Two random things

I don’t have much to report this week, it’s been busy and not very notable.  OTF and Spin, still no running.  The air outside is THICK!

But, i did have two things to share. Both made me smile so hopefully they will do the same for you.

First…Yacht Rock is a new satellite radio station.  I believe it’s only temporary.  It’s very unique.

Here’s the description…

It’s 1981 and you’re a casually-dressed yuppie cruising the Atlantic shores of the Hamptons with your pals. Bikinis are florescent, polo collars are popped and boat shoes are sans socks. In the background you’re listening to the soft-rock sounds of Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Christopher Cross, Robbie Dupree, Hall & Oates and more for smooth sailing throughout the summer. Well, kiddos, we’re bringing you back to the glory days with these choice tunes on SiriusXM’s Tribute to Yacht Rock Radio

Now that you have some context, today they said….Yacht Rock, where the only log-ins you need to remember is Kenny.  Am I the only person who found that funny?  Tell me I’m not.


Yesterday I ran out to Starbucks at lunch time.  Once in the car, I ended up on a side street, behind a bus full of kids.  Of course there were kids in the back looking out at the cars.  Usually I’m not a fan of this sort of thing as the kids are usually behaving stupidly.

So I pull up and see that they are holding pieces of paper.  I look closely and they are signs saying something along the lines of “Just Drive, Don’t Text” or “Don’t Text and Drive”.  What a pleasant surprise!

I gave them a thumbs up and they got so excited.  This whole interaction made my day.

Although I did get a little mad at myself because my first instinct was that I wanted to photograph it.  Needless to say, I did not.  The phone stayed put away.

I hope more kids on buses are spreading a similar message!

I hope you have a wonderful day of unexpected things that make you smile!


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