When do you fuel?

Good morning!

An out of the ordinary quick mid-week post.   Looking for a little feedback.

So when do you feel the need for fuel?  At what distance do you need a little something to keep you going?

Do you eat before runs?

What do you use for fuel?

As a rule I don’t eat before exercise, or if I do, it needs to be at least 3 hours before, which makes eating in the morning tough.  My stomach is easily upset, so this is what works for me.

During my 5 miles I felt a bit nauseous around mile 4.25 and wondered if perhaps I needed something in my stomach.  Granted, I don’t think a gu/gel/chew would do much, but it made me stop and think.

I truly have no idea of when I should be thinking about fuel.  5 miles?  6 miles?  10 miles?

What’s your experience?



I think this once a week posting thing is working out pretty well…plus those really clever post titles. 🙂

Happy post-memorial day weekend!  June is right around the corner, which is kind of crazy to think about…especially since memories of snow are just a little too fresh.

Last week wasn’t so great for me in terms of running.  My schedule called for 1.5 on Tuesday, 2 miles on Wednesday, and then 3 on Friday, culminating in 5 on Sunday.

What did I actually do?  1.5 on Tuesday.  I was in California for work Wednesday through Friday, which made it tough.  I brought my sneakers and gear, but it just didn’t happen.  I probably could have done it on Wednesday evening, but work got in the way.  And again, I probably could have run Thursday morning, but I had a lot of prep work to do and was concerned about timing.  I figured I’d run Thursday evening, until I got to my hotel and saw the surrounding area and decided it was a no go.  So I unofficially took a week off.  In hindsight I should have pushed more, but I didn’t.  It happens.

I also thought about running on Saturday before class, but that too didn’t happen.  Does thinking about a run count? 😉

Long run on Sunday, still going to happen.  Until it didn’t.  Sunday morning I woke up tired and wanted nothing more than to stay in bed just.a.bit.longer.  So I did.  I pushed the long run off to Monday.

Sunday night I left a friend’s house early so I could go to bed early and wake up to run.  Alarm went off Monday morning at 6 and I woke up and had some coffee.  I didn’t plan to leave until 7:30/8 but wanted to be awake long enough to give my system time to wake up.

Around 8+ we headed to the beach.  Gorgeous weather and quiet, it was perfect for a run.

I started my run feeling meh.  I was a little concerned but kept reminding myself that it takes a mile or two for it to get “easier”.  So I kept going.  I didn’t have much of a route but thanks to my Garmin that’s never an issue.

I miscalculated distances twice, right around the 3 mile mark and then again at the end.  So I added a loop on a local street and then finished my run in a parking lot.  5 miles is 5 miles regardless of where it ends.

So I did it!  Even without properly training the week before I ran my 5 miles.  What surprised me most was the fact that I was a good 20 seconds faster than any other run.  I was very encouraged by this, but am trying not to be too encouraged because I really don’t want to feel let down next week.

Next week is 5 again and then it goes to 6.  Look out 10Ks!!!

On a side note….I always run with a tissue and this time I forgot.  I felt like a real runner when I had to blow my nose into my hand and then wipe my face and hand with my shirt.  Is that an over share?  🙂


Good morning!!!

Happy pre-Memorial Day week.  Crazy that it’s so close!  Also crazy that right now it’s only 57 degrees outside.

Running is moving along nicely although I expect this to be a tough week to stick to my schedule as a quick work trip will try to mess everything up.  I’m bringing my gear, so I will do my best but an entire day of travel doesn’t make it easy.

My long run this past weekend was 4.5 miles.  I did my 4 mile at the beach, where it was flat, but due to a lack of time, for this one I just walked out of the house and went.

My plan was pretty much to run out 2.25 and then turn around to do a loop.  I did that for the most part, although I got bored, so I detoured a bit and ended up fishing my 4.5 about a quarter mile from my house, which allowed me to walk a bit after, which was great.

Let me just say that hills are sneaky!  I learned this when I started biking, but it’s crazy how you can have no clue that there is a hill when you’re driving and then boom! it gets you on a bike (or on foot).

A perfect example of this was my route from Sunday.


At the 2.9 mark the slight incline started.  This was definitely one of those times where I didn’t even realize it was an uphill.  Over half a mile like that was definitely tough…but I did it 🙂  (I’ve since driven that road a few times and have definitely noted the hill.)

Overall it was a decent run and I felt OK for the majority of it.  Hooray!

