A short recap

I know that all of your lives (all two of you) have been on hold waiting for my recap of the Sono Half.  🙂

So I ran it.  It wasn’t a good race for me.  I kind of knew that from the moment it started.  My breathing was off and the air felt thick.  My pace was also way off.  My effort level felt one way and my pace just didn’t match.  I could barely get below an 11:00/mile.  But I went with it.  Just keep running.

We started towards the end of the pack, so there weren’t a ton of people around us.  I ran up the first steep hill around mile 3, into the rolling hills of miles 3-4, which can be tough.  I kept going.

Mile 6 has us running back through town, where I saw my family again.  I commented that I felt like I was in last place because there was no one around.  Even the crowd support had died down some.  I kept going.

Around mile 8 my other half said “only 5 to go”, which didn’t really make me feel any better.  Shortly after that, he picked up his pace and I didn’t see him again until the finish. I kept going.

Around 10 everything started hurting.  I was tired and mentally struggling.  I stopped for a bit to walk.  Started running again and walked up a hill.  The remainder of the race was a walk/run combo.  I just wanted to be done.  I told myself I’d run the last mile.  I tried, but everything hurt.  I ran a bit with my sister around 12.5 and then of course ran the stretch in to finish. I finished…and everything hurt.

I was not happy this race, but I did hide it VERY well from anyone else.  I was talking to spectators, to race staff, to police.  Making everyone laugh.  At least I’m a happy unhappy runner 🙂

So the good news is that I finished it.

The bad/eh news is that I seem to be dealing with some pretty persistent hip/groin pain.  I had some minor issues in this area prior to the half, but it never bothered me when I ran.  Now it does.  It hurts when I walk and really when I run. Advil makes it feel better but it isn’t fixing it, just masking it.  I’m going to the doc on Friday and we’ll see.  It’s now been over a week and I still can’t even jog across the street (I tried and paid the price).

I also decided that I’m all set with half marathons for now.  Of course this can change in the future, but for now i’m good.  Bring on the 5 and 10ks!

So before I go, I wanted to share this photo from the Chicago marathon.  I always try to come up with good signs and I think the orange one was my favorite.  I loved how it got smiles and thumbs up from the runners.  Love that!


Have a most wonderful Monday!


3 thoughts on “A short recap

  1. FYI! Im still following!! xoxoxox good job on the half! You did it and thats what counts. But i hope the aches go away!

  2. I love that orange sign too. Perfect! Nothing is worse than knowing a race is going to be bad right from the start. Such a mental blow! Good for you for pushing through. Honestly, I think it makes you a better runner for the future.

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