Stuff about me (courtesy of the Liebster)

I’ve seen these “awards” for quite some time and while the naturally snarky side of me realizes they aren’t really an award, part of me also always wondered if anyone would ever nominate me.

Well, it happened! ¬†ūüėČ

Thanks to Jen at Bubbly Runner. ¬†So while I don’t plan on “nominating” anyone, I will happily¬†answer the questions she wrote. ¬†ūüôā

  1. What is the one food you would never give up? ¬†Wow, that’s a really tough one. ¬†I’m trying really hard to think of something that I absolutely couldn’t give up and I’m not coming up with much. ¬†I feel like I’ve given up almost everything at one point or another. ¬†The hardest would be bread/carbs I guess.
  2. Describe your proudest moment/biggest accomplishment. ¬†As of late, I’d say it was completing the half marathon. ¬†That or getting certified as a spinning instructor since at the time that was really out of my comfort zone.
  3. If you were running a race, would you rather run without music or without a Garmin?  Without a Garmin for sure.  I did one run without either and it was miserable.
  4. What are your biggest pet peeves? ¬†Dumb people, lack of common sense, polluting, bad drivers, nervous speech habits such as um or nervous laughing. ¬†I could go on…
  5. What‚Äôs your favorite childhood memory? ¬†I can’t really recall a specific memory at the moment, but overall just lots of good times spent with my parents and sister.
  6. Where was your best vacation spot and/or a destination on your bucket list? ¬†I’ll share both since travel is one of my favorite topics. ¬†My best vacation spot is probably Italy or Spain, although sometimes the Caribbean really is best. ¬†My biggest bucket list trip is to Antartica so I can see penguins in their natural uninterrupted habitat. ¬†Bucket list runner up is a safari in Africa and I hope to do that for my 40th birthday.
  7. What was your biggest fashion faux pas?  Probably my entire life up until college (or maybe even after college).  Some examples:
    yikes bat outfit
  8. If you could hang out with any celebrity for a day, who would it be? ¬†I’m not really a big fan of celebrities, but maybe Robin Roberts? ¬†Kind of random, but she seems interesting and with substance.
  9. Would you rather change the past or be able to see into the future? ¬†The past is what it is and for the most part has had its consequences. ¬†I’d be curious to see the future, but also think that there are probably things I wouldn’t want to see. ¬†Guess I just love the present!!
  10. What is the best piece of advice you‚Äôve given or received? ¬†Two tidbits from my dad… “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t” and “sometimes it’s not about knowing the answers yourself but knowing where to go to get them.” ¬†ūüôā

So there are my answers.  Great questions Jen!!

Like I said, no nominations since I don’t know of any new blogs and don’t want to keep repeating. ¬†Have a wonderful day!!!


What’s Next?

You know that feeling of putting all your effort into something and then it’s over? ¬†I think people tend to feel that way when planning a wedding or another big event. ¬†It’s all you think about for so long and then it happens.

That’s kind of how I’m feeling now. ¬†I signed up for the half marathon on December 22nd. ¬†Wow! ¬†That’s about 10 months ago. ¬†Since I signed up, I spent a good amount of time thinking about it.

In January, February, and March I tried to run a little. ¬†I think I went for two outdoor runs and did some time on the treadmill. ¬†Full on training started in April. ¬†That’s about 6.5 months of training.

I’m not even one week post race and i’m wondering where to put all my attention now.

I had told myself that i’d get back to weight training, since that was put on hold after the hernia scare in August. ¬†I wouldn’t mind finding a new boxing gym, or getting back to some gym classes like bootcamp. ¬†But I still feel like I need a project or a goal to work towards.

I feel like running is perfect for that.  Pick a race and then train for it.  So I need to pick a race.

Some thoughts:

A turkey trot. ¬†There’s a 5 miler that isn’t too far from my house, so that’s a start.
Another half – maybe the NYC Half if I can get it. ¬†It’s in mid-March so the training will be very different, but it would be a good challenge.
The Boston Marathon 5K (did you think I was just going to say Boston Marathon? ¬†yeah right!) – my sister’s good friend and running buddy ran it last year and loved it. I’ll be up that way to spectate anyway, so maybe it would be a good course to train for time for. ¬†See how fast I can get. ¬†Ha!

