Some tunes

I think I may still be missing one or two rides, but here are three that I’ve used in the past week or so.

Spin - Nov 10 5 45 Spin - October 12 12 45 Revised spin-april-16


A couple look a little grainy, but hopefully you’re able to read them.

When I was running with some regularity, I used a section of the first ride to get in about two miles.  I’d start at the Bongo Song and then go through the end of the ride.  Those songs each have the perfect spots for pace pickups and the time would fly.

So now that I’ve made good on my promise to post the playlists…

I desperately need to make new playlists, as in not re-purposed  but new.  It’s on the to-do list, I just always seem to run out of time.

Class last night was good.  I actually didn’t post that ride because it’s on CD and I only have my ipod with me.  It was on the old ipod but sadly that is lost.  It was tough.  The class had about 17 people which is a great increase from when I started it and we’d have 5.  🙂

I’m hoping to get to the gym tonight for a quick workout.  Tomorrow night I have to take miss Minnie to the vet.  Apparently her shots are over-due and as a result the groomer won’t take her.  Such is the life of a dog owner.  Although I’m thinking I may reschedule her for Saturday and then see if the groomer at the vet will take her.  Hmmm. (thinking out loud)

On a side note, follow up PV Body post coming your way shortly.

Have a great Wednesday!  If you have any workout songs you’re loving right now, please share!


Another week

I owe you quite a few playlists and I promise I will try to get to them ASAP.

Speaking of music and playlists, I’ve had to go old school and start burning CDs again.  The ipod cord in the spin room needs to be replaced and instead of risking it each week, I’ve gone back to CDs.  I actually think the sound quality on the stereo is better when I use a CD, who knew?

I am also thinking that if I ever have some free time to just work on spin stuff, I may finally check out Spotify.  But first I need to find out if there’s wireless at the gym.  I seem to think no, but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  Mine was great and I was sad to see it come to an end.

Friday night, DJ and I went out for a few drinks and then to grab a bite.  It was fun and good for me to get out since in a battle of couch versus bar, the couch usually wins.  However I’m concerned that I’m becoming a hermit so I’ve made it a goal to force myself to get out more.

Saturday my sister and I headed to NY to visit my parents.  It was great to relax, catch up, and eat good food.  I love visits home and this one definitely didn’t disappoint.

Monday overall was uneventful aside from the thorn in my side known as my job.  It’s been incredibly stressful and frustrating lately and that is not good.  But I won’t dwell…

DJ worked from home yesterday which meant he had time (and motivation) to make a delicious dinner.  While not the most exciting (hence no photo) it was truly delicious.  He made turkey meatballs and sauce.  He doesn’t do recipes so I have nothing to share but he did include some chicken sausage to add a bit of fat and flavor.  It made a HUGE difference!

If it weren’t for the fact that I’m teaching tonight and can’t eat a tomato based meal before spin (I know, I’m weird) I’d totally be having it for lunch.  I told him if he wasn’t up for making dinner tonight I’d eat it again.  Yes, it was that good!

In other topics, I got my last PV body shipment on Friday.  I will write a post on that.  Let’s just say I’m happy that I cancelled and won’t have to deal with their issues anymore.  (I’m still trying to get a shipping label for the “dress” they sent me.)  I know it’s mean, but I hate them.

Back to the grind, will try to post those playlists ASAP.  Have a great day!


For the past couple of months I’ve been trying to make it to Wednesday 6p bootcamp.  It seems that anytime something comes up at work (or at home) it’s been on a Wednesday.

So last night I promised myself that unless something urgent came up, I was going to this class.  I wasn’t even feeling 100% but needed to go.

Apparently the work gods were on my side (for once) and I left around 5:15 and headed to the gym.  I was about 10 minutes early to the class and didn’t see the instructor (who I love) around, so I hopped on a spin bike for a few.  I had a perfect view of the studio so i’d know when to exit.

