Greetings from the other side!  The other side of what?  I’m not sure, it just came out.

As usual it’s been a while since I’ve posted.

I’ll do a quick recap and then look forward.  Game on.  No pictures of course but really, I know you love me for my words 🙂

Last week I was in Charlotte, NC from Sunday night until the following Saturday  morning for work.  It was OK.  The days were long and it was completely exhausting but that was to be expected.  We had a tradeshow on Wed/Thur and had to do set up Mon/Tues.  While I did make it to the gym Tuesday  morning, that was it.  The days were just too long and spent all day on your feet with less than ideal sustenance during the day.

That said, when I did make it to the gym at 5:45a on Tuesday, I somehow managed to run 3 miles.  Other than OTF, I have not been running.  But that morning, I got on the treadmill and my body said run, so I went for it.  I thought maybe 2 miles but decided to go for 3.  It was great!  I felt good and had a lovely city view as the sun rose, plus a virtual view of New Zealand on my treadmill.  I was psyched.

Of course everything gym wise went down hill from there.

Today is Friday, about a week later, and I finally made it back to OTF.  I taught on Monday night but due to weather, the rest of the week has been a bit of a waste.

OTF this morning was a mess for me.  I think I’ve been fighting a cold for months.  Thankfully I’m winning, but every now and then chest congestion gets a bit annoying.  This morning was sort of one of those days.  I had congestion that had dripped into my stomach, so when I went hard at OFT, it made me feel sick and twice I had to run to the bathroom.  It was just the congestion in an empty stomach, which I’ve dealt with before, but it’s still no fun.  And of course today was a hard/fun workout for which I had to dial it back.  Somehow I did manage to finish, feeling tired and dizzy.  But I’m better now. 🙂

That aside, game on next week as I need to start half marathon training.  The Fairfield Half is June 25th, so that leaves me 14 weeks.  I feel like I can make that work.

It will start slow because i’m training with my other half and it seems to take him longer to get back into the swing of things.  He wanted me to promise him that I wouldn’t leave him.  Sounds sweet and also makes me think that I’m fast (hardly!).

This weekend we are driving way too far for a cake tasting.  Fun/exciting but also kind of a pain.

Oh yes, the big news from before I went to Charlotte is that I got a dress!  I went into my appointment with little to no expectations and was SO pleasantly surprised!  It’s a strapless sweetheart fit and flare and I love it!  Hooray!

So that’s where I’m at.  Once I come up with a half plan I’ll share.

Have a most wonderful weekend!!!


Holy crap it’s March!  Of course I knew March was coming, but somehow it still snuck up on me.  Guess that’s what you get with a 28 day month.

I’ve still been debating this blog and whether or not to post, but I think I’m going to try to keep up with it since it helps me clear my head.

So how was your February?

My February was good.  I think.  😉  Just kidding, it was fine.  It was busy but nothing overly  notable.

I did a pretty good job of going to Orangetheory regularly, meaning two times a week.  I only have the 8 class/month package, so it is what it is.  I’ve thought about asking how much it would be to up to the next level but haven’t done it yet.  But that combined with my two spin classes a week is a start.

You probably don’t remember, but I mentioned that I was going to work out with my other half the three remaining days.  That was the plan since January.  Let’s just say that it just started.  Yesterday.  (all him, not me)

I registered for the Fairfield Half which is at the end of June.  Training for that will start later this month.  Hopefully.

I’ve been having some foot pain and am hoping that it’s just due to my needing new inserts for my sneaks.  I think they will be delivered today or tomorrow, so we’re close.

I tried Super Feet but still find them to be super uncomfortable.  Am I the only person who isn’t a fan?  I use Power Step inserts.

I’m currently running in Saucony Triumph ISO 2s.


I had the first version of this shoe and loved them, so I figured I’d try the next version.  I think I like them.

In a totally different style, my sister also about me a pair of the Adizero Bostons.


