when it feels like it.  it’s a royal pain and sometimes i’m motivated to use the right shift key, but other times, lowercase it is.


here’s the ride from saturday.  it was a new ride and a bit heavier on the hip-hop than usual.  i liked it although i’m not so sure the class did.  this could have been due to the music (saturday is a bit older of a crew) or the ride itself.  either way, here it is.

spin - may


and here’s the write up….
We can fly – warm up in to seated 5/10 climb with a nice pace
Come & get it – seated climb, up to standing 2 for the chorus.  ending the song with resistance about 8/10
When you gonna give it up – back to 6/10, seated climb with jumps on the chorus, ending at 7/10
Deja vu – standing climb, ending at 8+/10
bottoms up – short flat recovery than 5/10 for 6 count jumps
blurred lines – short recover on a moderate hill (5/10), then pick up the pace and hold it slightly uncomfortable while adding resistance, ending at 7/10
kiss me deadly – standing climb 8/10, pick up the pace on the chorus and add a little after every chorus
September 99 – fast climb in the saddle (6/10), hold the pace and end at 7 or 8/10
A little party – standing climb 7/10, run on the “techno” part, then back to 3, end the song heavy
Hey Baby – jumps, 6/10, 6 or 4 count jumps (i mixed it up) ended the song with 4 count jumps at 7/10

Have a great remainder of the weekend!!!

my apologies

i’m sorry, i’ve been a bad blogger.  aside from the sporadic posts, i’ve been pretty bad about commenting on other blogs as well as responding to comments on this here blog.  i’ve definitely been keeping up with everyone but often times it’s from my ipad and i’m probably the only person who thinks it’s a piece of crap and a pain to deal with. 🙂

my week has been ok.  not much going on the job search front paired with just not much going on in general.  plus the fact that starting midweek, both my parents and DJ were away.  but rest assured, minnie and i did what we could to stay busy.

gym wise it was a good week.
monday i went to an AM bootcamp class that I hadn’t taken in years. it was good but a bit too kettlebell focused for my tender as of late back/neck.  tuesday was class.  wednesday was boxing.  thursday i ended up subbing a class.  pre-class i did some back work and post class i hopped in to an informal zumba class.  seriously.  today is friday and i’m thinking rest day, but we’ll see.

so here’s the music from the week.




For some reason my ipod is HATING “let the bodies hit the floor”.  for the second time in a row, the song has stopped numerous times throughout, which is odd.  Note to self: need to replace that song.


spin eve 2


I like this ride, which was a good thing since the class was small (6 people) and energy was somewhat non-existent.

and that was my week.  now it’s friday and i’m thinking i’ll do some cleaning (anyone who knows me outside of here probably just fainted), a few errands, maybe a park with minnie, and then work on a spin ride.

have a great weekend!!!

Dance for me

Good afternoon!  Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that it felt long and indulgent. 🙂

Over here it was a nice weekend.

Friday night I did NOTHING.  DJ had a stag party to go to so i was on my own and didn’t really feel like making plans (or spending money).

Saturday morning i was up at the usual time of 7:30 but out of the house around 8:35 instead of the usual 9:15.  Why you ask?

Well…a member of the gym who has been very loyal to my classes got her Zumba certification and was teaching her first class (as a sub) that morning at 9a.  I’ve never taken a zumba class but felt like I owed it to her, so off I went.

I have to say I had very mixed feelings about the whole thing.  I was nervous and just not sure what i was getting myself in to.  while i can hear a beat and translate it in to a pedal stroke, i can’t always translate it in to body movement.  But I figured what the heck, and knew it would mean a lot to her to see me there.

I stuck to the back row (mainly so i couldn’t see myself in the mirror).  although the back row is also bad because anyone peaking in to the class sees the back row first.

the verdict:  it was fun.  some stuff i could do more easily than others and some moves just made me feel outright foolish, but i followed along as best as i could.  i realized that no one in the class cared the least about what i was doing or what i looked like, and that part was great.  if she subs again, I would take her class again.  as for other classes, that’s a maybe.  While i was sweating, it didn’t feel like enough of a work out for me.  Now maybe that is because i was still figuring things out, but i’m not sure.  I’m just glad I made myself get (way) out of my comfort zone and take the class.

I cut out early to prepare for my class.

We used something very similar to this ride.  It felt quite tough.  Maybe it was the Zumba or maybe it was the fact that the humidity in the spin room was probably around 95%.

spin feb


The rest of the day it rained and rained and rained and we did some errands.