Unfortunately I saw another trainer walk in to the room and hook up his ipod.  Bummer.  The original instructor had told me he was possibly going to give up the class, but I had hoped it was just something he said.  Wrong.  So while I was a bit disappointed, I remained positive and hit the class.

It was lackluster.  I am sore today but the class itself wasn’t fun and seemed a bit disorganized.  It was all women and if I counted how many times he said “Let’s Go Ladies” my head would spin.  He’s also coming in to fill rather big shoes, as the previous guy had this class forever and had a very loyal following.  I personally felt like he was trying too hard to make it similar to the old class as opposed to making it his own.

My favorite saying of the night:  “It’s boot-camp, it’s supposed to be hard.  If you look up boot-camp in the dictionary the first word you see would be suck.”  Really??

I’m particular, I get it.  But still… I feel badly but i’m not sure I’ll return.  On the flip side for every person who doesn’t like a class, there should be one who loves it, right?  He’s a young muscley guy, so maybe people will go for the eye candy?  Not my cup of tea, but maybe??


I’m on a lunch break right now and eating leftovers from Monday night.  As I’ve mentioned on here before, I’m a HUGE fan of Trader Joe’s Meatless Meatballs and have been buying them for as long as I can remember.  However I’ve never had much success getting my significant others to like them since they’ve all been big carnivores.

DJ is on a health kick so he seemed open to them as a meal.  Given that he’s the chef, he whipped up something a bit more involved than my usual.


They just changed the meatball packaging and I almost had a freak-out when I couldn’t find them.  Phew.  We’ve also become obsessed with the Tomato and Basil Marinara.  DJ goes as far as to say that it’s just as good as Rao’s, but healthier and WAY cheaper (hello $1.79).

For this pseudo “recipe” he sauteed some onions and peppers and then added the sauce and the meatballs, cooking the meatballs in the sauce.  Per my urging, he then mashed the meatballs to make it more of a meat sauce.  With a few minutes to go on the stove he added in a few hot cherry peppers for a little kick.  Voila! A tasty, healthy meal!

Of course it was enjoyed with Trader Joe’s High Fiber pasta.  I highly highly recommend the meatballs but do suggest mashing them as I think the texture is better that way.

Moving on…

I know I owe a few spin rides and promise I will get to them ASAP.

Have a wonderful Thursday!!



Good afternoon!  I can’t always commit to doing a Minnie post on a given day, but this month, here I am.

She hasn’t been particularly photogenic and when I do take photos my phone tends to eat them, but I do have an important topic today.



While today is not officially Minnie’s anniversary, it’s closer than next month.

Her official date is February 4th.  It was the day before the Super Bowl and this little lady came for her home visit and stayed.

I can still remember…
seeing her walk up my front steps
having no clue what I was doing
taking her on our first “family” walk
the first time I picked up poop
her crying in her crate that first night and me lying awake and hoping it would be OK
a couple weeks later wondering what I had gotten myself in to
falling totally in love with my new best friend and looking forward to seeing her every day! 🙂


My weekend – a ramble

It definitely wasn’t an exciting weekend, but it was a nice one.  Right now I’m kind of sad that I’m at work and it seems the rest of the US is off in observance of MLK.  I know it’s selfish and wrong to focus more on the day off from work than the significance of the holiday, so i’m a little guilty.

Friday night, after a ton of indecision we hit up a local Spanish/Italian (trendy combo apparently) local restaurant.  It opened up in a location that is the worst.  It’s in a strip mall, but it’s in a corner and is blocked by another restaurant on the street.  In my five+ years in CT, I’ve seen it be at least 3 different places, none of which were successful.  It wasn’t bad but sadly, not very crowded for a Friday night, so they may run in to the same issues as those before.

Saturday I had class.  (I always have class, i’m classy 🙂  sorry, lame, I know)  I showed up to the gym early, as I always do.  I grabbed the sign up list, which I always do, because I like to see who is signed up.  I had seen a few of my regulars and when I looked at the list I noticed their names weren’t there.  Long story short and a bunch of upset members later, we realized that someone had started a sign up list and then either it got lost or thrown out and another was started.  That meant that we had about 25 people who knew they were on the list, but only 22 bikes.  Uh oh.