This is the shoe she runs it, but it’s WAY more minimalist.  I did one OTF class in them and the running felt OK during and great after.  But later that day I had some foot/shin/achilles pain.  Again, could be the shoe, could be in the inserts.

I’m kind of going to play around with these two for now and then go from there.  Hopefully both will work, but if not, at least one.  Fingers crossed!

Now I need to come up with a training plan.  To the interwebs I go!

As I mentioned, the other half and I finally started working out together.  We’re doing Body Beast.


He’s a big fan of at home workouts and likes the Beach Body stuff.  I don’t really care for at home workouts (or Beach Body) but am giving it a go.

Body Beast is clearly more targeted to men (although plenty of women have used it).  It’s led by a super muscle-y guy who comments on how he can feel his shirt “getting tighter”.  Definitely entertaining!

I will probably only do it 3 times a week, so I’m curious to see how it goes and if I get super ripped like him.  🙂

And my last item of interest is that on Saturday I’m going to look at wedding dresses.  Wait? What?  This is so bizarre to me and I have no clue of what to expect.  I just hope I don’t leave there feeling like nothing looked good (which is sometimes how clothing shopping goes).  Guess we’ll see!

Have a good rest of the week and weekend!  Happy March!


DC Runners – help

Completely random post, but if anyone reads this and happens to live in the DC area, perhaps this method will work.

I may be in DC this summer (july or august) and would like to do a 5k while there.  ideally on a saturday.

I know it’s HOT so it’s not the best running time, but are there any races you’d recommend?

I found one in Georgetown on 8/13 and another on 7/29.  I also saw the bubble race, but i’m not a fan of that sort of thing, so that’s a no.

Any input is much appreciated!  Gracias!

My most unlikely post ever (but also very helpful)

Got to lure you in with those tricky headlines….right?  🙂

It has to do with cleaning!  Yikes!  Argh!  I really don’t care for cleaning, but sometimes it can not be avoided.  I will now tell you how to remove wax from your furniture.

The background

While working at a tradeshow a few weeks ago, my other half ordered this crazy humongous candle from FlashPoint Candle.  It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it’s gigantic!  The diameter is 15″ (it’s the Hamilton 17 wick in case anyone was curious).

It was lit in our living room.


It was lit (obviously).  So I asked my sig other if he thought he could blow them all out in one breath.  Note that this was not meant as a challenge but just a question since it’s a lot of wicks.  Well he apparently took this as a challenge and blew them out with all his might.

In doing so, he managed to get wax everywhere.  Everywhere.  All over the upholstered ottoman it was sitting on and all over the couch just beyond it.  Lovely.  We’ve only had this furniture about 2 months.  Even better.

He freaked out a bit.  I assured him it would be OK (even though I wasn’t sure).  We did buy the insurance though, so worst comes to worst, we’d take advantage of that and get replacements.

I told him we definitely needed to let the way harden and then we’d go from there.  So last night after work I got started on my task.

I googled “how to remove wax from upholstery” and found this most helpful article.

A year or so ago we had a big wax spill on our hardwood floors and removing that was tough.  We needed to get it all off but without damaging/scraping the floors.  In that instance, dish soap and a hairdryer saved the day.

When it comes to wax, you need to get it out of the solid state for removal, so enter heat.

The article I linked to said to remove all excess wax and then place a paper towel over the spot.  Then place a paper bag over the paper towel and iron the spot.  Essentially the wax will melt and adhere to the texture of the paper towel.

He was skeptical but I figured it was worth a shot.  Guess what?  It worked!  The wax stuck to the paper towel and came off of the couch.

After that step, they instruct you to use a cleaning product to clean up any residual spots.  Lucky for us the wax wasn’t colored, so it wasn’t too bad.  We also had spot cleaner from the furniture store, so I used that.

While it’s not 100%, it’s pretty darn close.  We found a few more wax spots, so i’ll likely repeat the process, but I was blown away by how well this works.

