Checking In

Hi there!!  Long time no blog!

I’m here.  I’m recovered and i’m married.  Yeah, there’s that.


Last I wrote I did a recap of the Sono Half and mentioned that I was dealing with some pretty bad hip pain.

I went to the chiropractor who diagnosed it as hip flexor issues.  Thankfully nothing in the actual joint.  He was adamant that I not run.  I told him I’d still spin/cycle and while he wasn’t thrilled with that, he seemed OK.  I told him that I was signed up for a 5 mile Turkey Trot.  He said we’d see.

So from October 15th until November 21st I did zero running.  Zero.  On November 21st I attempted to run during Orange Theory.  It was a tornado workout, so the longest stretch was 4:00.  I figured that I should try to run.  I ran and it thankfully felt fine.

I returned to the chiro who gave me the OK to run the Turkey Trot at an easy pace, paying attention to how I felt and if I had any pain I was to walk the rest.

The morning of the Trot was chilly, I’d say low 30s at the start. Thankfully full sun though.  I started the run paying attention to every little thing in my lower body.  Was that knee pain?  Hip pain?  What was that in my ankle?  I let me self calm down a bit and found that while running wasn’t easy, nothing hurt.  I planned to walk through the two water stops and told myself to try for 3 miles.  At 3 I felt good, so I told myself 4.  Then I said 4.25, which happened to be where water was.  I walked through the water and then ran the rest.

I didn’t push myself, I just ran and tried to enjoy the race.  There are over 3500 people running this one, so a great size.  It goes through a neighborhood with a good amount of spectators, dogs, and people enjoying cocktails on their lawns.

I finished with a time of around 10:37 I think.  While it’s nothing special, i’m proud of that time, especially after a month of ZERO running.  Hooray!

The race did however confirm to me that I have no interest in running anything longer than 6 miles in the foreseeable future.  And  not that I needed it, but my chiro told me I wasn’t destined for marathons.  Ha!

So that’s what’s going on here.  What to work towards next?  🙂


6 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. You look gaawwwgeous!! Congrats on getting married!! IF I run these days it’s always in the 10 minute range (if not 11!) SO I just embrace it!! I am SssllOOooow these days, but something for me is better than nothing hah!

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