Hi Friday

Yet another nutty week in the books!

Yesterday I got to drive 150 miles (each way) for a meeting.  Thankfully the meeting went well so it was worth the trip, but the driving part was not so fun.  I used to enjoy driving for 2+ hours.  Not sure that’s still the case.

The good and the bad (or rather, the bad and the good)

These two news items really got to me this week.

The bad – The horrific cycling accident in Kalamazoo, Michigan which left 5 cyclists dead and others injured.  A driver apparently plowed down a bunch of cyclists on their Tuesday night group ride.  Article here.

This story just gave me chills.  While I haven’t been out on my bike in some time, I am a road cyclist and have always been a bit scared of cars and distracted drivers.  This was nothing but a weekly group ride that turned into a nightmare.

Seems that the driver is now being charged with 2nd degree murder, so clearly there’s more to his story.

As a driver or a rider, be safe and mindful.

So now we need something good, right?

garage dog

Apparently it was caught on video that this boy was sneaking into the garage to hug their dog.  How sweet is that?

Here’s a link to the news and the video.

So sweet!

No spin playlist this week because there was no class.  I was there, but no one showed up.  As i’ve said before, this is a class at a business, so it’s a smaller group to start (12 bikes total).  I also feel like it’s easy for them to get stuck at their desks and miss the start of class (and no one comes late).

When I got there I just had a feeling that no one was going to show…and apparently I was right.

Pre-class I hopped on the stepmill and climbed 50 flights.  That thing is killer!  When I hit 50, I hopped off, covered in sweat and completely out of breath (mind you it had only been about 12 minutes or so).

At that point I had about 10 minutes before I needed to set up the bikes so I challenged myself to run a mile in less than 10 minutes.  I started slow and picked up the pace as I went along and managed to come in right at 10.

I headed into the class to wait for people and since clearly no one was coming I hopped on the bike and just pedaled along (I give them 15 minutes to show).

When no one came I challenged myself to another 10 minute run game.  This time I came in just over 10…by seconds.

It’s actually pretty fun because I start with a quarter mile or so at 5.5 and then pick up the pace, which I have to do to make up for the 10:52ish pace I started at.  I was ending around 7.0 which for me is nuts!  🙂

Any treadmill games you play to make the time move faster?

Tomorrow is my 10K.  Leaving my house around 5:45 or 6a and the race starts at 8.  Definitely looking forward to a) running in Central Park and b) running a large race.

Half marathon is in two weeks.  Holy crap.


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