Once I finished I walked a bit and then broke into a jog when a car let me pass.  At that point the running/jogging felt great, which made me stop and think about the value of taking a walking break.

I seem to think my sister mentioned that in all previous marathons (not Boston) she had walked at one point or another.  Do you take walking breaks?  Do you feel that they help?  How long do you walk for?

Enjoy the week and the holiday weekend!  I’m running 5 on Sunday.  Yikes!


Happy Wednesday!  Hope everyone is having a good week.

My half marathon is in a little over 5 months.  Sounds weird to say.  Still sounds very far away!

Training is going well.  My long run on Sunday was 4 miles.

Instead of running in my neighborhood, we headed down to the beach.  I figured I’d try a long run on the flatter terrain down there (it’s very hilly by me).  Interestingly enough there was a 10K going on so I overlapped with them a bit.

It was good overall.  My first mile was my fastest and I felt OK.  Mile two felt just so-so, but miles 3 and 4 were better.

I just read something that said the first 10 minutes of a run are the worst (for almost everyone).  The same article said that some people don’t get into their groove and feel good until miles 3 or 4.  How about you?  Do you agree with this?

On the schedule yesterday was 1.5 and spin.  I wanted to run outside though, so my 1.5 ended up being 1.9, which was OK.  It was quite hot but I have to say I really wasn’t bothered by the heat.

This route had a nice hill.


Call me crazy but I actually don’t mind hills, which is good because this is the elevation map for the half.


At least the end is flat!

Would love any input on your sweet spot for running.  When does it start to feel good/easier?

And i’m invisible (at least to Garmin)

Good morning!

I got my new running schedule yesterday.  I’m currently in week 6 and the new schedule takes me out to week 10.  Week 10 takes me to a long run of 6 miles.  Yikes!

I’ve been a bit laxed the past week or two and am trying really hard to be more strict with myself.

Yesterday was 2 miles.  After work I took the dog out and then headed out.  As an experiment, I put my garmin on the strap of my tank top instead of on my wrist.  I was attempting to put it somewhere where I couldn’t look at it easily.  Good in theory but somehow this didn’t bode well for my satellite signal and it ended up shorting me by about a quarter mile.  This really threw me off!

I was on a route i’ve done before and was pretty confident that it was 2 miles round trip, so when I got to what should have been the 1.1 mark and was only around .8, I was confused.  It wasn’t a great run for me due to that, but also because my shin pain kicked in.  I walked a bit and then managed to run the rest, actually feeling really good around what was probably mile 1.5.

Of course as soon as I got home I went on to mapmyrun.com to check.  It was 2 miles, phew.

Since the only thing I did differently was move the watch, I’m wondering if perhaps my big ol’ head blocked the signal.  Any thoughts?

5K Recap


This weekend was my first 5K in a long time.  I figure at least 4 years.

My training plan required a 5K right around now and due to schedule conflicts, I was somewhat limited.  I found one on the day/time I needed, not too far away, and at the price point I was OK with.  So I registered.

It ended up being somewhat informal, but that was OK.  It was also small.  My guess is 50-100 runners.

The route was nice.  Local roads, some hills, some shade, some waterviews.  It was more or less closed to traffic and easy to follow.

Armed with my garmin, my ipod, and my buff, off I went.  I started in the back of the pack and pretty much stayed in the back.  I was feeling good and when I checked my pace it was sub 10, which was a surprise.  Unfortunately this didn’t last. I definitely went out too fast and then faded some.  I need to remind myself that I am a new runner and it’s OK to be inconsistent, to start too fast, to be slow….

I ran the entire time, no walking.  So that’s good.  My pace varied from a 9:15 to an 11:20 at times.  Big range!  But again, I’m new.  🙂

My embarrassing story is that I wanted to give a final push for the last .5 or so.  I didn’t really have it in me, but I tried.  Then I got nauseous…very.  Then I coughed and realized I was going to be sick.  So right after mile 3 (seriously?!?) I had to stop and jog over to the side because it was going to get ugly.  Thankfully it didn’t actually get ugly, but it was close.  I took a minute or two and then finished my .1.  Seriously bad timing.  I did feel better afterwards so I guess that’s a good thing.

I’m just such a hardcore runner and was going to fast that I made myself sick.  Yeah right.

But I did it and I will do it again.

Here’s an unattractive picture of me after the run.  Note that I’ve never taken a “selfie” so it was interesting.


My training schedule for the next phase is coming sometime this week.  I’m a little nervous.  Will post after I receive it.  Have a good week!