Still here! (and making up for lost words)

It’s been a super busy 8 days since I last posted.  I did have every intention of posting again last week, but clearly that did not happen.

The half was Sunday and then it was back to work Monday.  I was able to post then.

Tuesday and Wednesday were a sales meeting at work, so full days spent in a conference room.  Wednesday included dinner.  Thursday was a customer visiting the office, followed by dinner.  Friday was a supplier visit, followed by meetings and then me scrambling to get out of work early because it was the Friday before a long weekend which does not bode well for traffic.  ARGH!

It was super busy and not very healthy with all those dinners (and lunches brought in).

I taught on Tuesday night and then didn’t do anything active until Saturday morning when I went to OTF.

During that week I actually thought a lot about the Fairfield half.  I went into the half really unsure about running.  This was now the second half that I had signed up for and then failed on the training.  The first time I was good about training, but both subsequent times I found that I just couldn’t motivate at all.  When I get out there I feel good and enjoy it, but it was just hard to get out there.  I can blame work and life, but it’s really me to blame.  The motivation issues were all mine.

Trying to understand why you can’t motivate is tough.  Was I just lazy?  Did I have a vitamin deficiency?  Do I not like running?  Is it because I’m doing it solo?

After some thought, I do think that doing it solo is a big part.  Other than me myself and I, there is no one to be accountable to and maybe that’s exactly what I need.

I figured I’d run Fairfield and then most likely that would be it.  I’d take some time to figure out if I wanted to run anymore.  What I wasn’t expecting was to like Fairfield as much as I did.  The conditions were rough, but it was still enjoyable.  After a few days processing it, I decided that I just may sign up for another half in the fall.

My first half was the SONO Half right in my town.  All along I had figured I’d do it again this year, but after the last training cycle I thought maybe I’d skip it.  I feel like I have a weird relationship with SONO because of the race organizer.  For that half, I was a contest winner and won free coaching with the organizer.  I was so psyched for that.  And while the training was adequate and left me prepared, I was overall really disappointed in the experience and the guy as a coach.  Had he wowed me I would have likely used him again as well as told everyone I knew how great he was.  But he wasn’t.  And I think because he was such a disappointment part of me doesn’t want to run in his race.  Is that childish?

So for that race I go back and forth with running it or just being the most awesome spectator ever.  Hmmmm.

But now i’m also thinking about doing the Philly half.  I have to say it’s really expensive for a half, but I’ve heard good things.  Has anyone run it?

Is my brain ever not going in a thousand directions?  Nope!

The other thing about Fairfield that has completely blown my mind is how much my pace was affected by the weather.  It’s crazy!

My pace for Fairfield was slower than my pace at Savin Rock where I walked all the hills.  At Fairfield I barely walked (although I did walk some during miles 11-13).  The temp at Savin Rock was in the 40s.  I never in my life thought I would say that I prefer any temperature less than 70, but apparently for running I really do.


I haven’t run at all since Fairfield.  I will get back to it, but I’m not rushing.  May take another week or so and then just see how it goes.  I may see if there are any shorter runs to sign up for and go from there.  I am now teaching two cycling classes per week and doing OTF twice a week (when I’m lucky) so I hope to focus on strength and cross-training a bit more.  So we will see what happens and of course I will keep you posted.

I was also thinking about trying to coordinate a group run through a newly opened running store (versus my original coffee idea), so I should revisit that.

Most importantly I want to try to enjoy the summer and the time when I am not at work. 🙂

Before I go, here are two pictures from the weekend.  Minnie.  Always Minnie.  And Pizza.  Always pizza.

miniie on stairspizza kale

Have a great week!!!


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