Weekend recap

It.was.an.exhausting.weekend.  Exhausting.

Friday night I was on a mad scramble for wedding shoes and a sweat band headband for my other half.  For shoes I hit up payless (no need to over pay) and then because I didn’t find anything, Kohl’s.  I bought a pair of shoes at Kohl’s but pretty much knew I’d end up returning them.

Then I hit up Sports Authority to try to find the sweatband.  Let’s just say I HATE Sports Authority and have for some time.  My location is closing (not sad) and so “everything must go”.  I had heard this was a bit of a crock, but it was convenient, so I went.  Signs all over the store say 10-30% off.  Let me say that almost every sign I saw said 10% off.  I can get a bigger discount at so many stores that aren’t closing.

I head to the tennis area and find a sweatband marked $8.49 and a sign that said everything on that wall was 20% off.  Score!  I head up to checkout, grab some Gu and Honey Stingers and pay.  After paying I look at my receipt and see that the stupid headband rang up at $10.99 with NO DISCOUNT.  So I go back to the register and point this out and they pretty much said go f-yourself, but really said “sorry, we can’t do anything about the prices”.  And of course since everything is final sale, i’m pretty much stuck with this overpriced headband from a store that I despise.  I thought about contesting it on my credit card and I may, but no decisions have been made.  In summary:  I HATE SPORTS AUTHORITY MORE THAN EVER.  🙂  Now I feel better.

Later that evening we went to our friend’s rehearsal dinner.  Very enjoyable but buggy.  I hate mosquitoes.  From there I headed home because I had 10 miles to run the next morning.

Saturday morning my alarm went off at 5, but I had slept poorly so I didn’t want to get up.  I got up around 5:30 or so and putzed around the house for almost an hour waiting for my body to wake up.  Garmin says I hit the road at 6:43a.  My out and back route is really best for 9 or so, so I added in some mileage by adding a different route at the beginning.


This run started of feeling just eh.  Around mile 5 I started to not feel so well.  I think it was being tired and it was also rather humid, which surely didn’t help.  I struggled through 5 and walked a bunch.  While I was supposed to continue to run to 6.4 and then turn around, I turned around earlier and decided to make my way home.


I mixed in some running/walking and then took a Rocktane Gu during one of my walking breaks.  I didn’t love the flavor, but I actually think it helped hugely and got me going again.  I felt better and decided to push through to 8.  Then I thought I should at least try to do 9.  So once I got close to home, I started doing laps on the street.  If anyone was watching, they would have seen me numerous times since I did quite a few laps on the flat terrain to get me to 9.  I felt better and probably could have managed another mile, but it was time to end things.

Somehow I managed an average pace of 11:14 even with the walking, which I’m OK with.  This was the first run that I’ve had in a while that was hard.  I really had to push through and I think I can only benefit from that experience.

Got home and went into help mode for the One Bro event later that day.  I had a few responsibilities at the house and then needed to head out and do a few errands before heading to the event around noon.  At the event I had to do some basic set up and was there for a little over an hour.  It would have been faster, but it was a narrow road and it was blocked for a bit by the porto-potty drop off.  Important stuff.

Raced home to walk Minnie and hang out with her a bit before getting dressed for the wedding.  Headed to the ceremony which took all of 10 minutes (nothing wrong with a short ceremony).  Everyone hung around a bit after and had some drinks before heading to the reception.

Since I was at the wedding solo, I wasn’t sure how fun it would be.  I was so surprised to have such a great time!  It was a great group of friendly people and I felt just fine being there solo.  I had a great table and danced a ton!

Here’s a bathroom selfie (possibly my first).


I look a bit disheveled but you get the idea.  Green for the win!  And shoes that I already had, score!

I hit up the after-party for a bit and got home around midnight, completely EXHAUSTED. (My other half was already asleep.)

Sunday morning I had signed up for an 8:15 OTF class but woke up at 7 knowing I was in no shape for a class, so I cancelled.  I ended up sleeping in a bit later then doing some cleaning around the house before getting dressed to head to a bridal shower.

The bridal shower was at Stony Creek Brewery, which was pretty cool.  I had a tasty golden coffee stout.  The brewery is right on the water in Branford, CT and has a beautiful outdoor area.  Unfortunately it was pouring most of the time we were there, but they have a nice indoor event space so it didn’t effect us.

stony creek

The shower wrapped up around 3 but it took me almost 1.5 hours to get home (the joy of I95).  Got home in time to walk Minnie and change my clothes before heading out to help at another One Bro event.

This was one was a shorter one, from 6-8.  It’s at a church and starts when the ceremony (or whatever you’d call it) is over.  So it goes from quiet to several hundred people wanting food all at once.  It’s intense.  Add to that some torrential rain and you can imagine it was quite the event.  Somehow still a success and due to the rain it wrapped up a bit earlier which meant I was home earlier and got to enjoy some G of T and Shahs.

It was a great weekend, but boy am I tired!

Should be a somewhat quiet week (although I have a work trip to PA on Thursday), and then I’m running my first 10K (and NY Road Runners race) on Saturday!!!

Have a great week!!!



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