I love you Friday

So glad.  So so so glad.

It’s going to be a great weekend and then I only have to work two days before I’m here.

Can.  Not.  Wait!  (I never do the period sentence thing, but it just seemed appropriate)

I’m hoping to throw together a new spin ride tonight or early tomorrow.  However right now I have no clue of what I’d want to include which makes it a bit more challenging.

I’m hoping that work today is busy enough to move but not too busy as to make me stressed.  Fingers crossed!

After class tomorrow I’m off to NY for a few hours for my cousin’s engagement party.  It starts at noon and my class isn’t over until 10:45 so I will be late, but hopefully I can shower and get dressed super fast and not be too late.

I agreed to sub a class on Sunday morning at 9am.  I had toyed with the idea of doing a 5K on Sunday morning but when the sub opportunity came up I figured it was a better option for me.  After that my plan is to do everything packing/vacation related.  Which means going for a (very much-needed) pedicure and picking up any toiletries I may need.  I’d also love to get a new beach coverup but am thinking that my pickings will be slim or non-existent in late September.  Agree?

The NY Giants play on Sunday night against Philly, which is a good game.  It starts at 8:30p though, so it could be a late night, especially when DJ invited friends over.  Good thing I’m not at all the type that feels like I have to stay and hang out.  I will likely still be in bed reading at 10.  🙂

One last thing before I go.  This picture is from last Saturday night when I had dinner with my good friend (JV) and her hubby (who I was visiting).  The background on this photo is that this was my favorite restaurant when I was in college.  It was a splurge restaurant so when my parents came to visit we’d go.  They came to like it as well and knew how excited I’d get when I went.

Probably about 7 years ago or so I went up for our annual reunion and we had reservations at this restaurant (me, JV, and a few others).  Of course I had told my parents about our plans because I was excited.  Our group ate dinner and then we were prompted to order dessert but declined.  Much to our surprise out came dessert with a message written on the plates from my parents.  They had called the restaurant and ordered dessert for our table.  A few years later I went again with my one friend JV and our sig others and my parents did the same.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when this came out, but I was…

Aren’t my parents the best?  And yes, my mom’s name is Fredi (not Freddy).  🙂

With that it’s time to get Friday going!  Have a great weekend!!


Chewing you up and spitting you out

Ever have those weeks where you feel like you’ve been chewed up and spit out?  Weeks where you just feel like you’re taking a beating (mentally of physically)?

Unfortunately I’ve been having a few of those in a row.  Work is kicking my butt and leaving me limp and lying on the floor (figuratively).

However I do realize that I have a good job, so don’t think I don’t appreciate it.  It’s just been rough.  I’m hanging in there though!

As a result though, most things other than work are falling by the wayside.  I have made myself a promise that I will work on that post vacation.  The wheels are turning.

I’ve also been dealing with some stomach issues.  While not the end of the world, they’re definitely annoying.  I don’t think I’ve ever gone in to much detail about my stomach issues (because there isn’t much detail to give really), but I’ve had something off with my stomach for probably the last 10 years.  Back in the days of IBS being the new/trendy disease, I was loosely diagnosed with that.  I was diagnosed with reflux, a hietal hernia,  and slow gastric emptying.  I’ve had several upper endoscopies and a colonoscopy.  Fun stuff, right?

My most persistent symptom for the past 5 years or so has been nausea.  Since I don’t actually get sick it’s more annoying and frustrating than anything else.  Nausea is an annoying feeling!  I’ve been on a prescription for years but am now finding that it’s not doing much.  I have one pill left and am then going to hunt for some sort of over the counter medication that may help.

This morning I picked up a box of Nauzene.  I had never even heard of this medication until a friend mentioned it.  They’re chew-ables and while they don’t taste great, if they work I can deal.

So between work being crazy and stressful, and feeling nauseous about 75% of the day, by the time 5:30pm comes, all I want to do is go home and relax and spend time with DJ and the Minnie.

If any of you have had similar issues and found something that worked, please feel free to share. 🙂

So in other areas…I’ve been wanting to talk about TV.  I love TV.  It’s the time of year when all the season premiers are starting.  A few months ago my cable box shorted out during a storm and as a result I lost my scheduled DVR recordings.  I’m working on remembering what I recorded but it’s been harder than expected.

Let me know if you watch any of these shows or if you have any recommendations.

