The power of 2

Good evening!

It’s been another nutty week and it’s only Tuesday.  Ouch.

The weekend was great, although completely and totally exhausting.  My other half’s food truck/trailer business had its first event of the season.  Being the good girlfriend that I am, I help out whenever I can.

westport mini maker

The event ran from 10-4 and was a public event in the nearby town of Westport.  They were expecting between 6K-10K people, so it wasn’t a small event.  The potential was big.

I took a 7a OTF class and then met up with him and the crew around 9:30a.  The event started off pretty quiet and then BOOM, it was crazy.  We had a line at least 5 deep non-stop for about 2 hours.  It was organized chaos and so busy.  But, it was great!

We wrapped around 4, I helped with breakdown, then headed home to walk miss Minnie.  My parents were in town, so they swung by and then we all headed out for dinner.  Post dinner we came home and I did all I could to stay up until 10.  Then I crashed hard.

Sunday I woke up, took out Minnie, had some breakfast, and hung around for a few hours before actually going back to bed.  It was cold and rainy and I was still quite tired.  A small part of me felt lazy but the larger part of me felt GOOD.

Then Monday happened, then Tuesday.

Tonight I had a spin class at my corporate gig.  The past two weeks have had really low attendance (2 people one week, only 1 the following).  Not ideal.  Unfortunately this week wasn’t any better.  I almost had 3, but one girl was having an allergic reaction and instead decided to go home (good idea!).  So I had 2 people.d

To make it that much more interesting, I had no sound system.  They utlize a portable Bose docking station.  Every week before class, the gym manager gives me the unit.  Today however, he was nowhere to be found.  So what did we do?  We spun for about 15 minutes without music.  Not fun.

I can deal with it, but the two people in class were definitely not feeling it.  Finally he returned and gave me the sound system and all was right in the world.  Music does make a big difference.

While i don’t like having 2 people in class, I must say that these 2 people brought more effort than other classes I’ve taught with much larger groups.  This I appreciate.  Somehow it’s never awkward and they always work hard, which makes it worth it.

So here’s a snip of the playlist I used, enjoy.

spin 5 3

My laugh of the night was the girl who told me at least twice how awesome it was that I incorporated Jimi Hendrix into spin…when actually it was Lenny Kravitz.  I didn’t have the heart to correct her since she was so enthusiastic!  🙂

Enjoy your evening!


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