Do I dare wear shorts?

I hate shorts…of all sorts.  I don’t care for how they look on me and often times I find them to be a little uncomfortable.

That said, I do occasionally wear shorts.  For biking I would wear shorts if it was hot out.  I did wear shorts and a tank for Sunday Funday so maybe i’m getting better.

But do I dare consider running in shorts?

I seem to think I ran in shorts once and felt like everything was moving a bit too much and I was probably borderline inappropriate.

Let’s just say that my lower half is not all muscle.  It moves.  It jiggles.  No one needs to see that ish.  But, it’s getting hot out and I feel like maybe shorts make sense.  Maybe.

So my dear friends…do you work out in shorts?  Have you always?  Baggy shorts?  Tight shorts?  Long? Short?  How’d you make the transition?  Don’t they ride up when you move?


9 thoughts on “Do I dare wear shorts?

  1. Shorts. Two pairs. The first short layer is skin tight and the second is a pair of Lululemon running shorts. I’m locked and loaded that way.

      1. I’ve tried that, but I prefer wearing two separate items. I can have fun with colors that way. Who says you have to look dowdy whilst running?

  2. I can’t handle those double layer shorts with a fancy race cut short on the outside of tight shorts, because my posterior is a lot wider than my waist so if I get them to fit my bum then they fall down. I’ve got two pairs of Ronhill running shorts which are just like cycling shorts but a nice decent length. They don’t dig into your things, they’ve got a nice thick waistband with a drawstring, and a magnificently sized arse pocket. Highly recommended.

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