Halloween Spin

I’ve seen a bunch of halloween spin playlists go up, so i figured i’d share some of mine.  I’m teaching on Halloween this year, so I’m sure i’ll use one of these.

In years past I’ve been pretty over the top with my costumes.

This was by far the best one:


I wore a read hooded sweatshirt.  So fun!

So here are a couple of rides I’ve used in the past.


I typically keep some of the same music each year and then try to add a few things that are different.  Will see what I decide this year.

Have a happy halloween!


No regrets

Makes me think of the commercial where some guy gets a tattoo that actually ends up saying NO REGERTS.  I want to say the tattooer is eating a snickers or something.

I digress…

Today was the SONO Half Marathon in my town.  I ran this race last year.  It was my first half marathon ever.


I was well trained for it (almost 6 months of training) and for the most part enjoyed it.

This year I made the decision not to run it.  I wasn’t overly motivated (which has been my problem since finishing it last year) and I had minor personal issues with the race director and didn’t want to give him my money (I think I’ve written about that before).  I was confident in my decision.

Until this morning.

As of this morning I really regretted not signing up and running.  Of course the weather was beautiful, but I think what got me was that it’s such a local race and a few of my friends were running.

I do try not to regret any decisions that I make as they are mine and I have to own the consequences but in hind sight, I do wish that I had gotten down off my pedestal and signed up for the stinking race (and somehow found motivation).

The moral of the story is that I think I will run it next year.  Good moral?

And now I need to stop being lazy and unmotivated and start running.



It’s Amazing

Many things are amazing, but in this case it’s amazing to me that people seem to be reading (and finding) this little blog that is rarely updated and seems to not stay on topic.

I’m still trying to decide if a) i want to keep writing and if i do then b) what the heck do i write about?  Maybe it will be fluid, but maybe not.

Since it’s been a while I figured I’d throw up a quick post on the most exciting thing that’s happened to me in the last 3 months which was my trip to South Africa.

We spent 4 nights in Cape Town (actually staying just outside in Camps Bay) and then did another 3 nights at a game reserve in the eastern Cape.  It was amazing.  South Africa is a beautiful country and the people are so so kind.  I definitely hope to return in the future.

Without further ado, here are some photos.



I know it’s a lot but it’s actually  nothing compared to the +1500 photos I actually took.  Narrowing it down was TOUGH!

I would gladly share more of my experience with anyone interested.  Definitely a bucket list item and a destination I completely recommend!

Stay tuned for whatever I decide to write about next.  🙂