So we’ll see. ¬†I definitely ¬†need something. ¬†If you’re local to the CT area and have any suggestions, please share!

Race recap

No official race photos yet, but I do have a few I can share. ¬†ūüôā

Let’s see, i’m not even sure where to start. ¬†I think part of me is still in awe that I ran 13 miles…and would do it again.

So to answer that question, yes, I would definitely do another. ¬†My sis suggested I make my next one a big one, so we’ll see. ¬†While this one was great, it was still pretty small (about 1,000 runners). ¬†She thinks the energy of a larger race will help me push through and stay motivated.

The morning of, I decided that I didn’t want to eat anything in advance. ¬†After reading a blog post about “fasted running” and realizing it was actually a thing, I thought maybe I should just stick with it (since I had been doing it without knowing). ¬†I ate a pack of Extreme Sport Beans about 30 minutes before the start and that worked well. ¬†I took a Clif fuel around mile 10 but may not have had enough water with it.

That aside, here are my post race thoughts.

The good

  • I felt good. ¬†My legs/shins/knees felt fine.
  • The weather. ¬†Around 50 degrees, so perfect for running.
  • My outfit. ¬†I went with the green pants (of course), a black shirt, a green hat, and a Buff that had lots of color.
  • The support. ¬†My family (mom, dad, sister, sister’s boyfriend) and two close friends came to cheer us on. ¬†This was the best part.
  • The atmosphere overall. ¬†This was a big thing for our town and I loved the energy before the start and after the finish.
  • I loved being a part of this half group. ¬†So cool!

The not so good

  • Traffic. ¬†Unfortunately the route wasn’t as closed to traffic as I had hoped. ¬†(you’ll actually see a car in the background of one of the photos) ¬†I was really looking forward to running in the road. ¬†While some roads were closed, quite a bit were not. ¬†From mile 8 or so to 10+ we were on roads that were totally open to traffic and running on the sidewalk. ¬†I didn’t love that. ¬†Some people had big issues with cars not wanting to stop for them. ¬†Thankfully I didn’t experience any issues, but it was still less than ideal.
  • Water. ¬†I swear that the first route map showed water stops every mile. ¬†As a result, I didn’t wear my belt (with my water bottles). ¬†It turned out that water was very 2+ miles and there were definitely times where I needed it and it wasn’t there. ¬†Lesson learned.
  • Not water at the hydration stop. ¬†One time I grabbed the sports-drink instead of the water, thinking it would be similar to gatorade. ¬†Unfortunately it was the chalky tums-like stuff that I had tried a few weeks/months earlier and hated. ¬†I took a few sips because I needed something and didn’t want to go back for water. ¬†I could barely get it down so I tossed it. ¬†Yuck.
  • My stomach. ¬†I blame the above mentioned drink, but it may have also just been due to pushing a bit harder. ¬†I ended up quite nauseous during mile 11 and walked more than I wanted. ¬†The choice was puke or walk. I ¬†chose to walk. ¬†I think I still stand by that decision. ¬†After crossing the finish I actually walked to the water because I thought I was going to be sick (which I wasn’t).
  • The race size. ¬†Because it was a smaller group, there was a good amount of solo running. ¬†From mile 8 to the finish, there were people around me but not many. ¬†Mile 13 was really spaced out. ¬†I guess this is back to my what my sister said about the crowd really helping.

Nothing about the day was really bad and overall I had a great time and was happy with everything.

Post-race they had free beer and I figured that once I was done I’d want nothing more than a beer. ¬†In actuality I wanted nothing to do with beer…or food. ¬†I had some water and forced myself to eat some banana (it took me about an hour to eat 1/3 of a banana).

And now, here are some photos.

IMG_0776 IMG_0790 IMG_20151017_100440 IMG_20151017_113108 2 3

I Did It!!!!!

In summary, I did it!!! I RAN A FREAKING HALF MARATHON! (and lived to tell about it)


It was an awesome weekend overall! ¬†I’m still working on gathering race day photos and will post a more detailed recap once I have them.

I took off Friday and Monday as I knew it would be a crazy weekend. ¬†Although I didn’t think it would be quite as crazy as it was.

Friday РStarted with a bunch of errands, giving the dog a bath, then meeting my parents for lunch.  After lunch, packet pickup and more errands.  We had a little downtime and then my parents came over for a bit, then off to the train station to pick up my sis and her bf, then off to dinner.  8 of us total.  It was awesome!

