When to give up on Spin


This post is really a way for me to organize my thoughts and think out loud.  It might not resonate with anyone, but if not, that’s OK.

I’m frustrated and need to get think things through.  Writing has always been a good outlet for me.

I’ve been Spinning certified since June 2009.  I’ve been teaching since August 2009.  That’s almost 7 years at this point.

I’ve taught classes at different locations and different gyms, but since the start I had my Saturday 10a class.  It was my first class and by far my favorite.  I took it from a sparsely attended class to a full and sometimes overbooked class.  I loved those members and truly gave them everything I had when teaching.

Last June word came out that that gym location was closing.  At that point I was teaching only two classes, both at the same location.  So the gym closing meant both my classes were going to disappear.  So the end of July came and I had no classes.

Luckily a member of that gym works at a large corporation with a nice gym and they offer spin classes, so I was brought on to teach there.  I really like the people there but there are only 12 bikes and at the most I’ve had 6 people.  I miss the days of a packed class.

In the meantime I’ve auditioned and been added to the sub list at two other gyms.  One of which I’d really like a permanent class at.  So when an email went out a few weeks ago with openings, I expressed interest.  I haven’t heard back yet, but hopefully I will later this week or next week at the latest.  It’s a Wednesday night, 7pm class.  It’s not my ideal day or time, but it would get me back to having a regular class.  I’m hoping for the best but I’m really not sure it will pan out.

Thing is, I really want my own class.  I want to fill the room with good energy and music.  I want to form relationships with people and help them become healthier.  I miss this so much.  But trying to find something is exhausting!  I’ve been subbing whenever I can but it’s just not the same.  I get it.  I know no one expects much from a sub and I also know that no one will become loyal to a sub.  So while it’s great to get in there and surprise people, it’s just not the same.

I have a full time job that seems to take more and more time from me.  I have my own fitness goals, and am also trying to keep up some sort of social life.  It’s a lot.

Right now I’m questioning if perhaps it’s time to just say goodbye to spin.  Quite honestly I’m really torn.

One side of me says it’s OK because it would allow me to focus on me and my workouts, but the other side of me is not one to give up.

This whole thing has made me realize just how lucky I was to get my first class back in 2009.  That class was just meant to be.  The class became available, I expressed interest and was then pretty much told that they needed to check with all other instructors first.  In other words, you’re our last choice.  So I waited and no one wanted a Saturday morning class so they came back to me.  They ended up eating their words when the class took off, and I got a little (or a lot) of satisfaction from that.  I went on to develop great relationships with the group ex folks and at one time was given 5 classes.  And now i’m back at square one where no one knows me from any other spin instructor.  It’s frustrating.

Back in 2009 I really needed that class.  I was out of work and having a class gave me a reason to get out of bed in the morning.  Prepping for class gave me a purpose.  Right now I don’t really need it, but I still want it.  I think.

Argh!  So what I think I’m going to do is obviously wait and see on the class I applied for.  If that comes through, great.  If not, I have one or two other outlets to potentially explore but if neither of those pan out, it just may be time to move on.

Have you ever dealt with something similar?  Any words of wisdom?


2 thoughts on “When to give up on Spin

  1. You’re such a fabulous instructor with such heart and caring. I urge you not to give it up…your own class will come along and you will fill that room ❤

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