There are two fancy spin bikes with screens in the cardio section so we unplugged those and brought them in to the spin room which gave us an additional 2 bikes.  I kind of just hoped and prayed that some people who signed up wouldn’t show and luck was on my side.  We ended up with 23 people and 1 empty bike, phew.  Thankfully the members know this wasn’t my fault, but none the less, it was my issue to deal with.  Good times.

Will post the ride shortly.

After class I did a little upper body work and called it a day.  We did some errands and then had a very lazy and low key night snacking on cheese and crackers from Stew Leonard’s.

As every blog has apparently been compensated to talk abotu Old Navy’s gym line, I had to check it out for myself (not compensated).

I got these pants, on clearance for $6.99.  pantscollage

I realize that these are HORRIBLE pictures.  Clearly I am not at all used to taking photos of myself in mirrors (and a dirty one at that).  But you can kind of get the idea of the pants. I like the pop of color, that the waist isn’t too low, and that they have a drawstring.  I’m not a huge fan of where the drawstring sits (a little low) and in my opinion they’re not the most flattering.  But for $7!!  I did try on a ton of other stuff at Old Navy and while everything fit, the pants did zero for my shape and the tops fit strangely.  Maybe i’m just difficult?

Sunday I hit the gym to take another instructor’s class.  I struggled to run one mile pre-class and then headed to the spin room.  Turned out it was a sub (actually two subs as the instructor messed up, notice the theme?).  His class was OK.  While his music was decent, I only knew a few songs, and I know that members tend to like to know the music.  His energy was a little on the low side, but that’s OK, overall it was a fine class.  Personally though, I struggled.  My breathing was totally off and I just couldn’t take deep breaths.  It stunk, but I pushed through.

The rest of the day was spent doing unsuccessful errands.  The back room work was finished so we did some moving of things to set it up as a gym. It looks great!  Too bad all the clutter from that room has now taken up residence in my garage.

In the early evening I hit up Trader Joe’s where a lady proceeded to try to spread the plague throughout the store.  She was hacking up a lung and not covering her mouth.  I was disgusted which made me rude.  I heard her checking out (I was by the bread which served as a convenient divider from the register).  The cashier said something along the lines of “I can give you a bag for that” to which I said “give her a bag to put over her head”.  Yes I did.  Not sure anyone heard me, but that’s OK.  I can be mean sometimes. 🙂

Last night I found a bump behind my ear, which I know to be a swollen lymph node which means I’m fighting something.  I’m not feeling sick but I am definitely feeling off.  I went to bed last night flushed and just eh and was nervous that I’d wake up today fully sick.  Thankfully I am not!  Still feeling off, but hanging in there.  Fingers so crossed!!

Now it’s Monday.  Happy MLK Day! 🙂  Hoping the work day flies and I can either get to the gym for a bit after work or just go home and relax (depending on how I’m feeling).

Have a great day!

Side note:  I got a package from PV Body on Saturday and was pretty excited.  Turns out it was my exchange and they did a horrible job again!  Will update my original post in the next day or so.

Boo to PV Body

Updated 1/21

I know, it’s out of order, so feel free to read the rest of the post and then come back to the top.  I came home to a package from PV on Saturday (1/19), I thought it was my January shipment but it was an exchange.

I sent back a yoga style shirt.  In addition to it not being the style i requested, it was a Large, I’m a Medium.

What did i get back?  A large tank that is by far the longest tank top I’ve ever seen.  I tried it on and laughed.  It was fitted and came almost to my knees.  I looked at the tag and it was described as “dress”.  Not to mention that it had a sticker with the price ripped/scratched off.  Did they just pick this up somewhere and pass it on???

dress tag

Back to another exchange, or maybe just a request for my $ back.  Anyone have luck with refunds?


