A picture-less update

I know.  Blog posts with no pictures suck.  I’m sorry.  I really am.  I will work on that in the future.  Promise.

So we’ve made it past the mid-point of January.  Holy cow!  I suppose it’s good and bad that time is flying, but mainly good because I can’t stand the cold.  I’m jonesing for the caribbean and I’ve only been back for about 3 weeks.

I had/have big plans for January and going forward in terms of my fitness and overall health.  While things got a bit delayed, I’ve got a plan now and am ready to run with it.

First up.  I weighed myself this morning.  Gag.

During the move I managed to lose the scale.  Odds are good it’s somewhere in the house, I just haven’t come across it yet.  I bought a new digital scale because I felt like I’d need those decimal points.

So after a not so healthy dinner last night, I stepped on the scale this morning.  I was right around where I thought I would be, so while I wasn’t shocked, I was still surprised to see that number in front of me.  I haven’t weighed that much in AGES!

So while I’m a bit put off by the number, I know getting it down is do-able (and necessary).  My rough goal is about 20 pounds and I’m thinking I will let myself look at wedding dresses if I can get to 10.

So it’s back to healthy eating (no sugar and greatly reduced carbs) and working out.

My tentative plan for working out (becauase if it’s not in writing it’s not real):
Monday – teach spin PM – this is also a flex day as I can do something additional or not
Tuesday – work out with my sig other (he’s a fan of Body Beast and intervals)
Wednesday – 5:30a OTF
Thursday – sig other
Friday – 5:30a OTF
Saturday – sig other
Sunday – teach spin AM (also a flex day)

Yes, I realize that means working out 7 days a week, but I also realize this will not work every week, but at least I have a plan in place.  It will surely suck at times but I think it’s what I need both physically and mentally.

So speaking of the mental stuff.  I’m frazzled.  Completely out of it and stressed.  Not good.  I think I’ve been feeling this way since the summer, which is way too long.  I kept thinking things would resolve themselves but something always comes up and they haven’t.

I do believe that working out does wonders for your mental well-being so it’s my expectation that committing this time and effort to myself will help me on that side too.  It has to!  🙂  No where but up!

That aside…

Not much is new here.  Last week I was in Germany for a few days (because everyone in the US hops over to Europe for a “quick trip”).  It was for work, so I wanted it to be quick.  I suppose I could have stayed longer if it was somewhere I wanted to be.  But it wasn’t.  It was gold, gray, rainy, and snowy in Frankfurt.

I left Tuesday night and was home Friday afternoon.  This weekend I checked out my first wedding venue, which was a little eye opening.  Honestly the whole process has been eye opening.  It’s expensive!  My sister came up to visit on Saturday and Saturday night we indulged in sushi as we always do.  It was so good!

I taught spin Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, so I am feeling like the fitness thing is really getting started.  Of course I come home Monday to an unhealthy dinner because my other half ran out of time to cook.  But it’s just a bump in the road.

So cheers to making the right decisions and having fun a long the way!  Cheers to not beating ourselves up over making decisions that might not be the best.

As a former boss once said, sh*t happens, wipe and move on.  🙂


4 thoughts on “A picture-less update

  1. How exciting to be planning your wedding but I agree it’s expensive (and stressful). My dress though, is still hands down my favorite purchase and part of the wedding decision making, lol!!

    My husband is going to Frankfurt on Sunday for work. I’ll have to tell him to expect cold and gloomy, jaja!!!

    I’m so over the cold. I’m in Arizona so I’m pretty spoiled with warm weather.

    1. Right around this time every year I wonder why I choose to live in the NE. But I guess it’s just this one season I need to suffer through.
      I’m hoping dress shopping will be fun (and not stressful like everything else).
      Safe travels to your hubby, maybe the weather has improved. 🙂

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