What is that yellow thing in the sky?

It’s SUNNY!!!

finally sunny

It feels like it has been AGES since the sun was shining.  My car is in desperate need of a wash but I haven’t been able to wash it since getting back from China because it has rained at least every other day (or so it seems).

But the sun came out yesterday afternoon and again today, so that’s a WIN!  (if only I wasn’t stuck at work)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  Let’s recap…

Friday started out well, just as most Fridays do.  Having not done any grocery shopping in quite some time, I was a bit limited on the breakfast supplies as was reminded of this bad boy in my purse.

picky bar

A couple of weeks ago, I was with my  mother and sister at Trader Joe’s and my sis saw this and told me I just had to try it.  A few weeks later, I finally did.

The verdict?  Didn’t love it.  I can’t pinpoint what it was that I didn’t love, but it wasn’t my fave.  I’d definitely prefer a Lara bar (and they’re cheaper).  This bad boy was $2.39 (I think) which to me is steep for a bar.  I know lots of people love these…was it my flavor choice?

I had a lunch date with a coworker at Chopt, which was lovely. Braised Greek once again for the win (no pic this time).

Then I managed to cut out at 4p because I had booked at OTF class at 5:45 and was not going to miss it.  (my commute can vary greatly, but on a Friday it is possible that it can take 45+ minutes to go 10 miles)  I wanted to go home to change, take the dog out, and then hit class.

The class was literally just what I needed after the week I had.  OTF saved me!

From there I went home and took a quick shower before we headed out to Mecha Noodle Bar for dinner.  Here’s a shot of my drink and the apps.  Yum!


Not my best photography, but that’s OK  (actually, I didn’t even take this picture, my other half did, so not his best photog).  Pictured is the KFC bao (korean fried chicken) and a pork belly bao and then my Asian Sangria is in the back.  The past few weeks have no doubt caused me to drink more…and I’m OK with that.

Saturday I got up to yet another gray day, but had a run planned.  I checked the forecast which called for gray all morning, with temps in the low 50s.  Thankfully no rain until later in the day.

I headed out around 9 or a little after with 6ish miles planned.  I felt OK, so that was good.  Around mile 2 it started to mist a bit.  At first I didn’t even notice, I’d say I saw it more than I felt it.  It stayed like that for a bit and then stopped. Then it started to drizzle and by miles 3.5-5, it was full on raining.  I’ve been running for just over a year now and had never run in the rain.  My schedule always was flexible enough that if it was raining, i’d go indoors or reschedule to another day.  Well…that streak ended on Saturday.  And you know what?  I actually enjoyed it.  I felt kind of hardcore.  It wasn’t cold, so that helped.  I wasn’t 100% prepared in my attire, but I wasn’t too bad either.  I thought of all the posts I read last week where people were too warm in their rain gear and I was appreciative that I wasn’t wearing a raincoat because my temp was just fine.

So I kept going.  My only concern was if my ipod would be ruined, but thankfully it was fine.  I was definitely wet, but I didn’t really feel wet, so that was good.  Of course right around mile 5.75 I stepped in a puddle.  Duh!  So then I had wet feet, but I was almost done, so it was OK.

I finished up 6.3 miles and walked a bit to recover.  My training for my next half has not been the best, but I’m so happy that I managed 6+ miles at my usual long run pace.  Phew.

I dried off and we went out for an early lunch before I was off to errand…and then lose all motivation to be productive and collapse on the couch. 🙂

For dinner we went to an Ethiopian restaurant.  Quite tasty although my stomach was not the biggest fan around 3am.  But then again, my stomach has hated me for the past week, so I’d still return.  Although I will say I am not a fan of, nor am I good at eating with my hands.  I wanted the authentic experience but next time might actually request utensils.  Don’t judge.

Sunday I took an 8:15 OTF class before heading to NY to see my family.

otf workout

This class was a rough one for me.  My body was exhausted.  My stomach was still not 100% and I had worked out more in a short time than I had in a week.  It was tough.  But I was still there and still consider it a success (even though it was the lowest splat points I’d ever earned).

It was a partner workout and I really liked it, I just didn’t have the energy to give it 100%, which kind of stunk.  Lesson learned though, an OTF on Friday night, a long-run Saturday morning, and another OTF on Sunday is not for me.  Better to space them out more so I get more out of it.  Live and learn!

From there it was off to NY for Mother’s Day.  We had a lovely day hanging out and enjoying the bit of sunshine.  Of course miss Minnie was with me and she loved running around in my parent’s backyard and getting attention from others.

And oh yeah, I registered for my first NY Road Runners race, the Mini 10K on 6/11.  I’ve never done a RR event, ran in Central Park, or done a 10K, so it’s a lot of firsts.  Looking forward to it though! (and brunch afterwards)

And now the weekend is over and it’s back to the grind.  I’m going to attempt a short run tonight and see how that goes.  My body is TIRED, but that’s a great thing!

Have a great week!!!


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