Still here

Hi there!

After some somewhat regular posts, I went missing.  It happens.  I had a crazy few days/week and didn’t have much of value to share.

So I still may not have much of value to share (although I will try) but wanted to pop in.

I’m still here.

Last week was what I’ll lovingly call the week of doctor’s appointments.  On Wednesday I had a physical, Thursday a bloodwork appointment, and Friday an appointment at a clinic for travel shots (Hep A and tetanus).  Physical was fine, bloodwork was fine, and then the travel shots happened.

Somewhere in the past few years I apparently becamse delicate.  I used to be tough.  Nothing phased me, I had no issues.  Sadly that’s no longer the case.

I get my shots and feel a tad dizzy, so I ask to stay seated a bit longer.  Instead of things improving they get worse and long story short, I’m on my way to passing out.  Thankfully I’m aware of this and talking to the staff who were awesome, but they realize i need to lie down and that getting me onto an exam table (from a chair) may be too difficult, so the best bet is to have me lie on the floor.  Thankfully that did the trick.  I spent some time on the floor then gradually made my way to sitting on the chair, and then walking around and eventually leaving.  I figured I’d be at the clinic for 30 minutes or so and instead it was about 1.5 hours.

Apparently this is “somewhat” common and is not due to the actual vaccinations but rather the process and nerves.  I was told that I apparently got nervous (or inside my head) and as a result I subconsciously limited blood flow to my head.  Therefore you get lightheaded and nauseous and then in my case my vision clouded over.  I had this happen to me once after donating blood, so it wasn’t a completely foreign experience.

Long story short, I was fine, but it wasn’t the start to the day that I had planned.

From there I went to work and it was a pretty uneventful day, although I was a bit tired.

Friday night my other half took the pizza trailer to a friend’s house and cooked up some pies to use up ingredients that were left over from the farmer’s market.

For your viewing pleasure…


Top to bottom:
eggplant, proscuitto, buffalo mozarella, roasted red peppers, pesto and fig reduction
eggplant, proscutto, buffalow mozarella, pesto, and fig
BBQ brisket and fresh onions

Thankfully Saturday was less eventful than Friday.  I visited with a friend and did some errands before a One Bro party on Saturday night.  It was a great party because the guests were all about the food.  It makes all the difference!

Sunday was spin, and it was another nice group.  I think that teaching my small corporate class where it’s usually 3 people makes me appreciate any group that is larger.  This gym has 20 bikes and on Sunday I had 11 people, so it’s encouraging, especially considering it’s the summer.

Here’s the playlist.

tully 7 17

I’m really liking Unsteady by X Ambassadors for a really heavy standing climb.

Sunday night I caught a flight to FLL for a meeting on Monday with a customer.  It was a late flight (9p) and was a bit delayed, so by the time I landed, got my rental car, and made it to the hotel it was after 1a.  Yuck.

Meeting monday was fine and I headed back to the airport after.  I had a 6:56 flight.  Well, my flight was cancelled and they re-booked me on the 8:20. OK.  of course it’s 4:30 and i’m already at the airport.  Flight gets delayed to 9:20, then 10:40.  At this point I’m over it so I changed my flight to the next morning, booked a hotel and left the airport.

Of course I continued to monitor the 8:20 flight to see if it actually took off.  It ended up departing FLL at 1:15a and landing at 3:45a at JFK (not LGA as it was supposed to).  I’m so glad I didn’t stick with that flight because getting in at almost 4a and not even being at the airport where my car was would not have gone over well with me.  Dodged a bullet there!

Made my 6a flight on Tuesday with no issue, landed and headed into the office for a few hours before heading home and essentially collapsing.  I even cancelled my Tuesday night class.  I just didn’t have it in me.

And now it’s Thursday.  Yay!  I’m headed to OTF tonight and they are having a DJ.  I’m pumped!!!  I wish I had something really outrageous to wear but I will just have to make do with what I have.

Now that i’ve written a short book about nothing, I will wrap this up with my usual Minnie photo.  Love this dog!


Still haven’t run, but i’m thinking about it…although this heat is not making me want to do much.  So we’ll see.

Have a great week!!!


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