It’s Friday – let’s talk dresses

Happy Friday!

For a short week it felt kind of long.  Or rather it felt long as it was happening, but now that it’s Friday I’m not sure where the week went.

Traffic last night was insane.  It took me almost an hour to get home (10 miles).  Disgusting.  But I kept my word to myself and even though things at home were a little chaotic, I cut out and made it to my 7pm OTF class.  It was so needed!  Those 55 minutes are truly me time.  I’m not instructing, I’m not thinking, and I’m not reachable.

This weekend is a little nutty.  I have a wedding to attend tomorrow and a bridal shower on Sunday (plus One Bro has an event Sunday night).  I’m attending the wedding solo because of another One Bro conflict.  All good!

Obviously I needed a dress for the wedding.  While I have a bunch of dresses in my closet, none of them seemed right for this more causal/garden type wedding.

In the past I’ve gone to every store under the sun and often times ended up frustrated and overpaying.  Numerous people had suggested Dress Barn to me, but I was hung up on their outdated image and hesitated.  When I finally went, I found that it really is a great place to shop for dresses, so this time, that was the first place I went.  I bought three dresses!  I also ordered one dress from the Loft, so 3 of my 4 choices are as below (one is no longer online)

I haven’t received the blue dress yet, so I’ll try it on later tonight, but right now i’m leaning towards the green.  I actually like it on me better than this photo.  I love the color green!

This weekend I have 10 miles on the calendar.  Given the weather and my schedule, I’m trying to figure out if i’m better off running on Saturday or Sunday.  Saturday’s weather is better, but I have to be home by 9 at the latest, so it would be an early start.  Sunday is a teeny bit more flexible in terms of time, but the weather isn’t looking so good.  Such decisions!

So rereading this post I’m seeing it’s not really about much…just me rambling and talking about dresses.  Nothing groundbreaking.

Well, i’m off to plug through this day and get to the weekend.  Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are!


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