Weekend recap

Two day work week here!  HOORAY!!!

It was a good weekend.  I thought i’d have lots of time to do errands and be super productive, but somehow it didn’t work out like that.

Friday night we had a work happy hour.  We don’t do them frequently and they tend to coincide with my travel schedule, but for this one I was around.  While talking shop on a Friday night isn’t my idea of fun, we had a nice group and managed for the most part to talk about things that weren’t work related.  HH was at a BBQ place so my other half was happy because I of course brought him home food.  I like this BBQ place much better because it has a larger menu with more options for those who don’t eat red meat or pork.  Cheers to that!

Saturday started with a cold and windy 3 miles and then a chiro appointment. I did do some errands but wasn’t nearly as productive as I had planned.  I completely forgot that this time of year is pretty miserable in the stores.  Saturday night we went out for dinner at a local pub and ended up running into friends there, which meant having a drink with them and staying another hour or so.

Sunday started with a later 4 mile run.  Still cold and windy (although the weather forecaster said there wouldn’t be wind…liar!)  Then I got a much needed pedicure with massage.  Heaven!  Stopped by a tailgate party that One Bro was unofficially doing.  He borrowed a smaller oven.  Then more errands and then home to do more stuff there.  We went back to the noodle place for dinner but this time I had pho instead of ramen and it was delicious, and perfect for a cool night.


Because I had nicely offered to make sweet treats for the company, I still had to do that.  My saltines didn’t turn out right (I used a silpat, I’m thinking it was that), so in addition I whipped up a batch of standby Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to bed until after midnight which is unheard of for me on a Sunday (or any other day, who am I kidding).

While I’m at work today, my plan is to also sign up for a half marathon training group through a local running store.  It’s $115 for the 14 week program (although it already started so I’m late to the game).  I think it’s pretty reasonable and is a) a great way to meet people b) something to hold me accountable and c) a way to try new routes.  As I see it, it’s a win win!

Total miles run last week (Monday through Sunday) : 15 or 16
Since this was my goal, I’m happy with it.

This week will be tough since i’m going away, but I will do my best.  Probably won’t post till after the holiday, so have a happy holiday!

Catch ya on the flip side!

Another gratuitous photo of my pup.




TGIF for so many reasons this week!!!

Work has been nutty!  Today is my rest day.  Work happy hour after work.  Last full week of work until January!  Vacation next week.  Hoooray!

Dreaming of this.

It was a good week, it was just tiring.

This marked my first week of getting back to working out in preparation for training for the half and i’d say it was successful. Granted I still have to run both Saturday and Sunday, but the work week has been good.

I got in about 8 miles, 10 minutes on the rower, and 55 minutes of spin.  Not too shabby!  My first treadmill run felt pretty bad, my second was a bit better, and my third, while a different routine, felt OK.  Baby steps.  Over the weekend I need to run 7-10 miles total.  Game on!

Running in the evening is tough for me.  Not so much because of my energy level, but because of my stomach.  It hurts.  Every time.  I can’t seem to figure out what to eat that won’t cause me to have some sort of stomach pain when I run.  I know that I absolutely can not eat a salad before a run and also tend to stay away from my vegetables, but that doesn’t leave much.  What to eat?  Any recommendations?

I’ve improved in that i’m able to work through it, but i’d rather just not have the pain to begin with.

This weekend is pretty light on activities (thank goodness) so i’m going to try to be super productive.  I think i’m going to make these goodies to give to my coworkers.  They’re easy and quite good.

Saltine Bark


I may try to up the festive quotient by adding some sparkly sugar, but we’ll see.  I think you can also add toffee, but I may just stick with the basics.

On that sweet note, enjoy your Friday and your weekends!!

Music – Best of 2015

I used to post all of my spin playlists here, but as the blog became less about spinning (and more about everything else), I stopped.

That said, a spin playlist can definitely be used for other workouts, so I may still occasionally share some music here.

Given that there were two Tuesday classes left, I decided that the playlist for last night would be the best of 2015.  It was a fun class to put together and pretty easy because there was some good music throughout the year.

The class went really fast and everyone seemed to enjoy the music.

Here’s a screenshot of the playlist on Spotify.

2015 songs

The first song is a warm up and got everyone to smile.  How could “Watch Me” not do that?

The rest of the songs were working songs and for the cool down I used Hotline Bling, Fight Song, and In the Night.

Let me know if you use it, and enjoy!

Tell it like it is Tuesday

I always wanted to come up with one of those clever day related topics (flashback friday, throwback thursday, what i ate wednesday…you get the idea).  Over the various iterations of this blog, I tried, but nothing stuck.

Let’s see how this concept goes.  No sugar coating and maybe just some random things on my mind.

Like this gem:


I despise leggings as pants, so this really spoke to me.  Interestingly enough I’m OK with athletic leggings, just not the basic solid ones…you know, the ones that tell the truth. 🙂

These things are un-apologetically delicious and surely not good for me.


Tell it like it is: RUNNING

I ran yesterday.  First time since Thanksgiving.  It was hard.  Running is hard.  I felt big and heavy.  That is not a good feeling.

I ran about 3+ miles with a very brief water break in between each mile.  I was slow, but I still did it.  Have to start somewhere, right?

My sister is going to be a tough coach.  As we both agreed, my last coach gave me a pretty easy, bare minimum plan, to get me to run the half.  I ran it, but I rarely worked hard, other than the distance part.  She’s going to push me harder, I can tell.

She also suggested I find a team or group to join, so I’m working on that.

I’m a little nervous, but to quote the great Kelly Clarkson….


Have a good Tuesday!  I’ve got spin tonight and I’m thinking I’ll do a hits of 2015 playlist.

And it begins…and a weekend recap

I still can’t believe I signed up for another half marathon.  Who.Am.I????

