I’m on a train

Yes, it’s true, I’m on a train.  For the better part of the day.

I have an early afternoon meeting in Baltimore, so the train it is.  I guess it’s really like a mobile office since I’m more or less fully functional from my seat (in terms of work).

I generally like the train, but it does make me tired.  Sitting with the president of the company and having to do work does not jive well with something that makes you tired.  Oh well, it is what it is.

I’m sure by the time I get home tonight I will be done.

So no gym, no exciting food, just the train.  But I wanted to say hello.  Have a great day!!


my recent gym struggle

Good morning folks!

I’m going to touch on something that frustrates me at least once a week.  It happened again last night so it’s relatively timely.

Let me first say that I love my dog (in case you couldn’t tell).  She is one of my best-friends (gag, right?) and means so much to me.  That said…

As I do almost every day, I packed a gym bag and planned to hit the gym after work.  While I do this every day, I only succeed 2-3 times/week.  But I digress.

I spoke with DJ during the day and mentioned that I was going to be going to the gym after work. He told me he didn’t know that and that he’d likely be at work late and as a result the dog would be in her crate for 15 hours (not true, but his words).  Of course I felt bad.  I love that dog and don’t want her spending so long in her crate.  So I decided to skip the gym and just go home and take her on a nice walk.  My nausea had come back so I was on the fence about the gym anyway, but then the dog entered the picture.  Since he was going to be late, I figured I’d have to sacrifice the gym.

I left work around 5:15/5:30 and headed home with plans to walk.  When I got home I noticed that DJs car was in the driveway.  Really?  When I got to the garage I also heard his music from the “gym” so I knew he was home working out.  When I got inside I saw that Minnie was still in her crate.  I gave up my gym visit for this?  I was angry so I took Minnie out and we walked.

Long story short, I made DJ aware of how I felt and he apologized, but it still really bothered me.  Stomach issues aside, I had changed my plans and given up my workout to come home and find him a) home and b) working out.

Part of the issue is that he likes and prefers working out at home and I don’t.  Yes, working out at home makes it much easier, especially with a dog, but it’s not something that works for me.  I was just angry that he still got in a workout and I had to sacrifice mine (even though I was feeling sick and might have skipped it anyway).

Hopefully by telling him how I felt, I made him a bit more aware of my frustration.  While I’d like to say this won’t happen again, I’m not convinced.  Guess we’ll see.

The good thing is that I have class on Tuesday nights so no matter what, I’m at the gym. Fingers crossed that I can get there at least one or two more times this week.

Do you ever have similar issues?  Do you feel like you’re always the one to compromise/sacrifice?  Am I being a brat? 🙂

How is it already Monday?

Is it just me or do the weekends seem to go by faster and faster?

It was a great weekend and of course I’m sad that it’s over.

I did NOTHING on Friday night.  It was a little pathetic, but I dealt.  Plus I did manage to put together a new spin ride for Saturday, so that was a perk.

Here’s the ride.

Spin - feb

Saturday class was good, aside from a couple of issues with people showing up at 10a and expecting to have a bike.  I feel like I vent about this all the time, so what’s one more time?  The official policy is that if you’re not there 2 minutes before the class, the open bikes go to the wait list.

As someone who makes it a habit of being early to things, this is clearly not an issue for me, but perhaps I’m the minority.  I had two people on the list who were not there until 10a or even a moment after, while i had a couple of wait list folks show up early and wait.  Therefore at 10a I let them have the bikes.  I stand by my decision but did get a kick out of the woman who told me that policy shouldn’t matter, what should matter are the people who are there every week.  Really?

So it was a bit frustrating, but it is what it is.  I guess it’s a good problem to have since it means the class is full and in demand.

After class we did a bunch of errands.  The weather was bad and my original plans to head to NYC were moved to Sunday.  We ended up getting dressed up and going out for a late dinner on Saturday night.  We hit up a new restaurant in town.  I had a blood orange jalapeno margarita (OK, two) that was quite tasty.  For food, I had lobster and waffles (so good, aside from the price tag) and DJ had their burger.  He pretty much said that it was the best burger he’d ever had.  Given the value he puts on his meat, that’s quite the statement.

Since we don’t get out as much as we should, it was a really fun night.