Everyone came back to the house for dessert.  Cookies from Levain Bakery in Harlem.  Off. The. Hook!


They are these large scone-like cookies and so freaking good! ¬†But I digress…

Saturday РRACE DAY! I got up around 6:30 or so.  Took the dog out, went to the bathroom a million times.  Race started at 9, we got there around 8.  It was nice to meet up with friends and chat.  It was a little chilly but I had my throwaway clothes.

After the race we all met up near the finish (runner friends and my family and other friends).  It was chilly for spectators so they headed to a bar while we hung out a bit longer.  Then we headed to the bar for lunch.  Service was crap but the company was great.  After that our visitors left and we headed to another bar to meet up with some other friends.

We left there around 3:30 because we had a friggin’ wedding to go to that night. ¬†I’ll admit, we were moving a little slow and ended up being a little over an hour late. ¬†We were OK with that, but when you miss the cocktail hour, you really do miss the best part. ¬†We were exhausted and got home around midnight.

Sunday РWe had a pizza event so he was up at 6:15 and I got up around 7:15.  Either way, too early.  As we were getting ready, we had the ingenious idea to buy tickets to the Mets playoff game that night.  So we busted our butts at a party, then came home, threw on a million layers, and went to a baseball game.

Monday РI did as little as humanly possible.  Dumb me had scheduled a spinning audition smack dab in the middle of the day, so I had that.  But really, that was it.  I spent most of the day just trying to keep my eyes open.  I was asleep around 9:30p and it was glorious!

It was such a great weekend!! ¬†Now it’s back to the grind. ¬†I’ll be back later this week with a real race recap as well as my thoughts post-run.

Happy Tuesday!!!

Lots and lots of race day thoughts

My head is buzzing!

When the SONO Half posted on Facebook today that we are only 4 days away from the race, I kind of freaked out a bit. ¬†It’s crazy!


Seeing as this is only my 4th official race, i’m definitely not one of those people who knows all the ins and outs of a race. ¬†I’m probably the exact opposite and as it’s getting closer, I have so many thoughts/questions buzzing through my head.

So….I figured I’d write them down here. ¬†Not because I expect answers, but maybe by writing them down and organizing them, i’ll feel a bit better.

  • Bathroom bathroom bathroom – my plan is to get up early on Saturday to give my system time to do it’s thing. ¬†That said, on Sunday I did the same and still ended up having to take a pee break at McDonalds. ¬†I’d prefer not to stop, so i’m wondering just how much I should let myself drink prior to the race. ¬†(Not to mention I’ve heard horror stories about race porta-potties.)
  • My outfit – I think i’m pretty much good with this. ¬†As of now my plan is my green pants, black shirt, and a hat (either green or pink). ¬†If of course I find a cute shirt between now and then, the top half could easily change.
  • Do I wear my belt? – During my long runs I have a belt that I wear, which allows me to carry water, fuel, my phone, and a key. ¬†Since the race has a bag check and water every mile, I’m thinking I probably don’t need my belt. ¬†A plus is that my pants have easy access pockets, so I can throw fuel in there. ¬†I’m thinking I’ll go belt-less.
  • Compression socks – After hearing how wonderful they are, I bought a pair and ran with them on Sunday. ¬†Personally I felt like they made it harder and my legs didn’t necessarily feel any different (better) after the run. ¬†I had thought about running in them, but I think i’m going to pass. ¬†Maybe another time.
  • Pre-race dinner – It’s pathetic how much time I am spending on this topic. ¬†It’s only 13 miles! ¬†ūüôā ¬†My preferred meal has been sushi. ¬†Strange, I know. ¬†The last thing I want is Italian food and pasta. ¬†The bf and I can’t seem to agree and we have about 6 guests coming too. ¬†Now we’re thinking hibachi. ¬†It’s not exactly what I want, but I just don’t know what else to do. ¬†So frustrating!!
  • Post-race lunch – It’s all about the food. ¬†The same group is going to grab a bite after the race. ¬†Since it ends near downtown Norwalk, I’m thinking I should make a reservation. ¬†But where? ¬†Ever feel like restaurants are just eh?
  • Fuel – I’m going to pick up a gel or two for during and probably go the sport beans route beforehand.
  • My ears – All of a sudden my ears are clogged today. ¬†It’s not horrible, but it’s annoying. ¬†And while I feel fine, it’s making me nervous that I’m getting sick so I’m going to try and douse myself with vitamin C etc. ¬†(Side note: my boss has been coughing. ¬†he’s claiming it’s allergies. ¬†if he gets me sick you may have to visit me in prison.)

