Monday and the weekend


This shot of my inbox pretty much sums up my Monday…starting at 1:30 and going until the early evening.

I love Athleta and they were offering an extra 20% off sale.  The loft was 60% off certain styles and I found a dress I liked for a wedding this weekend (last minute, I know).  And then the Gap had 40% so i bought some running capris.  I’m hoping some new workout clothes will be energizing.  hello color!

The rest of the weekend was good, but super busy, so not nearly as relaxing as I would have liked.

I was off Friday, which was great, but I had taken the day to help with One Bro at a farmer’s market, which meant it was another form of work.


Weather was gorgeous and I ended up running into some friends unexpectedly, which was such a great surprise.

We were hosting a BBQ on Sunday so Saturday was prep work, pretty much all day.  Cleaning up the deck and yard area, grocery shopping, and then cooking whatever I could in advance.

Sunday I was up at 6 and again, non stop prep until the BBQ at 1.  Exhausting.  It was a lovely BBQ with friends and family, but it was exhausted.

One of the hits of the party was the tuna tartare that I made.  It’s loosely based off Ina Garten’s recipe, which is here.  I’m going to work on writing up my recipe and hope to share it in the future.

My head started to hurt Sunday afternoon and it hung around until I went to bed.  Unfortunately I woke up this morning and the ache had gotten worse, so I slept in a bit and took it easy (hence the couch time that resulted in the shopping).

Right now I’m relaxing and trying to mentally prepare for the week.  The half is 4 weeks out so it’s time for high gear.  Fingers crossed!

Hope you have a wonderful week!!!


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