Weekend Recap…in Boston


I was in Boston from Friday until Monday and boy did it feel good to a) not be at work b) be with my friends and family and c) cheer on my sister!

I left my house around 12:30 on Friday.  With a stop for food and the bathroom and some traffic, it was almost 4p by the time I rolled into the hotel.  My other half’s home office is in Boston so he had taken the train up in the morning and was at work.  I settled in at the hotel and changed and then he met me and we headed to Harpoon Brewery for a bit.  After that we met up with my parents, my sister, and my sister’s friend for dinner.  It was my parent’s anniversary so we were celebrating!!

Saturday we were up bright and early for the BAA 5K!  The race started at 8 so we gave ourselves plenty of time to walk over to the start.  The race was huge!  It’s capped at 10,000.  To give you an idea of the size, the clock was at almost 18 minutes when I crossed the start.


We were honest and went to the corral area for our true pace.  Next time we will clearly go faster because I pretty much passed everyone in that group.  Apparently no one was being honest?  But it’s a great route and the energy level was high.  It was a little cool and very windy, but overall good weather for running (unlike the full).

After the run we went with my sister to pick up her number and then ventured into the Expo.  The expo was awesome, but soooooo crowded!!!  I bought a couple of new Bondi Band headbands since they’re my favorite.


Saturday afternoon we returned to Harpoon with friends and then ventured into Cambridge for dinner at a Korean BBQ spot.


Sunday we hit up a reggae brunch before going to the 1:35 Red Sox game.  As a New Yorker, I can’t fully support the Red Sox, but I did cheer for them.  Although apparently it didn’t work because they lost.  I left the game early to meet up with a college friend in the North End.  It was sooooooo good to see her and catch up.  (Love you Jamie!)  Dinner Sunday night was at Salvatore’s in the Seaport area for my sister’s pre-marathon carb party.  It was fun and good!


And Sunday was marathon day!  I was up early and had lots of time to watch the news coverage.  In terms of hanging out in Hopkinton, the weather this year was much more conducive to interviews.

Our plan was to catch my sister at mile 16.8 (or so) and then if we could, again closer to the finish.  We hopped the T to the Woodland stop, which is a loooong a$$ ride.  We arrived there quite a bit before she was due to pass, so we had time to hang out and cheer on other runners.  We also had the chance to feel just how hot the sun was.  This made me concerned for the runners.  In my opinion it was definitely too hot for a marathon, especially in April when no one from the northeast is used to these temps.


We saw her and she looked hot and thirsty 😦  Thankfully we were right before a water stop.  Right after we saw her, we hopped on the T to Kenmore and managed to see her pass again right around 25.2.  By that point it was easy to see that the heat had taken a toll on lots of runners.  But they were sooooooo close!


She said this sign 100% rang true this year.  I also had signs that said “Go Allison!”, “You’re Awesome”, and “Hi!”.  Got lots of comments on the “You’re Awesome” sign, which was great.

She finished in what I consider to be an AMAZING time, although it was slower than her goal.  From what I saw, almost everyone came in slower than their goal and that had to be due in part to the heat.

We tried to rendezvous with her at the movie theater near Boston Common (like we did last year), but since we were closer to the finish, we had to navigate road blocks and crazy security.  It took a long time and in the end everyone headed back to their respective hotels.  We threw our stuff into the car and headed over to her hotel to say congrats.

We talked a bit about the race, told her how awesome she was and then hit the road.  It was an amazing weekend but it was time to hit the road and get home to pick up Miss Minnie!

Congrats to all runners, you’re all amazing!  Boston Strong!!


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