Starting a running club

Anyone have experience in this area?

Or maybe you didn’t start a club but you participate in one and can tell me the things you love/hate?

Thing is, I’m toying with the idea of trying to put something together.

While right now I’m really enjoying my solo runs, I definitely enjoyed running with the group when I was “training” for the last half.  What I do like is the accountability aspect and knowing that people are expecting me to show up.  I swear that’s why i’m such a reliable spin instructor but not so good going on my own.  If I have to be there for people, I will be there, I will never flake or bail.  But when it’s just me, that’s different.

So what i’m thinking is this…

Talk to a local coffee shop (I have one in mind) and give them a heads up that I’d like to get a running group together (i.e. use their parking lot).  Depending on the size of the group and the interest level, there could be set routes or paces, but otherwise I’d just say go run and then let’s all come back and have coffee together.

Is that too simple?

My running shop has “group coffee runs” on Saturday mornings which are essentially just this.  But, the shop is about 10+ miles away, so i’d prefer something more local.

Feedback is much appreciated.  Thanks in advance!  😀


6 thoughts on “Starting a running club

  1. You could always start out with an informal gathering of runners. See how many return week over week to see if it is really going to boom as a club or not. Ask the locals that do show up what they would prefer…It can be intimidating for people to run with others they don’t know so starting a club can always have hurdles.

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