So i haven’t exactly been the best about posting and i’ll admit that I’ve even thought about calling it quits.  But the fact of the matter is that I like to write and share my random thoughts and so even if no one is reading, I’m still going to write.  Of course if people are actually reading it’s a bonus!  🙂

My next half is in exactly 39 days.  Which actually sounds a bit better than I thought it would.  My training has been half-assed.  That’s not OK.  WHY CAN’T I MOTIVATE???  I’m trying now, I really am.  Fingers crossed!!

I even went so far as to think about deferring to next year.  Technically that’s still a possibility but I feel like I’d be disappointing myself because I really had no good excuses as to why I didn’t get out and run.

I ran a half in March with not nearly enough training and I survived, although it wasn’t pretty.  I know I can do it, but I’d really like to do it well (let’s rephrase that to say I’d like to run the whole thing).  So we’ll see.

This weekend I plan to run 8 miles.  There, I said it.  If I can do it, all is good in the world.  If not…well, that’s not really an option.

Last night I got in 2 treadmill miles before class.  I should have done more but because I’m not fast, I run (ha!) out of time.

I tested out my OTF heartrate monitor for something other than an OTF class.  I’ll share the results in a moment.

Spin was good.  Here’s the playlist.  It was a crowd pleaser (if you call 2 people a crowd…don’t judge, it’s corporate, it’s rarely more than 3 or 4).


And because I know you’re sitting on the edge of your seat, here’s my heartrate info.


The first 22 minutes or so were running and pretty much the only time I was in the orange.

What this shows is that numerous times in spin I apparently laid down and took a nap.  The gray is where my heart rate is before an OTF class gets going, so no effort. And the very bottom of gray, well that’s just about a flatline.  My guess is that my chest strap wasn’t fully secure during all the movement of a spin class.

But provided that some of this is accurate, it also shows that I’m not working that hard when I teach, which is definitely possible.  In order to be able to lead a class and project my voice, I can’t go all out.  But that said, I could probably push a little harder.  Or maybe I was pushing harder, but the monitor was off.  Who knows?

Tonight i’m subbing a class and hoping for a nice turn out (although I’m not overly optimistic).

Tomorrow is OTF and hopefully running a little each day as well.

And I’m off, have a wonderful day!  See ya when I see ya!


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