Sunday I went in to the city to meet up with my parents and sister.  We went to the FDNY museum, then hung out for a bit before heading to Chinatown for dinner.  On a side note, I saw on the news this morning that in Chinatown yesterday some guy beat his wife with a meat cleaver on the street.  I’m happy I didn’t see that.

We went to a hole in the wall chinese place that is apparently quite popular.  It seats maybe 30 people and looks like a diner (very basic decor), but the food is very good.  We had a great time, ate a lot, and I was home by 8:30p.

I did not watch any of the Oscars but do have plans to watch Argo in the next few days.  Have you seen it?  Also on the list is Silver Linings Playbook.  I’ve already seen Lincoln and don’t have much interest in Les Mis, although I did love it on broadway.  Any recommendations?

I hope you had lovely weekends and that your Mondays are off to a good start!

I climbed the Great Pyramid

I had planned on climbing the Eiffel Tower, but I failed.  Thankfully the Great Pyramid isn’t too shabby either.

Are you wondering what the heck I’m talking about?



As I think I may have mentioned, I’ve been truly uninspired in terms of the gym and specifically cardio.  I hit the gym yesterday with the intention of getting my sweat on.

First, I ran.  Unheard of, right?  I hate the treadmill but figured I’d try for a mile anyway.  I’m happy to say that I ran 1.75 miles.  To most I’m sure that sounds like nothing, but for me it was encouraging.

Post run I hopped on the stair-mill, always a sure fire way to spike my heartrate and get that sweat on.

I guess it’s been a while since I’ve done the step mill and apparently they got new machines.

step screenI’m not sure if you can see it here, but this display allows you to climb for time, calories, or a monument/building.   I obviously chose building.  It defaulted to the Empire State Building which I believe was listed as 150 floors.  I thought that seemed lofty so I selected the Effiel Tower, at 100 floors.  Looking back, I’m not sure what I was thinking.

So I started.  The timer said it would take about 25 minutes.  This should have been my red flag as I don’t think I’ve ever lasted on that machine more than 15 or maybe 20 and that was a while ago when I was working out regularly (and didn’t run almost 2 miles first).

But off I went.  Many times I see people on this machine putting a ton of weight on the handlebars which makes it easier.  I feel the need to say that I don’t do that. 🙂  Within a few minutes I was huffing, puffing, and sweating, but I persevered.  I noticed that as you accomplished smaller goals, it would come up on the screen.  For example, around 30 or 35 floors, I climbed Big Ben.  So I told myself that it was OK if I couldn’t climb the Eiffel Tower, but I did have to hang in there until I reached another landmark.

Enter the Great Pyramid.  At 45 floors I did it!  I even managed to push through another 5 floors and then called it quits at 50.  I lasted a whopping 12 or 13 minutes.  It is insane to me just how difficult that machine is.

But it’s great.  I am now very determined to climb the Eiffel Tower.  It will happen!

So fingers crossed that my cardio flame has been rekindled!

How was your night?  Climb any monuments?


Just one of those days

I had a conference call today at 10a, as I do every Wednesday.  I dialed in and when they asked who was on the call, I started to talk and then totally hesitated when it came to saying my name.  It was like my name escaped me.   We all got a good laugh out of that.  My name is Jessica, I’ve got that down now.

My Tuesday was frustrating as many work days are.  However the light at the end of my tunnel was the fact that I teach on Tuesday nights and that usually helps me blow off some steam.

Last night’s class was just OK.  It was smaller than usual and the energy just seemed off.  Who knows.  None-the-less it kicked my butt and did allow me to blow off steam.  But instead of clearing my head, it put me in a deep thinking mode, which was odd.

Nothing like pondering what the heck you’re doing with your life on a Tuesday night.  Ugh.

So back to class.  I used my summer ride, which was on a CD. (I don’t seem to have it on this computer, so I’ll post another time.)  As you know, with a CD, as opposed to an ipod, you can’t see what the next song is.  So I was obviously surprised when I expected to hear Heat of the Moment and it wasn’t there.  Instead of my heavy hill song, it went to my recovery song.  So what did I do?  I turned the music off and made them climb in silence for about 2 minutes.  Might have won the least liked instructor off that.

Personally I thought it was kind of cool to just hear the bikes and people breathing, but maybe I just need to get out more.