Written on 1/4

If you’ve been reading blogs for sometime, you’ve surely seen mentions of various monthly subscription “boxes”.  Some truly come in a box, others don’t, hence the quotes.

These are monthly product subscriptions that you sign up for.  I’ve seen some related to food, beauty products, clothing, and even dog products.

After reading one particular post, I decided to give PV Body a try.

For $50/month you get a workout top and a workout bottom.  They claim to carry higher end brands.  Shipping is free and you can return/exchange anything you don’t like.

Things got off to an OK start.  I gave their site a try with a promotion that they were offering which included a free tank top.  Always a sucker for a deal, I figured i’d give it a shot since I probably spend about $50 for a top/bottom anyway.

I took their fun little survey which identified me as a “cardio queen”.  You are asked questions about your workout preferences and then your workout gear preferences.  You can select bottom and top styles, lengths, fits, and colors.

pv1 pv2

I gave my billing info and then waited.  And waited.  Eventually the package came and it was pretty!

I opened it up and found a pair of black workout pants and a gray/orange tank.  However there was no free tank, but still, I was excited.

I immediately tried on the pants and they were a good fit.  Then I tried on the tank, with my regular bra on and it was cute.  DJ said it looked like a going out shirt though.

The following weekend I was all set to wear the new shirt to the gym.  I put it on (sans bra since it had a built in one) only to find that a) it didn’t provide enough support and b) it just looked weird.  I threw on a sports bra under but that just made it look dumb.  Long story short, I dropped it off on 1/4 to FedEx for an exchange.

I did keep the pants and really like them.  I can’t remember the brand but I did look them up and they retail for $55, which covers the cost of the “box” (provided I ever get a replacement shirt from them).

My verdict so far is on the fence.  I’m going to wait for my exchange as well as give them one more month.

I was a little bothered to receive a shirt that was clearly a yoga shirt (the tags even called that out) when I specifically mentioned cardio.  Maybe they’re just going through some growing pains though, so we’ll see.

Updated on 1/18

As I mentioned above, I sent the tank back on 1/4.  I’ve received no confirmation of it being received and it doesn’t show on my “account” page.  I put account in quotes because it summarizes my past orders but doesn’t do much.

In addition it shows that my next round shipped on 1/7, yet when I click on the tracking number, it shows me a whole lot of nothing.  Yes, they’re in CA and I’m in CT, but does it really take over 10 days??  Again, waiting and waiting.  If free shipping is someone walking my package across the country, I’d rather pay for it to go by car/plane.


That is my account history.  You can’t really tell, but I’ve already cancelled going forward.

I emailed them several days ago to follow up on the exchange.  No answer.
I just called them and after sitting on hold for god only knows how long it prompted me to leave a voicemail.

While it’s great in theory, to say that I’m disappointed would be an understatement.  Buyer beware.

So there is my honest review of PV Body.  Not a fan.

Have you had any similar experiences?

Friday how I’ve missed you!

I didn’t work on Monday yet somehow this has felt like the longest week ever!!  I’m so so so glad that it’s Friday.

I don’t think I did a very good job of being positive and looking forward to things each day this week.  Work has been rough so unfortunately I have spent a good deal of time wishing away the work day yet trying to savor every non-work minute.

I’ve got some random thoughts today…

Suit and Tie – the new JT song – Thoughts?
When DJ and I were driving around doing errands on Monday  we honestly heard this song at least once every 10 minutes on various stations, it was ridiculous.  As a result we’ve both come to like it, although I can’t say I love it.  I think I was expecting more of a beat.  Anyone?