I’m still not a runner.  To date, I’ve done exactly 4 races.  Yes, 4.  Two 5Ks (2+ years apart), a half marathon, and a 5 miler.  Kind of weird.

Am I running before I’m walking?  (pun intended maybe)

Either way, it is what it is.  And without breaking the bank, my plan is to sign up for a bunch more races to hold myself accountable.

My sister is going to create my training plan, which will likely start in January.  In the meantime, she told me I have to get my weekly mileage to about 15-18 miles until then.  I know it’s do-able, but going from 0 to 15 is a lot.  So now it starts.

3 5-mile runs/week or running 3 miles 5 times a week seems manageable.  So here goes!

Tonight I’m heading to the gym (I HATE the fact that it’s dark all the time when i’m not at work).  My plans is a minimum of 3 and a max of 5 depending on how I feel.

The weekend!!!!

Friday here was INCREDIBLY foggy.  So foggy that it was disorienting, but also quite pretty.  Always a sucker for nature shots, I snapped this one on my phone Friday morning.


Weather this weekend was beautiful and great for running, so what did I do?  Not run at all and instead eat a lot.  Good plan, right?

We went out for dinner both Friday and Saturday, which we haven’t done in ages.  Friday night was BBQ (see gluttonous photo below).  I’m not much of a BBQ person because I’m not much of a meat eater, but I tolerate it because my other half loves it!  I totally took down my chicken but there were lots of leftovers.


Gratuitous photo of Minnie on her picnic table.  🙂


Saturday night was the grand opening of a noodle house in town.  I have seriously been waiting for this for months.  First they were opening in October, then November, you get the idea.

We started with fried chicken bao (delicious!), mushroom dumplings (delicious but salty, and pictured below) and then both had ramen for our main course.  I’d never had ramen and went with the chicken.  While I wanted to love it more than anything, I didn’t.  I think next time I’ll try the pho.  (Source for photos)



Can you tell that I love food?  Oh yes, I also tried bubble tea for the first time.  It was interesting.  Not really sure of the point of the “bubbles”.  Anyone?

Sunday started off with me giving the Minnie a bath.


This was in preparation for a visit to my parent’s house to celebrate the last night of Hanukkah.  I was raised jewish and although i’m not religious, I definitely still appreciate the gatherings and traditions.  We lit the menorah and had a nice dinner followed by some AMAZING jelly donuts (a Hanukkah tradition). Shout out to the Pelham Bakery for those!


Here’s a shot that was taken as my mother was cutting the donuts in half for us.  Who wants one?


From this it seems that my weekend was filled with food and Minnie.  I’ll say it was my last non-running weekend and see how things go from there.

Have a wonderful week!  (I updated my about page if anyone is interested)  😉

Looks like it’s on!

Well, not the NYC Half.  I didn’t get into that.  It did make Thursday way more exciting though.  Entries were apparently given on a rolling basis throughout the day.  I got notification around 6p that I didn’t make it.  Oh well.

But the whole thing got me to thinking that I needed something to work towards.  I’ve been a complete slacker and while I can change this on my own, the best way to force myself into a change is to have something to work towards.

So I started looking for other halfs (or halves??).  I came close to registering for the DC Rock and Roll in March but then didn’t.  I then considered the Freezing Penguin in Brooklyn, but ultimately decided to register for a Half right here in CT.  It’s so much easier to not have to think about lodging and travel (and more budget friendly).

So we registered for the Savin Rock Half Marathon on 3/19 (the day before NYC Half).  I went onto Facebook and “liked” their page.  And then I saw the photos from last year.

Yikes!  I’m not sure I’m tough enough for weather like this, so hopefully because it was like that last year, this year will be MUCH better.

This time my sister is going to put together a training program for me.  I’m going to talk with her tomorrow and then we’ll see what happens.

Just over 3 months!!

Any local folks doing/done this one?

What’s new with me?

Short answer:  NOT MUCH

I’m sure that answer has you at the edge of your seat wanting to read more. 🙂

Post thanksgiving, things have been BUSY.

Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend was a CT tradition….CHRISTMAS TREE TAILGATING!  Yes, you read correctly.  Up these ways, people actually tailgate at Christmas tree farms prior to cutting down their tree.  We skipped the last few years but joined again this year.

This is a “normal” Christmas tree tailgate scene
This was the tailgate we were a part of. I think there were over 100 people there throughout the day.

The workweek was crazy too.  Wednesday I was in North Carolina for the day.  Yes, the day.  I flew down in the morning and back that evening.  It wasn’t fun, but it was my own fault.  I just didn’t feel like spending yet another night in a hotel.

Thursday was local work travel and then it was Friday.

The days leading up to the weekend, and the weekend, were busy because this past Sunday was the second annual One Bro Pizza Co. tailgate party at MetLife Stadium in NJ.  This is a huge event for us him, so there’s TONS of work.

Sunday came and the weather was glorious (mid 50s).  The event was a huge success!  Some photos:






I grabbed some of the photos from the facebook page, so the quality isn’t the best.  But you get the idea.  LOTS of people and LOTS of food!

Needless to say I was a complete waste of space on Monday.  Good thing I had the wherewith-all to take the day off.  Tuesday I had a work from home day due to a medical procedure smack dab in the middle of the day.

And now here I am!

I entered the drawing for the NYC Half Marathon and will find out tomorrow.  It will be a tough training program since it’s the winter, but I guess some part of me thinks i’m up for the challenge.

If I get in, I will be relying on my sister or one of her friends to be my coach. 🙂

My other half also entered, so we agreed that if only one of us gets in, we’ll hop in and run with the other.  Good plan, right?

So I guess in hindsight things have been going on with me and i’ve actually been quite tired.  The good news is, vaca is in two weeks.  Holla!