The Eater

Lately I have not been a Fit Talker, or a Fit Eater.  Really, I’ve just been an eater, with occasional fitness mixed in.

I keep saying that I’m having such a hard time fitting fitness in to my work schedule, but during a conversation with the president of the company last week, I realized that my schedule really isn’t that crazy and that it’s pretty much my issue.  I guess I knew that.  Is it bad that after a long day at work I’d rather go home and see Minnie then hightail it to the gym?

But I’m working on it and will definitely be one of those resolution folks in January.  It is what it is.

DJ gave me a hanukkah present on Saturday that will help.



If you’re not sure what that is, it’s a trainer, which means that I can now ride my road bike indoors, all winter long.

I took it for a test spin yesterday and it definitely gives a good workout.  Unfortunately I also realized that my bike setup is off, but that can be fixed.  DJ and I both have trainers now, side by side, in our basement gym room.  It’s quite convenient and I hope it helps me get back in the swing of things. 🙂

In the spin world, I’m still teaching twice a week (thank goodness).  Most of my music is posted in Spotify which makes me think it’s probably not necessary to post the rides on here.  If that’s not the case though, let me know.

So perhaps the future of this blog is a bit unknown, but we’ll see where it goes.

Have a happy holiday season and new year in case I don’t post again before 2014!