I felt that it was my duty to share this wax removal tip with you (it can also be used on clothing).

You’re welcome 🙂

All about the mysterious Fit Talker (ha!)

Because I am all about procrastination today I figured I’d spend some time sharing some random information about myself.


Name: Jessica
Age: 37 but in my head I think I stopped at 30
Gender: Female



Food: Sushi, a good chocolate cake, good pizza (there is way too much crappy pizza out there), mac and cheese

Drink: Water – so boring!

Book: The Nightingale

Song: I don’t really have a favorite song because my mind changes too frequently for anything to remain a favorite (or it gets way too played out).  I guess if I had to choose something, it would be Numb by Usher.

Movie: I’m not a huge movie person and haven’t seen anything good recently.  Let’s say the Wizard of Oz or Clueless.  Such an intellectual!

Band: No clue although I will always have a spot in my heart for my 90s rock bands (soundgarden, pearl jam) and i was a big grateful dead fan (bet you didn’t see that coming)

Solo Artist: Wow, so many music questions.  No clue.

Place: A beach with beautiful blue water.  I’m not specific.

Subject: Food.  I really do like to talk about food…and travel.

Sport: Football

Actor: It’s been a long time since I thought about this…I like John Goodman (random, right?)

Actress: no clue


Schooling: BA in Communications, MBA in Management and Marketing – I love to learn!

Political ideology: No comment.  I have my opionions but typically don’t share.  I don’t like to argue.

Religion: Jewish

Tattoos: Nope.  I’ve thought about it for ages but couldn’t come up with anything that I’d want on me permanently.

Piercings: Ears.  At one point I also had my belly button, nose, and tongue.  College was a fun time 🙂  (my parents weren’t fans of that phase)

Languages: English (obviously) and I’d like to work more on my spanish.  I can get by if needed.

Reason behind your blog name: The focus of the blog to start was just fitness and I thought it was funny that it was a play on words of sh*t talker.

Now wasn’t that the most fun 2 minutes you’ve spent today?

Completely unrelated, but I need to work on being more FUN.  I was looking back at some photos and what was most apparent to both me and the sig other is that I used to have so much fun.  Of course I was younger and more carefree, but I shouldn’t have to sacrifice fun.

I’m going to make that an unofficial goal for 2017 and since it’s here in writing, it’s real.

Happy Wednesday!!!

My not so regular check in



This is meant to be an easy breezy place to read mindless content 🙂  (yes, I’m calling myself mindless).  Hopefully you get the idea.


So let’s talk books.  I LOVE to read.  When I’m travelling I read a ton.  When I’m not travelling I typically read before bed.  Sometimes I get 20 pages in, sometimes I get 2 pages in and fall asleep mid-sentence.  Either way, reading at night helps quiet my mind and allow me to let the day go.

I innocently downloaded a book from the library and have been reading it for a couple of weeks now.


I didn’t really know much about it, but the little blurb sounded interesting enough.

I had just read on a blog that it had some really disturbing parts and I came to see some of that.  The book was very slow moving for me.  I felt like I had been reading it forever and was just barely at 40% completion.  I wasn’t enjoying it but wanted to keep going and give it a shot.

Until last night.  There was a plot twist.  When that happened, I pretty much gave up.  I just can’t read this book.  Quite honestly I think it’s pretty horrible.

I will admit that I’m very picky about books and it’s rare that I rave about a book.  Most books are a solid 3 stars to me.  That said, it’s rare that I hate a book.  Enter Pretty Girls.  Ugh.

It has made me mad and then I get mad at myself that I’m still thinking about this stinking book.  ARGH!  🙂

Have you read it?  if you liked it, please tell me why.

So aside from my apparent book fueled aggression, things are just fine.

On the wedding front we booked a venue so we have a place and a date.  Phew.  That was the biggest one to check off the list because it was the most challenging.  Now to find a way to cut down the guest list.  Easier said than done.


