It’s Take Your Pet To Work Day!

And sadly Minnie is at home 😦

I probably could have brought her in, but I have a hair appointment after work and trying to drop her off first would mean leaving work even earlier.  So instead I will have my own personal Take Your Pet To Work Day another day.

There have been some studies regarding pets in the workplace and in almost most cases they seem to help reduce stress.  I definitely think this is true and have had quite a few requests for coworkers that she come visit again.

I’m two days out from my third half marathon in less than a year.  I never ever thought i’d say that.  This one will be interesting to say the least.

To recap:

1st HM – well trained and ready, but did encounter some stomach issues around mile 7 so I did a little more walking than I would have liked.  Overall though, it was good and I was pleased with my time.

2nd HM – under trained and not ready.  It was an incredibly hilly course and once I saw this I made the decision to walk the hills, figuring it would keep me going for longer.  Stomach issues around mile 6 left me stuck waiting in line for the bathroom.  I finished but it wasn’t pretty and I’m not all that proud of it.

3rd HM – under trained and kind of indifferent.  I was nervous, but now i’m just going with it.  It’s going to be warm.  My plan is to go slow and try to enjoy the experience since this is supposedly a great half with good crowd support.  I was going to skip wearing my garmin but think I should keep it to make sure I don’t go too fast.  If I were well trained my target pace would probably be around 10:15, but in this instance I want to keep it closer to 11.  I also saw that there are 25 band and cheer stations on the route, so I may also try doing some time without my headphones to once again try to enjoy the experience.  There are also 6 sprinklers!  🙂

Any suggestions for going into a race that you really aren’t prepared for?

hm course

And now some random stuff…

Zulily has a “Graphic Imprints” sale going on right now and I’m LOVING some of these designs.

I could post so many that I love.  If you’re interested, here’s the link.


I made paleOMG’s spaghetti pie last night.


Here’s the link.


The verdict?  It was OK but there’s room for some tweaking.  I didn’t love the Italian sausage that I bought (Jenni-O Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage) and I think that played a huge part.  I used more onion than the recipe calls for, added some shredded mozz, and also cooked up some sliced baby bella mushrooms.  For some reason it reminded me of a quiche my mother used to make and while it sounds odd, it’s a good thing.

So the verdict is that I will make it again and see how it goes (with different sausage).  The other half wasn’t a fan however, so it may be dinner for a night when he’s away.  I have the leftovers for lunch and will see how it is reheated.

In case you were wondering, this was my backup recipe in case I couldn’t find the spaghetti squash.

Sausage, Shrimp & Quinoa Skillet from Cooking Light.


The odd thing about this recipe is that last Saturday night while at a friend’s house I was looking through her Cooking Light and commented that this recipe sounded good.  Then at work on Monday, someone brought me something I had printed and when he handed it to me it was two pages (I only printed one) and the second page was this recipe.  Someone else had obviously also thought it seemed good.

So that’s what’s going on here today.  Thoughts of running and food.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll drop in next week to let you know how it went.  Enjoy the first weekend of summer!


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