What would you think in that situation?  Would you be OK with a few minutes of just heavy  climbing, no music, or would that make you hate the class and never go back?

After class I headed home.  We had dinner and then I spent the rest of the night relaxing and trying to figure out what my dream job is.  No answers yet.

And then it was Wednesday.  And now it’s almost Thursday.  Have a lovely evening!!

Weekend recap

Good morning and happy Monday!

Sadly, I am at work today.  Therefore I’m very jealous of anyone who is off for President’s Day.  The cafeteria in our building is closed today which means we’re one of the only companies here.  Therefore clearly we shouldn’t be. 🙂

It was a lovely weekend, but it was way too short!

I’m pretty sure I did nothing on Friday evening, but for the life of me, I can’t remember.  Even though I know it was nothing notable, it’s driving me nuts that I can’t recall.

Saturday was an uneventful day.  I taught and then did some errands and then did some cleaning (my least favorite thing ever).  DJ had invited some friends over for a pizza night.

A few pictures:

feb pizza3
It started to snow and the snow and the fire made for a pretty combo.
feb pizza
Good old cheese pizza
feb pizza1
Sausage and broccoli rabe pie

This is becoming quite the pizza blog 🙂

I ate a lot but felt a bit better about it knowing that on Sunday I was hosting a 3 hour spin ride.  As I’ve mentioned before, I put together a spin fundraiser to benefit Running for Rescues.

While the interest level wasn’t as high as I had hoped (partially because it was a holiday weekend), and then I had some last minute cancellations, it was still a strong group and we had a nice time.

A pretty bad picture, but a picture none the less.
A pretty bad picture, but a picture none the less.

I made two batches of granola; peanut butter, and almond/cranberry/coconut.  I used all-natural PB this time and thought it was just so-so.  However this may have also been due to it being slightly overcooked.  Oops!  I preferred the second variety.

The ride was 3 hours long, so I had another instructor teach the first half and then I taught the second.  I always teach the end and always question why I do.  I do think that I can motivate a group of people who have already been pedalling away for hours, but on the flip side, people tend to leave early.  Plus, teaching the last hour of a 3 hour ride (in my opinion), doesn’t mean keeping it crazy and upbeat.  To me it’s more about endurance and hanging in there.  Just my two cents.

So I put together a ride for this event that started out with steady moderate climbing as when it’s about endurance, I feel that that is what most of your ride should be about.  For the last 45 minutes or so, we mixed it up a bit.

From the 5th song on, I went with an Animal theme.  As this was a ride to benefit homeless animals, it seemed appropriate.  Not to mention it gave us a little something to distract us from any exhaustion and pain we might have been experiencing.

Spin - animal

Truth be told, I didn’t play all of First Tube as it was just not the right song at that moment.  I played about a minute of it as a recovery.

I also didn’t play the Pitbull song because the first instructor had used it in her part.  She did give me a list of her songs, and I did read it, clearly I just missed that.

So our 3 hour ride was really more of a 2 hour and 45 minute ride, but that’s OK.

Post ride I did a couple of errands and then headed home where I proceeded to realize just how tired I truly was.

And now it’s Monday.  Who’s ready for the weekend?



It’s Friday and I’m incredibly happy about that.

Unfortunately I have a HUGE headache this morning which is making the day creep more than necessary.  I’m not sure if it’s a sinus issue or if it’s related to the 3 glasses of wine I had last night.  Hmmm.  (In my defense, the 3 glasses were over 3+ hours).

First, the annoying…
Here’s a picture of the pretty flowers that DJ got me.  I’m not big on roses, but these were really neat looking.


We decided to throw caution to the wind and chance the crowds, lackluster food, and poor service, and go out to dinner last night.  One restaurant we like doesn’t take reservations so we figured our chances were as good as anyone else’s. Well, turns out they do take reservations two times a year, V-Day and NYE.  Good to know.  So we waited.
We ended up waiting about 30-40 minutes and were seated at a table right in front of the fireplace.  Pretty and cozy.
While food was good, service was horrible and slow.  We were there forever.
Now remember that I was sitting in front of a fire.  Fire is hot.  By the end of the meal I was down to a tank top (thankfully I hadn’t worn a sweater) and was fanning myself with the dessert menu.  I could have gone outside without a jacket, I was that hot.