My hope is that people understand.  While it’s great to be invited to a wedding, sometimes it’s not so bad to not be invited (in my opinion).  Has anyone had to deal with cutting friends/family from an event?  How did it go?

I’m thinking that if i’m honest people will understand and if they don’t understand then maybe the relationship wasn’t so great to start.

On the fitness front things are going OK.  Off to a slightly slower start but still an improvement over where I was a few weeks ago, so that’s good.

I have been managing to get my two OTF workouts in each week, which is great.  Last Thursday I took a 5:15a class (I usually do the 5:30a class on Wed/Fri). It was a great class, but setting your alarm for 4:45 is not so fun.

In terms of OTF, the morning classes are pretty crowded so they changed them to a 3G format which means three groups, instead of the usual two.  So there’s a group that starts on the treadmills, the rowers, and the weight room. One morning I ended up in the weight room because everything else was full and I ended up loving it.  I almost feel like starting with weights gives my body a chance to wake up and prepare for the cardio.  Make any sense?

So that’s what’s going on with me.  Have a wonderful week!

Brain dump – still no photos

Not that anything I’m going to mention is photo worthy, but I will work on that.

I need to clean my house, my office, and my head.  So here’s a start…


On Sunday afternoon I roasted three beets to use throughout the week (lunch, dinner, whatever) and have been eating them since.  They are so easy to make and so delicious hot or cold.

The only downside of eating a lot of beets is that my pee is now anywhere from a pale pink to a full on red.  Even though the reason, it’s still alarming to see.  And sorry if that’s TMI.  Actually the first time this happened to me years ago, I did freak out.  So if this happens to you.  Don’t.  A similar thing happened when I was on a huge kiwi kick, but that was a more neon yellow tint. Good times!

No sugar update

I’ve greatly reduced my sugar intake but am still not 100%.  For example, last night I did indulge in some frozen yogurt.  That said, I woke up with my stomach hurting, so I blame the froyo.

My biggest accomplishment is that I’ve been drinking my coffee without sweetener.  I knew it was possible, but I’m pleased with myself to be doing it (and not hating it).  I will quickly admit that my coffee doesn’t taste nearly as good, but it is what it is.

On that topic, has anyone tried putting butter or coconut oil in their coffee?  Feedback please.


In a relatively spur of the moment decision, last night we bought tickets to see Wicked in a couple of weeks.

My sister and I saw it when it first opened with the original cast and LOVED it.  I’ve wanted to see it again and this time we are going with my parents who have never seen it.  Fun family night!!

I think i’m finally ready to run!

Lots of exclamation marks today.  But this is a big one.  I think i’m finally starting to get excited to start running again!  And speaking of which, I plan to register again for the Fairfield Half in June.  While my time in that race last year was bad, it was a great race for me in every other way.

Wedding venue stuff

I have learned that people in this area plan their weddings WAY in advance.  I guess I always knew that, so I was reminded.  This was also a subtle reminder that I’m not in my late 20s as most brides seem to be.

We don’t want (or need) a long engagement so we’re trying to move things along.  This weekend we’re looking at some venues and my real hope is that by sunday evening we’ll have a venue and a date.

Fingers crossed!  Send those good venue vibes my way.

So that’s what’s on my mind right now.  More to come after the weekend and I will try to take some photos going forward.

Have a great weekend!!!!!

A picture-less update

I know.  Blog posts with no pictures suck.  I’m sorry.  I really am.  I will work on that in the future.  Promise.

So we’ve made it past the mid-point of January.  Holy cow!  I suppose it’s good and bad that time is flying, but mainly good because I can’t stand the cold.  I’m jonesing for the caribbean and I’ve only been back for about 3 weeks.

I had/have big plans for January and going forward in terms of my fitness and overall health.  While things got a bit delayed, I’ve got a plan now and am ready to run with it.

First up.  I weighed myself this morning.  Gag.