  • Modern Family – my favorite so I’d never forget it
  • How I Met Your Mother – didn’t realize it recorded so I haven’t watched it yet
  • Breaking Amish – not sure what I think of this one
  • The Voice
  • Revolution – I’m on the fence, DJ seems to like it though
  • Smash – no clue when it starts again
  • The show with Matthew Perry – clearly I’m a loyal watcher, ha!  It’s on after the Voice (maybe) so we give it a try.  It’s OK, I think it has its moments.
  • The show after the one with Matthew Perry – it’s about the gay couple who’s friend is being a surrogate for them.  I actually like this one as it has some great lines.  However I’m worried that it’s a bit too similar to Modern Family.
  • Boardwalk Empire – I haven’t had HBO in a gazillion years so while I’m trying to watch, I really have no clue what is going on
  • Homeland – have never watched but had heard great things even before it won the Emmy.  Anyone watch?  What season is it?  How far behind am I?

I think that’s it…but again, I could definitely be forgetting something. On a tangent, did any of you watch My Boys when it was on TBS?  Loved it and then they cancelled it. The main character from that show is the lead on Mob Doctor.  Never watched.

OK, must get the day going.  Be well!


Happy Wednesday!!!

Yesterday I thought that today was Thursday so it was a bit disappointing to realize it was only Wednesday.  Oh well.  Still better than a Monday.

Last night debuted my new class.  I had checked the schedule online earlier in the day only to see that the new class wasn’t listed.  Lovely.  Plus last night was the start of Yom Kippur so most jewish folks would be out and since most schools are closed today I figured anyone who worked in a school would be out partying.  (kidding)

So what I’m saying is that the odds were not stacked in my favor.  But that’s OK.

The class ended up having 4 people, but it was a great 4.  2 were regulars in my Saturday class, 1 was someone who spins with me on occasion and didn’t even know there was a class (but was pleasantly surprised) and the last was a girl who I had not seen before.  It was definitely a case of quality over quantity.

They were all positive that the class will grow and ultimately end up full.  I appreciated their confidence.

Here’s the ride I used.  It’s one of my first rides and while I used to use it a ton I haven’t used it in ages.  Thankfully it’s still a good solid standby.

I think it says a lot about a gym and the members when you can have a good class with only 4 people.  At the gym I recently left, I could have a room with 15 people and not have a good class.  Energy makes a big difference.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how this class grows.

Otherwise my night was uneventful.  I rushed home to take the Minnie for a walk.  DJ got home a bit after me and brought us Greek food for dinner.  He also bought me a piece of baklava which I hated loved him for.

I have decided to just be for the next week.  Get to the gym when I can, but no need to kill myself over it.  I’m going on vacation in one week and when I return it will be balls to the walls and time to get fit (again).

So yeah, vaca in one week and I am sooooooooooooooo ready!




Good morning!

And it’s Monday again.

For some reason I am incredibly ready for the work day to be over.  Incredibly.

It was a lovely weekend and perhaps that’s why I just don’t feel like being at work today.  Or maybe it’s because I have lots to do and can’t seem to get organized so I’m feeling uneasy.  Who knows?

Before I recap the weekend, here’s a photo of the new wheels.

In case anyone was wondering, it’s a 2013 TREK Madone 2.1.  I will be upgrading to clip in pedals.  I want to type clipless but for some reason think that’s wrong.  And down the line, when the white handlebar wrap gets cruddy, I’m going to put on neon green. 🙂  The bike is gray and black, so I think the neon will be a nice pop.

Back to the weekend…
Did not do much on Friday.  Attempted to download some new music only to realize that there wasn’t much I wanted.  I really need new music but am not loving much new stuff and not much else was coming to mind.

DJ wanted some new tunes too.  He’s on a Deadmau5 kick so we downloaded a bunch of his stuff.  Then he wanted some Skrillex.  Try as I can, I do not like Skrillex.  To me, Skrillex=Headache.  Am I an old lady?

Saturday I taught.  There was a minor hiccup at the beginning of the class when neither the mic nor the ipod were working.  Quick moment of imagining a silent class.  Yikes!  Then I realized that one of the switches on the stereo wasn’t turned on.  Duh.

After class I drove up to see a friend I hadn’t seen in too long.  It was a wonderful visit and I hope to do it again soon!

When I got back on Sunday we loaded up the bikes and headed to the beach for a ride.

While we did a little more winding about, this was the essence of our ride.  Some of the road conditions weren’t ideal but overall it was a nice ride with lots of coastal views.  It was the perfect day for a beach ride!

It was my first time on the new bike and it took some time to get the gears right, but once I did, it was pretty much smooth sailing.

