Yes, I’ve been missing

Greetings and happy Friday!  I’m tired.  I blame winter.

My apologies for the lack of posts, but I honestly didn’t have much to say.

Running has NOT been happening.  We got hit with two storms and there is just so much snow on the ground that there is no way I’m braving it.  Then it got incredibly cold, so now we also have ice.  We have too many hills for me to risk it, so I will wait for the thaw.  At this rate, that will be August.  😉

My gym routine has also been mediocre because work has gotten in the way.  But I’m working on fixing that, as I always am.

Today I was going to the gym no matter what, so I headed out around lunch.  I wanted something quick, yet challenging, and I didn’t really want to think.

Many many many bloggers post workouts on their blogs, but I rarely use them.  Today I decided to be different and use one of them.

I grabbed this workout from


The instructions are to pick an exercise from each category, do it for one minute, then move on to the next category.  Ultimately you will have completed all exercises and if you don’t take any breaks in between, this will take 32 minutes.

I made some modifications because I ran out of time.  I wouldn’t say it was amazing, but it wasn’t bad and it did the trick.

It was also interesting to see how I struggled with one minute of some of these exercises.  Who knew 1 minute was so long?  I also couldn’t help but count, which I found to be counterproductive.  Normally when I hit 8-15, I stop, so what good was it if I hit 8-15 in 20 seconds.  I tried not to count, but it was probably the hardest part.

I expect to be a little sore tomorrow, so that’s good.

I’m honestly so ready to run, but just not on the treadmill.  One day!!

Do you run in the snow?  Do you wear those things on your shoes for traction?  Any blogs you use for workouts?