Thankfully the food was good enough to make up for the other issues.  Didn’t get out of the restaurant until after 11 though, which is way past my bedtime!

It was a nice day and it’s always nice to go out with DJ for a bit.

This weekend I’m hoping to keep it low key yet get a few things done.  My 3 hour charity ride is on Sunday so I need to put together the music for it, as well as promote it a bit more.  I had really thought that it would be full, but I also didn’t think about it being a holiday weekend.  Ooops.  But I guess any money for charity is good. 🙂

I will post the ride once it’s done.

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Blogging as therapy

On crazy work days, such as today, a blog post is a bit of an escape.  Just a few minutes to think about something other than the stress and frustration of the office.

So let’s see…

Class last night was good.  It was a little smaller than usual and I wondered if everyone was out for Fat Tuesday.  I actually don’t even think most people knew it was Fat Tuesday so maybe it’s just the New Year’s Resolution folks losing steam.

I used this ride.

SPin - august 11Horrible quality on the red rows, sorry about that.  It wasn’t necessarily the ride I wanted to do as I think a few of the songs are dated, but it worked.  It exhausted me, so I guess that’s a good thing.

Prior to class I managed a few sets of Preacher curls and incline dumbbell curls.  I didn’t have much time so that was all I got in.  Happy to say that I’m a little sore today.  Not as sore as last week, but that’s OK.  I think I’m in love with those two exercises.

Class ends around 7:15 so it’s usually no earlier than 7:30 by the time I leave and it’s about a 10-15 minute ride home.  Getting home for the day at 8pm definitely makes the night time feel very short.  I often feel like all I do is come home and go to bed.

Last night we let the Minnie sleep in our bedroom.  She slept right on my side of the bed and I’ll admit that I probably didn’t sleep that well because I was nervous that she’d do something bad or have an accident.  She has given me no reason to feel that way but for some reason I did.  Around 5a DJ put her in her crate though because she was snoring.  I think it’s cute but he finds it annoying.

Tonight I’m going to attempt to work out with DJ.  Will let you know how that goes.

Have a great evening.  Tomorrow’s Thursday!!!


Oh Facebook


If you do this, I apologize.  For some reason some posts bother me while others don’t phase me.

But anyway…I hate Facebook yet I find myself checking it constantly.  I do think it has it’s merits (on occasion) but for the most part all it does is tell me way more than I need to know about people I probably don’t care about.

Moving on…

Happy Tuesday!

I subbed a class last night.  The instructor used to have a really loyal following but that was years ago so I just wasn’t sure what I’d be walking in to.  Thankfully the turnout was good and while the energy was a bit low, they worked hard and seemed to enjoy the class.

At NYSC most of the classes are 45 minutes with a few “Super Spin” classes mixed in, which are 60 minutes.  Both of my regular classes are only 45 minutes so when I have to teach a 60, I either need time to modify a playlist or have to act on the fly.

Last night it was a bit of on the fly as all the rides on my ipod are only 45 minutes long.  So what did I do?  I put in a CD copy of one of the rides, used the first two songs there, and then switched over to my ipod for a 45 minute ride.  I don’t think it was exactly an hour, but it was closer (and no-one complained).

In other areas…

I feel like there are so many things I want to do but free-time is always an issue.  At least weekly I find myself daydreaming of a time when I have consecutive days of leisure during which I can do the things I want to do.

A couple of examples:

  • After my grandfather passed away (three years this May), I took a whole bunch of his old shirts with plans to make a quilt, or some quilt style pillows.
  • Spin rides.  I need to sit down and make a few instead of doing the one-off thing the night before a class.
  • Clean out and organize the garage (which hasn’t seen a car in ages).

The quilt item is at the top of my list and also probably the most time-consuming.  I had done some research and bought some of the required materials, I just haven’t had the time to do the work.  I really need to work on that.

Spin rides would be nice but at the same time I really could continue with the last-minute planning.

And the garage must happen, it just has to be a coordinated effort between DJ and I which makes things that much more challenging.

Does anyone else just wish for a block of days to get things done?

In theory a weekend should accomplish this, but it’s so rare that there is nothing else going on, so it just never happens.  And I guess I could use vacation days to accomplish this, but a) I’d prefer an actual vacation and b) I don’t have many days to take.

Happy Fat Tuesday!!!