During the move I managed to lose the scale.  Odds are good it’s somewhere in the house, I just haven’t come across it yet.  I bought a new digital scale because I felt like I’d need those decimal points.

So after a not so healthy dinner last night, I stepped on the scale this morning.  I was right around where I thought I would be, so while I wasn’t shocked, I was still surprised to see that number in front of me.  I haven’t weighed that much in AGES!

So while I’m a bit put off by the number, I know getting it down is do-able (and necessary).  My rough goal is about 20 pounds and I’m thinking I will let myself look at wedding dresses if I can get to 10.

So it’s back to healthy eating (no sugar and greatly reduced carbs) and working out.

My tentative plan for working out (becauase if it’s not in writing it’s not real):
Monday – teach spin PM – this is also a flex day as I can do something additional or not
Tuesday – work out with my sig other (he’s a fan of Body Beast and intervals)
Wednesday – 5:30a OTF
Thursday – sig other
Friday – 5:30a OTF
Saturday – sig other
Sunday – teach spin AM (also a flex day)

Yes, I realize that means working out 7 days a week, but I also realize this will not work every week, but at least I have a plan in place.  It will surely suck at times but I think it’s what I need both physically and mentally.

So speaking of the mental stuff.  I’m frazzled.  Completely out of it and stressed.  Not good.  I think I’ve been feeling this way since the summer, which is way too long.  I kept thinking things would resolve themselves but something always comes up and they haven’t.

I do believe that working out does wonders for your mental well-being so it’s my expectation that committing this time and effort to myself will help me on that side too.  It has to!  🙂  No where but up!

That aside…

Not much is new here.  Last week I was in Germany for a few days (because everyone in the US hops over to Europe for a “quick trip”).  It was for work, so I wanted it to be quick.  I suppose I could have stayed longer if it was somewhere I wanted to be.  But it wasn’t.  It was gold, gray, rainy, and snowy in Frankfurt.

I left Tuesday night and was home Friday afternoon.  This weekend I checked out my first wedding venue, which was a little eye opening.  Honestly the whole process has been eye opening.  It’s expensive!  My sister came up to visit on Saturday and Saturday night we indulged in sushi as we always do.  It was so good!

I taught spin Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, so I am feeling like the fitness thing is really getting started.  Of course I come home Monday to an unhealthy dinner because my other half ran out of time to cook.  But it’s just a bump in the road.

So cheers to making the right decisions and having fun a long the way!  Cheers to not beating ourselves up over making decisions that might not be the best.

As a former boss once said, sh*t happens, wipe and move on.  🙂

Here we go 2017!

Happy 2017 to you!

I figured that 2017 would be a pretty uneventful and quiet year but it looks like that will definitely NOT be the case.  More on that later.

To finish up 2016 I headed to St. Thomas.  My happy place.  We were there for Christmas but back in time for New Year’s Eve.

Island Time Pub
Bushwacker – so good!
Sapphire Beach
Sapphire Beach (again)

It is such a beautiful and lovely island.  We stay at Sapphire Beach, on the East End and rent a condo.  We stay in the same complex each year but a different unit each time.  It’s lovely to be somewhere this gorgeous but feel like you are at home.

The town of Red Hook is right down the road and has a bunch of bars and restaurants as well as the ferries to St. John and other islands.

If you ever want to know about STT, feel free to contact me.  I could talk about it all day!

We were home for NYE and spent it with my other half’s family, which was lovely.  Lots of laughing (and dancing!).  I didn’t go to bed until 3am and definitely paid the price the next day.

So looking forward to 2017…

It will not be a quiet year because most likely I will be getting married in 2017!  Yes, you read correctly, we got engaged while we were away.  It’s nuts and i’m definitely still processing.

So if I needed any reason to really get back to being healthy and taking care of myself, this is as good as any.

Big plans for 2017.

I registered for the SONO Half on 10/14/17.  There is a slight chance that that could be wedding weekend in which case I’d defer (and register for another) but we’ll see.  My plan with running is to really start up again in April with an occasional outdoor run here and there until then.  I think I’m almost ready to really give it another go.

