I didn’t

I didn’t run last night.

I had a glass of sangria and carrot cake for dessert.  Some may say that’s the exact opposite of running and I have to say I agree.


Thing is, work yesterday was NUTS.  Like I want to punch a wall and scream at the top of my lungs nuts.  I know a run/workout would have really helped, but by the time I left the office it was after 6 and I just wanted to go home.

So I hit the supermarket and then the liquor store.  First time at this liquor store and let’s just say it was an “interesting” clientele.  Glad I had my “don’t mess with me” face on.  I was an angry looking girl.

Went home and thankfully decompressed.  The other half and the Minnie dog helped (of course).

Had my glass of sangria, then ate my dinner, and then had my carrot cake.

I also signed up for a 6:30a OTF class, so that made me feel a little less guilty.  OK, who am I kidding, I wasn’t feeling guilty at all!  I deserved all that!

So maybe i’ll run this weekend…


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