All that is on my mind today is how much my right shin hurts.  I had almost forgotten how painful shin splints are.

Running had been progressing at an OK rate.

Saturday I needed to hit up the ATM so I figured I’d run there.  Easy enough.  Round trip it was roughly 4.5 miles, so not a big deal.  Thing is, the street that leads to the bank is a huge hill.  On the way to the bank it’s all downhill, but on the return it’s up.


It’s hard to see, but the the 4th segment above is a 12% incline.  The red is 6% and the lighter pink is 8% (maybe you can see it).

Of course down was fine.  Up was tough.  I wanted to run the whole thing but had to take a few short walking breaks.

What i’m thinking (and I’d love any input) is that the shin issue may be due to the impact on the downhill.  Thoughts?

Otherwise I’m not really sure why all of a sudden my shins would act up.  Hopefully they are on the mend and by taking a few days off, i’ll be fine to resume later this week.  Fingers crossed!

Any advice/thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Do you ever ice after running? Before my CS was diagnosed I was told it was shin splints, but as soon as I started icing it started to improve hugely. I use a dozen cup of water after runs, run it round your leg like a roll on deodorant on all the bits that hurt (and taking care to remove enough of the top bit of the cup to avoid scratched legs!). Weird but helps.

      1. It really works – the sooner after a run the better (my physio doesn’t seem to understand why I might not always have a cooler with ice cups in it about my person at all times!) but even if it’s a bit afterwards it does still seem to help. Hope you heal soon.

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