I’m getting back on the OTF train and hoping to get back to two classes a week.  I also told the sig other that we could work out together 2 times a week (he’s pushing for 3).  So on the fitness side, the plan is in place.

We’re also on day 1 of no sugar.  I know I need this.  Quite a few years ago, I had to go on a strict no sugar diet due to an overgrowth of yeast due to years on antibiotics.  It sucked but once I got past the challenge I actually felt better than I had in quite some time.  I’m really hoping I can return to that feeling since lately i’ve been feeling very sluggish, not motivated and overall blah.  Fingers crossed!  Drinking coffee without sugar this morning did not taste very good, but I will make myself like it!

So that’s what’s going on here.  I’m ready for it.

Now on the complete opposite side of what I just wrote about, I made banana pudding for New Year’s Eve.  My other half’s family is known for the banana pudding so when he asked me to make some, I felt a bit like I was being set up to fail.  I did some recipe digging and found this one.  Somehow, it got the stamp of approval from the family!  Thank goodness!  Give it a try, it’s quite easy!

And now i’m off to be productive.  Talk soon!!!

Year in Running – 2016

(sorry, no photos on this one)

I’m trying not to laugh at this title.  Technically I did run in 2016 but it was hardly a robust year of running.  That said, I figured it would be interesting to look back and summarize what I actually did this year.

In 2016 I ran a few races.  When 2015 ended I was in full on running mode.

I started 2016 by joining a half marathon training program at a local running store.  Overall that was a great thing for me and I really liked it.  I liked the accountability of a group and having someone else map out my runs.  What I didn’t like was that it wasn’t very convenient for me, so the Saturday 8a long runs had me up very early.  Plus, it was cold and as it does every year, chest congestion got the best of me.  But in hind sight, joining that group was a great thing and if I can find a more convenient group, I’ll do it again.

In March I ran the Savin Rock Half Marathon.  This was the race the training group was for, but since I bailed on it towards the end, I was not prepared.  My sister did this one with me and were it not for her, I probably would have skipped it.  The weather was around 32 degrees at the start.  Brrrr.  I did a lot of walking in this one.  I made the decision to walk all the hills and was glad I did, because they were TOUGH.  The end was rough, but I did finish.  The next day I hopped on a plane to China.  Yikes!

In April I ran the BAA 5K as part of the Boston Marathon.  That was cool.  Decent uneventful run.

In June I ran the NYRR Mini 10k in Central Park.  At this point I was running a bit and feeling OK about this race.  It was tough.  CP is HILLY, which I didn’t really realize.  It was also the largest race I’ve ever done, which was nuts!

Later in June I ran the Fairfield Half.  Again, somewhat under trained (big surprise!).  That said, I had clear goals for this race and met (and exceeded) them all.  None were related to time which was nice.  I actually enjoyed this race and would do it again.  But it was HOT!

I pretty much didn’t run at all after the Fairfield Half.  While in South Africa I ran almost 4 miles once, but that was pretty much all the running I did from July through November.

In November I ran the Fairfield Turkey Trot and did not enjoy it.  Once again, under trained, or under prepared because I didn’t even attempt to train.

And now it’s December and I haven’t run at all since November (except for small bursts during OTF).  Thankfully I do still teach two spin classes a week which has helped me somewhat maintain my cardiovascular fitness.  I’m also back in the OTF groove.

I’m going away for Christmas and just may try to get some running in, but we’ll see. Going into January/February is a tough time for me because I typically get a bad chest cold.  Hopefully it skips this year, but who knows.

Regardless, I’m hoping to get back to running in the milder temps.  I’m thinking maybe trying to get back outside in March and potentially on a treadmill sooner.

A friend of mine had a baby in October and we talked about the Fairfield Half being her goal race.  I’m up for that!

So we will see what happens in 2017.  Till then, happy holidays!!!!