Tuesday night spin

Here’s the playlist from last night.


This was actually a very fun (but tough) ride.  Most of my rides have a hill followed by either speed or jumps.  This song was all climbing for the first 8 working songs.  Rolling hills, but none the less.  Thankfully it was a good group and they were up for the challenge.

Speaking of challenges…to my spin folks.  Have you ever taught at a gym with an older clientele?  Not 50s or 60s, but 70s plus?

My latest gym is absolutely a HUGE mix of ages and I’m thinking I may have to modify some rides since i’m usually a “balls to the wall” type of instructor.  I’m OK with modifying, I just want to make sure that the class is still challenging and fun for those younger members.  I also want to make sure I remain true to myself (although I’m guessing that won’t be too big of an issue).

My tentative plan is to just offer lots of options for modifications, but we’ll see how it plays out.

Pre-class I hit the treadmill for a mile.  yeah right.  I made it half a mile and stopped.  It just felt off.  I felt heavy and awkward.  Oh well.  Will try again next time.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!!


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