Home gym
DJ is converting my back storage room in to a gym (some units actually use it as a bedroom).  Work started today, I’m kind of excited to see the finished product, plus i’m hoping it might encourage me to workout at home on occasion.  On that topic…

My workouts
Non-existent.  I taught on Tuesday.  Wednesday I had every intention of going but didn’t leave work until close to 7p.  Thursday again, planned to go but realize I left my ipod, spin shoes, and lock at home.  I could have worked around it but I didn’t.  And now it’s Friday and since I know I’ll be at the gym tomorrow morning I don’t feel up for going tonight.  I’ll try this again next week and hope for a better outcome.  I guess once the home gym is ready I’ll be able to squeeze something in.  My eating has improved a bit though so that helps me not feel like a blob.

Can you think of any songs that could go with a Superbowl/football theme?  Suggestions are much appreciated!
Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child – thoughts?  I’m on the fence.  I like the beat but do not like his voice or the words.  However I’m thinking it may be a good spin song because other people might like it.  Do you like it?

Thanks for your input!  Have a fabulous Friday!!!

Here’s Jessington!

A story for you.

When I was in Jamaica a little over a year ago, we were in the lobby of the hotel and DJ starts talking to a guy who happened to be a local cab/bus driver.  They chatted about a bunch of things and then DJ called me over to introduce me.  The man put out his hand to shake and introduced himself as Wellington.  I took his hand, shook it, and said “Nice to meet you, I’m Jessington”.  Seriously.

In all fairness it was early in the morning and I hadn’t had any coffee or food, but still.  I have no clue where that came from.  Let’s just say to this day, several people call me Jessington. 🙂

Things here have been busy and my brain is feeling a bit mushy.  I can’t remember if I recapped class on Saturday.  I seem to think that I didn’t.

This is the ride I used.

Spin 3-2

For class last night, I used this ride.

spin-january-brrThis is actually the 60 minute version so I didn’t use “Keep Hope Alive” or “Right Now”.  It’s a fun ride and it goes by pretty quickly.

The class has picked up in size a bit, which is nice.  It’s an odd group, but it will get there with some consistency.  I got a nice sweat going, which was just what I wanted.

When I was at the gym yesterday I got the go ahead for a 3 hour fundraising ride in February.  I had been trying to organize this for months and due to staffing changes it kept getting pushed aside.  I am so so so happy that it’s finally a go!

What really makes me happy is that the charity is an organization called Running for Rescues.  This is a local organization that typically raises money when people run races and volunteer to fund raise for them.  Here’s a little description.

Running for Rescues is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of shelter animals around the country. We will reach out to runners and non-runners alike, to fundraise for us in any race they choose.

I love animals so I had wanted to host an event like this.  I know many rescue groups and shelters but really didn’t want to limit the event to just one breed/species etc.  By working with Running for Rescues we can help any animal and various organizations.

If you’re in the CT area and interested in learning more, let me know. 🙂

Time for Jessington to get to work!



Look who it is!

It’s me…but on a weekend!

I’m typically on computer detox over the weekend.  However today I put a bunch of items up for sale on craigslist so i’m monitoring the responses (or lack thereof).

Plus, I’m off from work tomorrow which feels stellar!  DJ’s birthday is tomorrow and he wanted me to take off so we could do something over the long weekend.  Well, clearly we didn’t do much, but that’s not to say the intention wasn’t there.

We seriously toyed with heading down to ATL to catch the Falcons/Seahawks game but ended up deciding to skip it.  Watching the game today we both agreed that we should have just went, but really, what good are regrets?  So instead we’ve just had a nice leisurely weekend.  Last night we went out to dinner with friends to a Brazilian restaurant.  You know, the kind of place where they bring lots of meat around.  I was going to do the vegetarian route but got made fun of, so I went with the meats.  I think I ate maybe 3 or 4 of the offerings since I was limited to chicken and turkey.  The highlight though, grilled whole pineapple.  So good.  Both DJ and I realized we just aren’t the Brazilian BBQ type.  I knew I wasn’t but was surprised when he stated that he wasn’t.

Today was errands and way more time at Home Depot than is ever necessary.

Although I did find these in the paint section which looked very exciting.


I also bought a steam mop.  I know, it’s pathetic that I’m even mentioning it.