DJ knows our area way better than me (he grew up there) and he took me to an area of our town that I didn’t even know existed.  It was on the water and reminded me exactly of the houses on Long Beach Island, NJ.  Loved it and would love to live there.  Unfortunately it’s unlikely that you find a house for less than $1M.  Bummer.

This satellite photo that I got from Google Maps hardly does it justice, but notice all the water/docks.

Love the water!

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing.  DJ made some pizzas and some fresh sauce from tomatoes our neighbor gave us.

This week will hopefully be pretty uneventful.  I’m teaching my new class tomorrow and am very curious about the turnout.  We’ll see.

Have a great Monday!

Do anything fun this weekend?

Last week’s rides

Work is still nutty, so baby steps.

Here are the rides I used last week.

The first ride is called “Don’t Back Down“.  The premise behind this ride is getting to an 8/10 hill and then holding it even as you try to pick up your pace.  It’s one of those rides where it is truly up to the riders to push themselves.

This ride doesn’t have a name having anything to do with what it entails.  It’s more or less two hills with sprints in between.  It’s a fun ride and goes by quickly.

If you have any questions or want any additional information, comment.




Yes, I’m still here.  It’s been a NUTTY week!

I was at work yesterday until 7pm (yuck!).  But once I was done I got to go and pick up my new bike!  Pictures to follow.

Also, in between work chaos yesterday I got an email asking me to start a new spin class at my gym.  Hooray!  I was super flattered that they didn’t open it up for auditions but rather just asked me.  So happy!

So starting next Tuesday I will be teaching a 6:30p class at the same gym I’m at on Saturdays.  Looking forward to it!

I did finally put my past two rides in to Word, just haven’t had the chance to make them pretty yet.  Hopefully tomorrow.

So in short, I’m still here and hope to be back tomorrow with a real post.

Happy Thursday!

Happy new year

You’re probably wondering, happy new year?  It’s September.

Yes, that’s true.  But it’s the Jewish celebration of the new year (hebrew calendar) aka Rosh Hashanah.  I’m not particularly religious but do love the customs associated with the holidays (i.e. family get togethers).  For this holiday we eat some apples or challah with honey, to symbolize a sweet year.  Regardless of your religion, who can argue with that sentiment (and honey!)?

I’m currently in NY.  I had dinner with my family last night and will be doing the same tonight and then heading back to CT.  The ability to telecommute definitely makes these sort of things a bit easier.

I had a nice weekend.  Taught on Saturday.  The class was good but there were 4 or 5 open bikes, which is a fair amount.  Maybe people went away since the schools are closed today and tomorrow (I think).  It was good class though.

My Saturday night activity will cause you to drool.  Grab a napkin…

Prepping the oven
First pie in the oven
Fig, ricotta, prosciutto, and arugula pie
Cheese pie – with fresh mozz
Same cheese pie, cooked
Sausage and hot cherry peppers
Falafel pizza – hummus, crumbled falafel, and tabouli
Steak and onion pizza

Suddenly hungry?  In the mood for pizza?

Pretty insane, right?  If you’re on Facebook, look up One Brotha Pizza for more photos and videos.

So after that Saturday night, I knew I just had to do something active on Sunday.  The Minnie had a spa day (aka an appointment for a bath), so I dropped her off and hit the gym.  Seeing as it was the most gorgeous day, I figured I should do something outside, so I went for a run.

I don’t have a Garmin but had my GymBoss interval timer with me, which can also function as a stop watch.  I wanted to see how long this particular route took me.  It took me 20:45.  I had thought this route was 2 miles but when I saw my time I figured it was less.  There are a few hills on this route which obviously makes me even slower.  I looked it up last night and was so happy to see that it is in fact 2 miles which had me at a 10:22 mile pace which isn’t horrible.  While for my sister this would be a travesty, for me it was encouraging.

I then hit up the last 25 minutes of a spin class.  Totally a “what not to do”, but seeing as the class had 4 people in it, I didn’t feel too bad (plus I knew the instructor).

While a lovely lady, her class doesn’t do it for me.  She doesn’t wear a mic so I never have any idea of what she’s saying.  Plus she doesn’t have a set playlist, she’ll scroll through her ipod after a song to find the next.  Not horrible, just not ideal.

Did a little upper body work and then headed out.  It was a great sweaty workout!  I’m sore today so I guess I did something right.

And now it’s back to work.  I still owe you a few spin rides so I’ll try to get those up today.  Have a great Monday and happy  new year! 😀

Thank goodness!!

Could you have guessed that I’m SO glad that it’s Friday?

