What a busy weekend!

Good morning!  It’s Monday.  Again.

It was such a busy weekend!

Friday was pretty quiet, which was OK.

Saturday, my alarm went off at 4:50a (although I was actually up at 4:35a, thanks stomach).  I got dressed and was out of the house by about 5:20 and in Harlem just after 6a.  Driving is lovely at that hour….not too many cars.

Unfortunately finding a parking spot at that hour is tough because most people are still at home sleeping.  So that took about 30 minutes, but thankfully I found one.  Or rather I should thank my sis because she spotted it (she came out of her apartment to drive around with me, that’s love).

We got to the east side of Central Park around 7a and met up with a couple of her friends.  We made our way across the park to bag check and then did a little jogging (and of course hit up a bathroom).  Then it was time to get into the corrals.  My sister and her friends were in B, I was in K…aka the back of the pack.  But i’m cool with that.  If I were in a higher corral I would probably be trampled and everyone would hate me. 🙂  Although I am curious about the corral parameters.  Does anyone know?  Does it vary by race?  Anyway…


This was by far the largest race I had ever done with almost 9,000 people…all women too!

Here’s a shot from once I made it around the bend and onto Central Park West.

mini 10k

That’s probably corrals I and K, so that was after AA-H had already started.  NYRR had a staggered start, so they let groups go every 30 seconds, which seemed to work well.

I liked the large group but did get a little frustrated by all the weaving I had to do.  It was worst at the beginning, but it never really went away.

It was HARD.  I tried to find the course elevation map, but it seems to have been taken down.  I’ve never run in Central Park before and I had heard it was hilly, but boy is it hilly!  This route had quite a few slow and steady hills.  My sister had told me that the first half was the hardest, and I guess it was, but it’s not like the second half was easy.

I may have pushed a bit too hard as my second mile came in under 10 minutes, and I ended up having to take a few walking breaks.  I wanted to push and not walk, but in the end walking won.  But I did try to keep them brief.

Here’s a very ugly photo that a friend took during the final .2.


I was rather unhappy at this time but managed to smile and wave…and push through to the end.

I made it!


Finishers!!  And apparently the NYRR are really fast about posting times, so this was up as we were walking to get coffee.

10k results

Notice the difference between my sis and me.  I swear we are related.

Post run we grabbed coffee and then did brunch, which was lovely.  I always forget just how huge brunch is in the city.  From there I had to head back to CT to help with a One Bro Pizza event in the evening.

Sunday morning I subbed an 8:30 spin class, which was great.  Good group, worked hard.

edge playlist

From there I headed home, got some time in the sun on the hammock and then turned the day into Sunday Fun Day.  We hit up a couple bars, had some cocktails alfresco and then hit the supermarket for some goodies to throw on the grill.


And that was the weekend.  Finished it out watching the Tony’s (which I’ve never watched before).  So good!  So many broadway shows to see!  Any favorites?

Enjoy the week!





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