Oh yes.  Class on Saturday was full and overbooked.  I’m not sure how it’s possible but somehow some staff members at the gym find it very challenging when people call to reserve spots for the class.  So long story short, I had a few regulars who were told they were on the list but weren’t.  Being the kind (put the members first) instructor, I sacrificed my bike and taught off the bike.  It’s always interesting.  I felt like a stand up comic since I was standing on a pedestal in front of a group.  I walked around a bit more and was able to coach more, but it’s just not the same.

They worked hard (I didn’t) and then after class I had to get a workout in.  I attempted to run.  Attempted.  I did get two miles in but it was not easy.  I can’t even tell you the last time I ran so I guess that’s to be expected.  I’ll get there.  I hope.

So now it’s Sunday and here I sit.  DJ is napping and I’m attempting to organize the house a bit.  Our plan is to see Zero Dark Thirty tonight, but seeing as the movie is at 9:30 i’m 50/50 on whether or not we’ll make it.  Anyone seen it?

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!!

It’s Wednesday!

It is Wednesday.  Somehow it already feels like this week has been a long one.  Oh well!  As I mentioned yesterday, no wishing time away.  Today I’m looking forward to the prospect of either getting out of the office at lunch, getting to the gym after work, or getting home to hang out with Minnie and relax.  At least one of those will happen!

Last night was good.  I hightailed it out of work around 5:15 so I got to the gym about an hour before class.  I felt so free having all that time at the gym to do whatever I wanted.  I did some upper body training and zoned out to my ipod.

Class was good.  There are 22 bikes in the room and I had 15 people, at least 5 of whom I’ve never seen before.  Plus a few of the regular Tuesday night crew weren’t there, so I’m thinking this is encouraging for the class.

As is often the case in January, I had a few folks who I felt were new or newer to Spinning and came in after the class had started.  This definitely drives me nuts because I want to be able to help you get setup and when you come in late, I can’t.  I know that some instructors will put the class on hold (or delay the start) to help newbies but personally I think that’s inconsiderate to the majority.  Any instructor or participant thoughts?

But class was good, and tough, and we got a nice sweat on.

I got home around 8p expecting dinner to be ready. (Don’t judge.)  DJ is the chef of the couple and I just assumed he’d have dinner ready since he knew i’d be home around 8.  When I got home he was sitting on the couch and laughed when I asked where dinner was. Take that gender stereotypes.  Long story short, by 8:30 we were eating a delicious dinner of seared Tile fish with corn salsa and a grain/veggie medley.  If I had thrown something together that quickly, it sure as heck would not have tasted that good (or included a real protein).

He used this for our grain.  From Trader Joe’s, of course.

multigrain-blendDJ picked it up for the first time a week or two ago and we’ve already had it twice.  He threw in some shaved brussel sprouts (also from TJs) and some chicken bouillon powder for flavor, but that was all.  So tasty.

The rest of the night was spent watching TV.  Anyone catch AFRICA on the Discovery Challenge?  A trip to Africa is at the top of my bucket list and this just further solidified it.  Only thing is, nature shows like that ALWAYS make me cry.  Don’t want to spoil anything, but the rhino part really did it for me.  Thankfully we were watching this one in bed so DJ didn’t get to see the tears and make fun of me.  Anyone else have this problem?

And now we’re at Wednesday.

I’m happy to say that my love of oatmeal has been renewed.  I ate oatmeal for breakfast almost every day for years.  Then boom, I was totally sick of it and uninterested.  I’ve tried to bring it back, but it just didn’t work.  One day I read some magazine suggesting to cook up brown rice and and add almond butter and honey to it to have as a breakfast.  I guess a light bulb went off, so I tried adding it to oatmeal.  I also add a few raisins and have to say that it tastes great, but also keeps me full longer than most breakfast foods.  I’m so happy oatmeal is back in my life!

On that note, I’m off!  Enjoy your Wednesdays!!!