This week has really run me down.  I had a chat with my boss which revealed some satisfaction issues with work that I wasn’t even really aware of.  While it was a tough conversation to have, sometimes it’s really helpful to get perspective from someone on the outside.  While I’m still feeling a bit weighed down, it’s improving, so I guess that’s all that matters.

Rosh Hashanah starts on Sunday night so I’ll be working from home on Monday.  I think the change of scenery may help things out.  Plus being around my family is always comforting.

Between the stress of work and all the symptoms of it, this has been a horrible week workout wise.  Horrible.  Nothing like slacking on workouts three weeks before going on vacation.  Not going to dwell though, just hoping to get back at it as of tomorrow.

So in other big and exciting news, I got a bike!

Well, I ordered a bike since it’s currently out of stock.  This is a 2013 bike and apparently they’re in pretty high demand since they are really tough to find.  Shout out to Danny’s Cycles for being such a great bike shop and a pleasure to work with.  Over the past two-three weeks I’ve been in their store a bunch of times and each visit always ends up being around an hour.

DJ ordered the same bike but in this color combo.

He really liked the red while I preferred the charcoal.  I’m thinking neon green tape on the handlebars will jazz my bike up a bit. 🙂

It’s a big purchase so I’m nervous for that reason, but we got a good deal and I think it’s a good investment.

My new phrase:  Those who can’t run (fast), bike.

I realized that I didn’t post my ride from last Saturday (or talk about it).  I used my Don’t Back Down ride, which is a doozy.  In hind sight it may not have been that smart to choose such a tough ride the day before my first real road ride, but it worked out OK.

(I thought I had the ride created already but will have to add it in later)

The premise of this ride is that you’re at 80% of your maximum hill for most of the ride.  You do sprints (relatively speaking since you can’t truly spring at that resistance) and move from seated to standing.  The goal is to hold that 80% even when you want to back it off.  The ride has two hills which are each probably about 15-20 minutes of climbing.  The original is a 60 minute ride so I knocked two songs off.

I definitely recommend this ride for a challenge.

I’ll be back later to post the ride.  Have a great weekend!!




Have you seen the phrase YOLO all over the internet?  I’m not even sure what started the trend, but from what I’m hearing it’s all over the twitter universe.

OK, just did some research and apparently it because very popular due to its use in a Drake song, “the Motto”.

Apparently, some (stupid) rapper tweeted “Drunk af going 120 difting corners #F**kItYOLO” and then he and some friends died in a car crash that is believed to be a drunk-driving crash.  STUPID stupid stupid.

In case you don’t know what it stands for, and until yesterday, I didn’t.  It’s You Only Live Once.


On the radio this morning one of the morning shows was talking about their YOLO experiences and having callers give input.  I have to say that their interpretation of you only live once and mine are two very different things.  Most of the radio tales involved sex, whether unprotected, in strange places, or with public figures.  OK, I guess I can see how that relates to YOLO.  For me though, it’s more about doing something that gets you out of your comfort zone but does have risk.  I guess the above situations would fit that definition but in my eyes it’s kind of like a “here’s goes nothing” mentality.

For example, here are some things that I’ve done that could fall under my YOLO definition:

  • Skydiving in Switzerland – risk yes, but you only live once 🙂
  • Chopping my hair short
  • Travelling solo to Costa Rica while unemployed
  • Going to a concert alone because you want to see the artist and don’t care that none of your friends do

My yet to be planned future trip to Africa will definitely fall under the YOLO category, as will my Antarctica trip.  Maybe if I ever decided to get a tatoo, it would be a YOLO thing too.

What do you think?  Should something that qualifies for the hashtag YOLO be more risky/dangerous? 
Which of your experiences would you categorize as YOLO?

And then there was one…

After much thought and indecisiveness, I decided to give up my Thursday night class.  I’m now down to teaching only one class per week (Saturday mornings).  I’d like to get to 2 or 3 though, so we’ll see how things play out in the future.

Even though I know I don’t need to explain my decision to anyone, for my own peace of mind, I feel like I should.

  • Empty classes for the past 5 or 6 months
  • Low energy classes (even when they’re full)
  • A general dislike of the gym
  • Low pay (I could have looked past this if I loved everything else as I don’t do it for the money)
  • Work – I’d have to leave work pretty close to 5 and the fact of the matter is that that is just not a guarantee.  If I left later I’d be anxious in the car and then have to rush to get ready.  It was no fun.

I teach spin because I really love it.  When anything causes me to not love it and even dread going to teach, it’s time to move on.

I’m a little frustrated that my work schedule is infringing on my spin schedule, but know that it’s silly.  $20/class won’t take me very far.

So we’ll see where the spinning future takes me…