Thanks and a dump

If that subject doesn’t get you interested, I don’t know what will. 🙂

First, the thanks.  Thanks to all who read/liked/commented on my post yesterday.  After doubting whether or not I was going to continue to write, it felt good to get that feedback.  Hugs!

The dump.  No, not that dump, or the other dump, just a brain-dump.  You know I love random posts, so here’s what I’m thinking today.

I subbed a class on Wednesday night.  It’s a gym that’s affiliated with a hospital so historically the clientele was older and had some health issues.  Recently they’re trying to shift that a bit, so while the average age is probably still a bit older than the chain gyms, there’s a solid group of people who want to work hard.  It’s a nice gym, complete with really nice locker rooms, shower, sauna, steam room, pool, indoor track, and they even have robes.  Yes, robes. (Side note: I love gyms that provide towels.)

Because it’s a completely different group than Tuesday I used the same playlist, just changed one song.  It was great.  I had a decent group and they worked hard.  A couple of them even came up to me after to compliment me (love that!).  But what really made my night was accidentally overhearing a conversation about me and the class in the locker room.  It’s a big locker room so they had no clue I was there and they had such nice things to say.  

But I digress…I used my heartrate monitor again and am happy to say that no naps were recorded.


Much better!!  The key was that I tightened the strap.  Rocket science really!

So now here’s the dump…


While at the supermarket earlier this week I saw this new addition to the frozen foods department.

birds eye

So intriguing!  I bought the Buffalo Cauliflower and the Fiesta Lime Corn.  I haven’t tried the cauliflower yet but did try the corn and I loved it!

Next up I think I’m going to grab the wasabi peas.  Have you seen these?  Tried any of them?

They all look interesting with the exception of the carrots.  I hate carrots.

The time waster but good for you to do

The personality test from 16 personalities.  I took it this morning.


It’s pretty spot on and i’m interested in learning more.

Serious stuff

Read this post from Movin’ It With Michelle.  She is currently in the midst of her husband’s year-long deployment and this post is a poem written by her daughter.  It’s amazing and eye opening.  While I have zero personal experience with the military, I am a huge supporter and am blown away by the strength and selflessness of all those involved in that lifestyle.  Read it, but be prepared, it might lead to tears..and smiles.

Have  a most wonderful weekend!  I’m planning for 8 miles tomorrow and hoping the weather cooperates.  Talk soon!


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