So this is what happens when a Type A person does something they’ve never done before. ¬†Lots and lots of thoughts and questions.

But like they said on Facebook, only 4 days to go, so for the most part, it is what it is.  Right?

Holy crap it’s getting close!

I was going to sensor the title a bit, but why? ¬†It’s truly how I’m feeling.

Less than a week to go (5 days to be precise).  Last long run DONE.  How/when did this happen?

Two weeks ago was a bad running week for me (read: I didn’t really run at all). ¬†This past week was a bit better, but of course made a bit more challenging by work travel. ¬†Grrr.

I ran 4 and 3 miles in CA. ¬†4 miles was without my garmin, without music, and being quite unprepared for the unseasonably warm weather. ¬†Because I didn’t have my garmin, I definitely went out too fast and completed the first 2 miles at a pace that killed me for the second lap. ¬†My 3 miler the next morning was so much better! ¬†My music issue was resolved, it was early so it wasn’t hot, and my pacing was better. ¬†Phew.

Saturday I didn’t run, but Sunday morning I did my long run. ¬†It was supposed to be 6 but based on my sister’s suggestion, I bumped it up to 8. ¬†I went out around 9:30 which is way late for me, but actually a good test based on the half’s start time of 9:00a.

Here’s the route:


Definitely a little bit of everything. ¬†It wasn’t a great run for me. ¬†There was some walking, and a pee break at McDonalds (thank goodness for running on a major street). ¬†But, I did it. ¬†That little uphill right around mile 7 is killer. ¬†Slow steady grade. ¬†That part has killed me on other runs, but this time, I told myself I had to keep going. ¬†And I did!

So this week i’m supposed to run twice and then recover in advance of the half. ¬†I seriously can’t believe it’s so soon!

The race organizer posted this photo and I got the chills.



So I’ll end this post here. ¬†I have quite a few questions/thoughts about the race though so I may write a post later this week with a few of those.

Happy running!

Odds and Ends

I just felt like sharing some random thoughts today.


My motivation is SHOT! ¬†I’ve been completely exhausted all week. ¬†I can barely get out of bed in the morning and by the end of the day I want nothing other than to sit on the couch.

Tuesday night I had to teach spin and even then my energy just wasn’t there. ¬†Lucky or not lucky for me, no one showed, so I got to go home.

Tonight I’m going to go to the gym and run (and hopefully wake my body up).

Cooler Weather Gear

When I was in Maine last week, the first day I went out to run, the temperature was 47 degrees. ¬†I immediately sent a text to my sister and said “what do I wear?”. ¬†Her response was that she’d wear a tank and shorts. ¬†I wouldn’t wear a tank and shorts in the summer, so definitely not in the cooler weather. ¬†Then she suggested capris and a t-shirt. ¬†I compromised and went with capris and a long sleeved UA shirt (which I’m obsessed with).


It’s way brighter in person and the blue part of the sleeve matches my Athleta capris so perfectly it’s almost embarrassing.

Thank you TJ Maxx for that and some other great finds!

Garmin Craziness

Two of us ran our 12 miles on Sunday.  One of us was definitely faster than the other, yet when we looked at the summaries on our Garmins, mine showed a faster average pace, and a completely different pace for our first mile.

Any suggestions on how to try to fix this?  Is there a way to calibrate a Garmin?

Random Updates

If you read this blog with any regularity, here are some updates to random things I’ve mentioned in the past.

Half outfit – I have my green pants and my hat all set but haven’t yet decided on a top. ¬†Part of this is because I’m not sure of the weather. ¬†I’m leaning towards something neon though.

Wedding outfit РStill planning to go with a long dress so I can rock my compression calf sleeves underneath.  After running 12 last week I was quite achy and as a result find it pretty unlikely that heels are in my future.

So that’s all from me for now. ¬†I’m off to try to find some motivation and energy!