Oh well hello there!  Look what the cat dragged in….me!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I apologize for going totally MIA.  But I’m here now.

After totally getting all excited about using Spotify on my Google Nexus, something happened with the Nexus where I can no longer plug in headphones/adapter cords.  Weird.  Slight freakout ensued at the gym, but i’ve since switched to the iPad until I get the Nexus fixed.

That said, here’s my latest playlist.


spin june 18

Nothing too new on here except for the Papa Roach song.  Not sure I’ve ever used a Papa Roach song for anything.  Doubt I ever said the words “Papa Roach” but it works for a heavy climb.  It was a good ride.

In other news….I got a job!!  Woo hoo!  Same type of position but a totally different industry and I’m excited about that.  Healthcare IT was NOT for me.

I don’t start until the 10th so i’m trying to enjoy every last minute of freedom.  We actually booked a last minute trip to FL to sit on the beach.  Can’t wait.

In the world of Miss Minnie….she had a weird cut/scab thing on her head so I took her to the vet today.  Thankfully it’s nothing to worry about, but she was put in a cone.  Dog was miserable.  She didn’t move and was breathing all crazy.  It was ridiculous.  I took it off and magically she’s back to normal.  Just making sure she doesn’t scratch bc if she does, the cone goes back on.

So that’s about it.  Hope you’re all having a good week!  Can you believe it’s almost the end of June?  I can not!!




I’ve definitely been spending most of my blog time on He Cooks, She Bakes, They Eat and neglecting FitTalker.  My apologies!

However, at the same time I have been teaching and even putting together new rides.

As I mentioned in my last post, I just hopped on the Spotify bandwagon and am loving it.  It seems so easy to put together a playlist and it’s great having access to so many songs without having to remember what you want to buy.

Here are my past two rides…

spin june 1 spin - june 11


I thought both were great rides.  If you’d like to see the teaching notes, just let me know.

To follow me on spotify… http://open.spotify.com/user/jessicabondell

Some new tunes and their youtube links below.


after a TON of procrastination (see, sometimes the shift key does work), i have finally joined Spotify.  i just may be one of the last people to do this, so i’m glad it finally happened.

my first impressions are good.  it’s a tad overwhelming but also incredibly awesome as i have sooooo much music at my disposal without having to download song by song.  i’m thinking this is going to work out pretty well, at least for spin.

it’s a timely decision because i seem to have lost my ipod, again.  ugh.

are you on spotify?  if so, follow me at jessicabondell and i’ll follow you!!