Sunday morning we had brunch with DJ’s mom and then did a few more errands.  My parents are currently on vacation so my sister came up to spend the day with me.  We sat on the deck and had drinks and food most of the day.  DJ of course made pizza.  It was a lovely way to spend the day.

Now it’s Monday and back to the “routine”.  Nothing exciting here.

Hope you’re having a great day!!

some local wanderings

happy friday!

it’s about 4:30p on the east coast so it’s just about quittin’ time (for those of you with a 9-5).  hooray!

my day was similar to many others.  gym in the morning (kickboxing), then home for a late breakfast, hit a tag sale, then grabbed Minnie and hit the dog park for a bit, then deck time, dropped M off at the groomer, and then did a couple of errands.

On a side note, the amount of BS and pettiness that occurs at a dog park is ridiculous.  I almost wanted Minnie to be vicious today and give this woman a nice bite.  I know that’s bad to say but I think we’ve all had those moments.

While I am trying to spend as little $ as possible, I do also realize that at times i need to get out of the house.

Wednesday night we stopped at a new bakery.  I love bakeries.  I love baked goods, so i guess that makes sense.  this one specializes in cupcakes, push-pops (kind of a layer cake in a tube you push up),and cake pops.


the bakery is called Forever Sweet (if you’re ever in the neighborhood) and yes, I know that’s a horrible picture (not to mention that the lower left one is half eaten).  their ratio of icing to cake is a bit high which a sugar lover like me loves!

Yesterday was the grand opening of a new beer garden in Stamford.  Stamford has gone through a ton of development and gentrification and the beer garden was in one of these areas.

While it’s a great space and they have a nice beer selection, they were totally out of their element last night.  the waits for drinks were out of control and some of the bartenders seemed to have no clue.  What’s also cool about this spot is that while they have no food on site, they have a rotating roster of food trucks parked in front.  Last night was Lobstercraft and the Melt Mobile (which i believe was on the Food Network).

I will definitely go back but i think they need some time to iron out the kinks.  i felt like i should have been on Bar Rescue or restaurant impossible last night.

it’s quite pretty though and here’s some proof.

beerg beerg1 beerg4

For any local folks, let me know if you go or plan to.

the rest of my evening is going to be low key (aka boring).  DJ has a stag party to go to (can you feel my enthusiasm for that?) and I will likely watch tv and throw together a spin ride.

On that note, have a great night and a wonderful weekend!!!


Right now I’m sitting at Panera, sipping some coffee and playing with my Google nexus.

I used to spend a ton of time at Panera.  When I was out of work, I was doing some occasional consulting ( it actually started as full time but then went to occasional). The perk was that even though it was occasional work, it gave me a laptop to use, so I’d sit at Panera and use their Wi-Fi.

No laptop now, but the nexus is doing the trick.

Back then though, I taught a 6a class and then a 9:30a at a different gym. Panera was on the way and helped to break up the rush hour traffic.

It’s odd to think that now, several years later, my situation is oddly similar. This latest experience has me in my head way more than before and while it all needs to come out, I don’t think this blog is the place.

But anyway. I’m really just rambling.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m staying out of the house this morning because the cleaning lady is there. On the agenda: wrap things up here, hit the library, bank, Goodwill to donate, supermarket, and then maybe the dog park. I’m sure it sounds lovely to anyone other than me 🙂

Spin tonight though. TGFS (thank goodness for spin)!


Happy may y’all!  not quite sure why i’m channeling Paula Dean (plus, ignore the fact that we’re six days in to May).

My days have been rather uneventful, but I suppose that is par for the course.  My only constant is really the Tuesday and Saturday spin classes.

For Saturday this week, I did an 80s ride.  I know that people either love or hate this decade, so I gave them a heads up last week.  While the energy in the class was a little low, it was still a great ride.

Here’s the playlist, courtesy of an iTunes screenshot.

spin - 80s 4


Eye of the Tiger was the last working song.  Let me know if anyone wants my teaching notes.

Today consisted of several runs to the dump and a little tidying up.  Now i’m just trying to keep busy because I think that if I sit down, I may fall asleep.

Tomorrow the cleaning lady is coming (yes, we’re going to try to continue to use her even though I’m not working), so I need to be out of the house for most of the day.  Hope i can find something to keep me busy.

I will try to increase the frequency of my posts since now that I’ve downloaded Chrome, my computer seems sooooo much better.

Have a great Monday!!