OrangeTheory Take 2

I took another OTF class on Friday before leaving for Boston.  I originally planned to wake up leisurely and take a 9:30 class but when I found out I needed to drop my other half off at the train at 7a, I moved up to the 8a class.

This class was SOOOOOO much better!  I liked the class plan better and the instructor had a much better handle on the class.

My main issues with the last class were tied to it seeming a bit chaotic.  I felt like the instructor needed to be in two places at once and couldn’t swing it.

This instructor was on point.  I believe I met him during the pre-opening registration and I was told that he was the head instructor.  I think he may have taught previously at another location, which would explain why his class was so much smoother.

He did a great job of going back and forth between the strength folks and the treadmill folks.  It really made a huge difference.

I also preferred this workout because it was more diverse and less leg-heavy.

Once again I didn’t start on a treadmill. I wanted to, but since everyone runs for the treads, I decided to give the rowers another shot.

We spent a little more time on the rower and then went over for some strength.  In between strength sets we had to row 100m, which I really liked.  It helped to keep your heart rate up.

My other qualm was a lack of stretching and in this class it was much better.  The instructor did call out that the 8a class gets the most stretching because the gap between classes is 30 minutes (instead of the usual 15).  So i’ll continue to pay attention to the stretching aspect.

I definitely enjoyed the workout and really appreciated getting everything in in an hour.  Hooray!

I feel much better about my membership after this last class and look forward to trying out additional instructors.  Yay OTF!!!

Now to work on my half marathon training program.


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